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Evaluation of Make-up Ad Campaign

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Evaluation of Ad Campaign The whole group had equal input to the final piece and everyone contributed evenly to the planning, progress and production stages. Personally I was responsible for the make up sample cards, the neck strap that held the privilege card and the offers to do with our product, the packaging covers and the application form for the privilege card. Using Microsoft Word, I created the make up sample cards using our signature image and name and putting at the bottom what the make up on the card was to inform a customer of what products to buy for that specific look. I made 3 copies of these cards and created 3 different looks using actual make up. On one of the cards, one of the products mentioned is "Throw Me a Vine" lip and cheek jewels which is the actual shade that is mentioned on the box I made covers for to look like our product. I made these covers on Word and formatted the size of the picture to the precise size of the box. The image on these covers were a segment of Kate Beckinsale's face showing a close up of her blue eye, cheek and nose accompanied with the product name, the company name, the volume of liquid in the bottle, a brief description of what the product is and the French translation to the latter for a more professional feel that insinuates our product would be sold internationally not just in the UK. ...read more.


The card is contained in a plastic wallet, again adding authenticity and is attached along with the offers and such to the neck strap. This gives it a "VIP Pass" look and feel along with the sequins which I want people to be reminded of classic Hollywood mirrors with the light bulbs around. As a group we researched how make up brands and perfumes advertised their products and how celebrity endorsements were used. I came up with idea of the make up sample cards when I visited MAC cosmetics in the city centre. Around the edges of the shop, were seats where customers could get a free makeover and were then handed a card with a face on to which the make up artist would do the same make up on the face, as though it were a real face, so the customer would know what products and shades were used on them if they wanted to buy them. Our cards would be laid on the make up counter free for a customer to pick up and take if they like that certain look. The privilege card would have to be applied for but is free, reinforcing that VIP feel to it. The application forms which I created using word would also be on the counter as would the cardboard stand. ...read more.


In the end we decide against that idea, as we felt we need a more contemporary figure head for our audience. We felt that if we used an old Hollywood figure we would be relying totally on that start to sell our product and it would seem more like selling of the person over the product so by using Kate Beckinsale, who is not as iconic as of yet, the celebrity endorsement is only aiding the sale of the product and we had to pay attention the style and layout of our pieces rather than just relying on the celebrity for the desired effect. There are a few weaknesses to our project I feel. Perhaps there is a little too much of the same thing, I feel we have concentrated a little too much on posters and teasers, and maybe the image has been used to often. Looking at our final project, I think we could have included a secondary image to add a little variety. However, overall, im very pleased with the outcome of the ad campaign because I feel like we achieved the style we wished to portray and have include some elements that are different such as the neck strap, the make up sample cards I feel very proud of and the packaging covers are fitting to our style. Stephanie Gadsby Media Studies ...read more.

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