Compare and Contrast the Two Articles on Bullying which you recently studied.

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Katy Mackay

Compare and Contrast the Two Articles on Bullying which you recently studied.

        The two articles, ‘Taunted to Death’ and ‘Bullied Girl Kills Herself’, both report the same incident, which happened on Sunday 28th September 1997. The incident involved a young girl called Kelly Yeoman who killed herself. ‘Taunted to Death’ is the report from a tabloid newspaper, ‘The Daily Star’, and ‘Bullied Girl Kills Herself’ is from a broadsheet newspaper, ‘The Guardian’. Despite both articles reporting the same story, there are numerous important differences in layout, content and style.

        There is an enormous difference in the presentational features of the articles. The headline of the tabloid newspaper is bold and large. Compared to the article, the headline is twice the size. It is written in a white font on a black background to draw the reader’s attention to the paper; the effect of this is that they are reversed out, whereas the Guardian headline is small in comparison to the article although it is still in bold type. The headlines reflect the styles of the newspapers; they both have bold, plain lettering to create a greater impact on the reader. The difference between the two headlines is that the Daily Star headline ‘Taunted to Death’ is placing the blame on someone and the Guardian headline ‘Bullied Girl Kills Herself’ is mutual. The Daily Star has a greater impact because tabloid newspapers are approached differently in order to sensationalise the story, here ‘Taunted to Death’ is ‘headline grabbing’.

         The first two paragraphs of these articles summarise the contents of the article. The Daily Star tabloid ‘Taunted to Death’ uses an ample amount of emotive words to make the reader read on, ‘hate campaign’, whereas the Guardian is straight forward, telling the reader facts. Such as, Kelly was bullied about her weight, her parents were unemployed and she had reported to the school that she was being bullied. Such facts aren’t in the Daily Star. They are designed to evoke sympathy. The Guardian article is more factual but does use some emotive language, ‘terrorised’. The word ‘terrorised’ suggests that Kelly was being intimidated through violence. You can learn from the Guardian the gender and the age of the victim, ’13 year-old girl’, how she killed herself, ‘found dead yesterday in her bedroom after taking an overdose’, a possible reason why she took this course of action, ‘bullied at school and terrorised at home’ and the probable offenders responsible for the bullying, ‘a mob of youths’. Also, the Guardian shows the bigger picture as they raise social issues.

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        The newspapers contain photographs of both Kelly and her mother, Julie. In the Daily Star, one of the photographs of Kelly is in juxtaposition with the headline; it is in a block and is as large as the text. This has causes great effect and impact because she looks like a vulnerable victim and it shows who the article is about which induces empathy from the reader. The two photographs of Kelly, one in each newspaper, are visibly presenting her at different ages. In the Daily Star Kelly looks younger, she is also wearing her Salvation Army uniform, this is ...

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