Comparing three car advertisements.

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English Media Coursework

In the following essay, I will be analysing and comparing three advertisements. These will be for the following cars: ’Mazda 2’ a car produced at the end of the twentieth century and aimed at the family market, the ‘Citroen Saxo Forte’ a car produced in the mid nineteen nineties and aimed at women and young adults that are looking for their first car and the ‘RVT S3’ a sports car aimed at older men in the twenty first century. The RVT advert is saying to the reader ‘if you want a life of luxury, speed and style then but this car’. The Mazda advert is instructing the reader to ‘stay alive with the car and buy it’. The message of the Saxo advert is ‘get value for your money and still stand out in this car and so buy it’. The three cars are very different, aimed at different markets and in different years. This is the predominant reason why I chose these three vehicles. Their differences highlight the impact the target market has on a car advertisement.

        The Mazda 2 is a family orientated car and this is reflected in the advertisement and general marketing of the car. The use of the play on words ‘Breathe in, Drive out’ in the advertisement is very clever. The concept is quite intellectual but can be understood with a little bit of thought. This is appropriate because the advertisement was featured in a Sunday Times Magazine, a supplement to the Sunday Times Newspaper. The Sunday Times is a broadsheet newspaper, which is mostly read by intelligent people who can understand things like this.

        The Citroen Saxo advertisement is quite simple. This is shown by the slogan ‘if it’s value and style you’re looking for, look no further’. This car is aimed at young adults and women and these are the things that they are looking for when buying a car.

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        The RVT S3 advertisement is also quite simple. The slogan ‘Own an RVT, Live Your Dream’. This makes the reader think that this is only a car that you can dream about. This works well as men aspire to fast sports cars and so this car is perfect for them. Therefore, this advertisement will attract their attention.

        The target audience of the three advertisements differ considerably and these are apparent immediately.

        The RVT S3 is a car that is made by RVT who are a British manufacturer and the advertisement is aimed at older men. Older men aspire to fast ...

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