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E-commerce Technology

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Amir Abdullah Supervisor: Nigel Newbutt March 2006 E-commerce Technology URL: http://cms-stu-iis.gre.ac.uk/aa967/travel-accessories/ Word count: Insert number (10, 916) A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the University of Greenwich's [BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technology] ABSTRACT This paper critically examines the affects of eCommerce on organisations and the significant growth of the technology. Many organisations are adopting the new technology to retain excellent relationship with customers, and the significant growth of eCommerce application is discussed and noted in this paper. This growth has raised numbers of security concerns and this paper outlines the security risks that associates with eCommerce and describes a number of ways to maintain and reduce the risks. In this paper, it is demonstrate how Cascading Style Sheet can be used to control the appearance and structure of the web-site, and also examine the use of open source reflective programming languages mainly used to develop server-side application and dynamic web content. This paper also examines the use of open source MySQL database application and its ability to store, retrieve and search data. By creating the web-site application, it shows how Cascading Style Sheet can control the appearance and structure of web-sites, and PREFACE The purpose of this project is to describe the essentials of eCommerce, how it is conducted and managed as well as assessing its limitation, issues and risks. An eCommerce is an interesting topic and it interest people in government, educational, heath services and other areas will benefit from the knowledge of eCommerce. Today eCommerce is going through a period of change for new technologies and ideas to be adapted to strategy implementation and profitability. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First, my most heartfelt thanks go to the lord (Allah), for given me strength and knowledge to complete this project. Next, I thank my family especially my parents for showing concern and frequently enquiring how well I was doing and frequently asking when I was going to finish my project. ...read more.


and offers. The left hand column is designed for easy access and navigation for `Best Buy`. (Figure 1.1) The Use of Colours Marks and Spencer uses a colour scheme of a white background with grey coloured font and navigation sections as top layer, other colour combinations are also used to grab attention. The site's background and font colour combination is checked against the different colour blindness conditions and ensured that all information is cleared. The Use of Style Sheet Marks and Spencer's website uses the Cascading Style Sheet for visual layout, and if the browser does not support Cascading Style Sheet at all, then the use of Structured Semantic Mark-up ensures that the content of each page is still readable. The website gives users the opportunity to import different Style Sheet for any reason if their browser does not work, and some content of the website is not readable. The Use of Images Images in Mark's and Spencer's website are included for purely decorative and for descriptive of products. The site provide shoppers images of all the products available online for shoppers to view and select desired items and add to the shopping basket. (Figure 1.2) The Use of Company logo Mark's and Spencer uses, two initials M & S for logo and the logo has been linked to the home page. (Figure 1.3) The Use of Search A search facility is available throughout Mark's and Spencer site to help users to find products. The product is searched using this facility where the system searches and retrieves product information from database. The Use of Navigation Shortcuts At the start of every page is a short menu that allows you to jump directly to the most important parts of the page, including main content and navigation. The site includes a navigation button at every page to go back to the previous page. (Figure 1.4) The Use of Shopping Cart Marks and Spencer's website provide shoppers with a shopping cart for shoppers to add their products to the shopping basket and proceed to checkout to make payment. ...read more.


Fellow students were asked to test the site and conclude to evaluate the site; the response and comment received were very positive and promising. The overall result of the testing is: Criteria Website Testing (/5) Accessibility 2 Colour 4 Content 3.5 Fit for purpose 3.5 Images 4.5 Interactive tool 3 Menu Layout 4 Text 3.5 Sound 0 User-Friendly 4 Usability 3 Organised information 4 Total 39/60 (Table 3) Index.php (Figure 3.1) 6. CONCLUSION Undertaking a project in eCommerce is a big project and a challenging one as the area of development for eCommerce website is big. The project will consume a lot of time to design and implement an eCommerce website; this is due to the amount of development stages that will require building a dynamic eCommerce website. The drop down navigation menu allows the user to browse through the sit, ensuring usability and the application is user-friendly. Due to extenuated circumstances certain tasks of the application were unable to complete and if not due to lack of time the tasks would have been attempted to implement a dynamic, secured full function eCommerce website. Due to extenuated circumstance certain stages of the form were not able to complete and due to the lack of time no attempt ha Future Recommendation Certain development stages of the application have not been achieved and will require to time to adopt the ideas into the application. * A Search Facility can be implemented in the future to enable users to search through the database with out the need to manual search for the item through the menu list. * A checkout facility can be implemented to process payment and implement the site to accept new proposed top-up credit cards. * The use of JavaScript codes to alert users of any action required or if any information content is missing. * To implement and design a Web Blog application using PHP and MySQL and provide the facility available for uses to post comment and review comment. * Make the site more accessible for disabled people. 8. ...read more.

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