Promotional and Corporate Video

Production Management

The aim for the production was to create a promotional and corporate video for a company that as a group find out our selves and make a video for them. During the pre production my roles in my group were; create the storyboard, get all the legal documents, recce, script and shooting script and the other process during the production and post production equally which includes shooting and editing. The video was to last up to five minuets but can depend on what the company your making the video want but as college project the video had to be five minuets no more and no less. When we have finished shooting the promotional corporate video, we would use Final Cut Pro to edit our video and also use special effects as well.

Before we could look for whom to make a video for or decide who would be our target audience we first as a group had to decide what kind of video we would make. Making a promotional video would mean we would be promoting a company and a corporate video means a music video or a video that informs like an education video. As a group we wanted to make sure we would do something that we would enjoy and also something that were already use to. We already made a promotional video based on the college from previous work so we decided to make a promotional video, now we had to find someone to make a promotional video for. One group member found a hair saloon but the hair saloon manager wanted the video to be two minuets long and wanted the video to be used only for his saloon not as a school project as well so that idea was lost. Up the road from were I live a tattoo shop just opened and I asked the owner if myself and the group can film here and make a promotional video. After signing all the legal documents allowing us to film we were ready to start our pre production.

Before starting our pre production we first done some research on other corporate promotional videos which would help us get an idea of what our assignment was and what was expected from our promotional video. I did a case study on two promotional videos and two music videos. The promotional video I decided to do was Dominican Republic and the Army Recruitment video. The two music videos I did my case studies on were the Aphex Twin “Come to Daddy” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. To help me understand both promotional and music video I looked at the Mis-en-scene, target audience, themes and motives, camera, sound, genre, duration and narrative.

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To be organised the group and I made sure we kept on having group meetings, making sure that everyone in the group was doing what they were meant to be doing and making sure everyone in the group knows what their were doing and what we were as a group expecting them to do such as, treatments or risk assessment. To be more organised we decided to make made a production schedule, telling us what days and were our group meetings would be held, when all the pre production work will be finished, when we will start filming, when ...

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