Annoying?! Gets you aggravated?! Does the same to me and millions of others around the world. Ringtone adverts have hit television screens flooding and adulterating the short periods of time between your favourite programmes.

These adverts grab peoples’ attention, with their unusual sounding ringtones, so that their products can be bought and their companies’ incomes can take a boost. They encourage people to spend more time with their phones when they should really be spending less. Research shows that the more time you spend with the mobile phone the more the risk of tumours in later life. The companies like “Ringtone King” keep on pestering us on the television screens ad nauseam about their so called “cheap prices”, AND IT MAKES ME SICK!

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Ringtones and their adverts mean absolute rubbish in my opinion. Why can’t the advertisement management see this? To them it’s all about making their money, not a care in the world for the people who have been involved in the havoc that they have created. Why can’t they present adverts which are more meaningful rather than a naked frog being chased by some kind of machine? Needless to say, despite this “Crazy Frog” has made millions.

Most of the ringtones’ companies whose licensed main source of income is through advertising their products on TV. In other cases the companies’ that ...

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