Compare the different types and variety of advertising media that are available to businesses and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

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Section A Task 2: Compare the different types and variety of advertising media that are available to businesses and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

Advertising has achieved a central place in business activity across the world as firms have begun to face global; as well as national competition. In the UK it has been estimated that between 1 and 2 per cent of national income is spent on advertising.  

There are a wide range of advertising media that firms can choose from in order to make consumers aware of their products.


Television for instance; because of its many advantages, television advertising is often used by businesses marketing consumer goods to a mass market. The fast changing trends in television were likely to provide opportunities for television advertising after 2001. Ninety per cent of males and female watch television in the UK. The growth of cable, satellite and digital television may attract companies to advertise on television. Businesses may be particularly interested to advertise on digital television as packages on sky, for example, may be subscribed to by higher earning and spending groups.

However television advertising contains its own advantages and disadvantages. Although television advertising is expensive medium, it reaches huge numbers of consumers. This means the cost per sale from a television advertisement may be relatively low and cost effective. Television advertising can also engage the viewer’s emotions and empathy. A customer can see joy or hurt in someone’s eyes, they can hear a voice tinged with the pain of a headache or the pride of a new product and the customer can watch in amazement or in disbelief as a product is demonstrated. The message can also be reinforced by continuous advertisements which could help emphasis the need for the product or create strong awareness for the company or its products.

Nevertheless television advertising audiences are more fragmented than ever as the number of channels increases, not to mention alternative uses for TV sets like video games, computer hook-ups and movie rentals. The days of any message reaching 40 percent or even 30 percent of the viewing audience on one network at one time are past. Consumers also tend to switch channels when watching a commercial which means theirs a lot of wastage in advertising on TV. Television has a comparatively expensive initial cost. Also technical information is harder to emphasis considering the amount of time available.

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Newspaper and magazines are an important medium for the advertising of mass market products. It has been estimated that 39 million readers of a national newspaper each week in 2002 and that four out of five adults read a national newspaper. Newspaper and magazines can be useful for targeting a particular audience or market segment. For instance, businesses selling sports equipment might advertise in the Sunday times. Newspaper advertising can also be useful for smaller businesses. It was estimated that 40 million adults read a local newspaper.  

Newspapers know a lot about their readership so ...

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