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Compare The Representation Of Ethnicity In A Range Of Soap Operas

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Compare The Representation Of Ethnicity In A Range Of Soap Operas Representation can be defined in various ways such as the ideas of and opinions of the media that shape the representation for example the scriptwriters for soaps. They are the people who make the audience react to the certain characters in a particular situation. I think there are a few ethnic scriptwriters for numerous soaps this suggests to me that scriptwriters for soaps may have a narrow understanding of other cultures. The context and the characters appearance in soap operas is important in defining representation for example women with blonde hair would be expected to be physically very attractive but dim and na�ve. This is a stereotype used throughout soaps and life. Although stereotypes make characters easier to relate to they do take a way some of the realism because they tend to be over exaggerated. Stereotypes are frequently used as a way of creating easily identifiable characters. They do not tend to create a bad representation of people. For example Peggy in Eastenders is a stereotypical busty, blond and a loud landlady but she is not seen in a bad light in fact the opposite as she is seen as a strong woman able to cope with anything life throws at her. ...read more.


I can prove slightly that Positive discrimination only achieves a false idea of equality We pay the same taxes, pay for your royal family and as such we have earned the right to be represented in the media as much as the next person. Ethnic diversity is not well represented on British television. Also, notice how the programme with an ethnic bias is poorly scheduled - both on BBC and C4. Yes, there are some 'ethnic' news presenters - but these are tokens. There are whole fields in TV Production where, I know for certain, minorities are under-represented I agree ethnic minorities are under represented on television, my partner and I were trying to think of famous English black actors just the other night and I am sorry to say I couldn't name any, and could only think of a few However what concerns me is the way ethnic minorities are portrayed in these programs. Stereotypes seem to be the norm when making TV. Kat for example is shown as being a mother figure, and a good, caring person who is a victim of abuse in this episode. ...read more.


"Yet black characters are featured very infrequently, and then when you see one, he's a burglar." She added that when soaps do feature non-white characters, they are often portrayed stereotypically. Gita and Sanjay: A string of misfortunes "People from ethnic minorities are not a separate species from white people, they live in the same country as white people and do the same things as them," she said. "Yet - for example - if there's an Asian family featured, it seems they must have problems with arranged marriages." Jude Woodford, co-ordinator of the National Assembly Against r****m pressure group, said: "Writers have to ensure black people are fully represented in the programmes they produce, and to show the the full range of things they do - you never see a black person in a position of authority, for example. "We have to stop recycling r****t stereotypes." Despite the programmes' determination to reflect real life, very few black characters in soap operas become long-term fixtures of their programmes. Asian EastEnders characters Saeed and Naima Jaffrey's arranged marriage caused them problems, while Gita and Sanjay Kapoor have recently been written out following a series of misfortunes including infidelity and infertility ...read more.

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