Essay in favour of advertising.

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Essay in favour of advertising


  • Creates jobs
  • Creates/raises awareness (fireworks, smoking, racial issues, nursing shortage)
  • Charity, awareness, much needed funds
  • Lower cost of newspapers and magazines
  • Customers know where best value is
  • Shops/businesses get more customers (reverse of above)
  • Sponsors- event e.g. ‘flora London marathon’

I am in favour of advertising for many reasons. It can save lives. Televisions and magazines often carry ‘Smoking Kills’ advertisements to dissuade people from smoking and making people aware that it can, and does, kill.

It can raise awareness of the shortage of staff in the NHS and teaching. People who have once nursed or taught will most likely have done it to help others and give others a better chance in life. This is a very selfless reason, this is often a principle. These adverts can make people think they have gone against this principle or may have taken time out to have a family, but advertising persuades them to go back to that profession, and going back to being selfless. Without advertising the professions of healthcare and teaching would be very short of staff and standards of healthcare and teaching would not be as high as the standards of which they are with advertising.

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Advertising can also aid many charities in receiving the pledges of money and assistance that they need to achieve their aims. Charities rely on pledges from members of the public. Without these pledges charities would not get any money to send as aid to the people who need it around the world. The way many charities get the money to support the needy is through advertising. Advertisements in newspapers, on television and in magazines show harrowing pictures of why the charity needs aid. Pictures of staving children, desolate landscape, and many more are rife in our media. The Oxfam ...

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