Examine the relationship between the music industry and the music press in the promotion of music

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Examine the relationship between the music industry and the music press in the promotion of music.

The press and music industry work symbiotically with each other, meaning that they depend on each other to help them grow, and be successful.    The music industry provides news, photographs and interviews for music journalists, whilst the record companies and artists gain more publicity.  The music press plays a major part in the process of selling music as an economic commodity, whilst at the same time investing it with cultural significance.

The magazine ‘Smash Hits’ is a bi-weekly consumer magazine, which covers mainstream music that is currently in the charts.  It has a massive reader audience mainly consisting of the teen market.  There are adverts aimed at the younger readers in these magazines, such as information on tours and where to purchase the tickets, as well as the latest albums being released.  This provides advertising for the record companies and helps increase the artist’s coverage.

        The music press does not just cover the mainstream music, but over time has catered for more specialised genres and the growth in musical diversity.   The range of print coverage of music has also broadened to reflect the different age groups of music consumers.  There are now specialised genre based magazines such as Kerrang, for metal music, and Mixmag for dance music.    Generational based rock magazines are also being produced, including Mojo and Q.  Print media can more easily cater for niche markets as they are cheaper to produce than radio or TV.

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Music coverage has spread to Newspapers, with many offering a section dedicated music, with the latest news and reviews of albums and live concerts. For example ‘The Sun’ which has a ‘Bizarre’ column all about music.  Often tabloids offer music gossip and fun reviews, where they focus on the personal lives of the artists.  The broadsheets often provide more serious information, including reviews from top music critics who have the similar tastes and views as the majority of the newspaper’s readers.   The reviews can help provide the record companies with critical feedback, so that they can maintain or change ...

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