Cleary analyse the external influences affecting the development of the marketing strategy

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A.M.D.G        ALEX WHICHELO        02/05/2007

E3 – Cleary analyse the external influences affecting the development of the marketing strategy

External Influences

The customer: The customer has obvious influences on my marketing strategy such as buying behaviour this will include such things as the taste they like, the price they like and the size and shape of the can they prefer. But they also have other issues which can be addressed under 3 different heading:

  1. Ethical issues – these are the morals that people live under in most societies. This is currently turning into a large issue for companies because of some companies exploiting these morals. These include such things as Child Labour (exploiting children in 3rd world countries), Employee Treatment (poor working conditions etc) and Product Development (non-genetically modified goods)
  2. Environment issues – this is concerned with recyclable packaging and other factors like this. Burn will need to use aluminium cans so that they can be recycled so to keep the environment safe and clean.
  3. Social Issues – this is involving the company with a world organisation such Green Peace and World Aid.
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The industry: The actions of industry members need to be monitored by a number of independent bodies (Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Code of Advertising Practise Committee); they also need to subscribe to a code of practice (e.g. British Code of Advertising Practices) which will ensure that members behave ethically when marketing their products.

The ASA is responsible for the following:

  • Press - national and regional newspaper
  • Outdoor advertising - posters, transport, and aerial advertising.
  • Direct marketing - including direct mail, leaflets, brochures etc.
  • Screen promotions - including cinema screen commercials and advertisements via electronic means.
  • Sales ...

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