Examine the ways in which the James bond film Die Another Day has been promoted and advertised.

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Examine the ways in which the James bond film Die Another Day has been promoted and advertised.

An organisation with a specific purpose is called an institution. Their main objective is to make money. An organisation that deals in media will make media products such as TV programmes, films, or magazines.

Hollywood is a multinational institution that appeals to people world wide by producing a large amount of films from America and paying for films in the U.K.

James Bond is an example an example of a very successful Hollywood film series which started in 1962. The idea originated from books written by Ian Fleming although it’s now owned by Barbara Broccoli who took over the rights from her father. The films are filmed on scene or in pinewood studios (U.K.) they are financed from al over the place by many different people each of which get a share of the profits.

The latest film was directed by Lee Tamahori and produced by Michael Nilsson and Barbara broccoli both of which have been involved in bond films before. The last James bond film cost an amazing $227,000,000 million whereas the average film will cost just $22,000,000. to make the films look real and standout above the rest the make up and special effects team are crucial, without these specialised teams the films would fail there criteria and probably lose millions.

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The trailers to the bond films are quick and snappy using lots of special effects with dramatic voice over and the ever lasting James bond theme tune. The trailers are probably the most important advertising aspect, they are most likely to be shown before other films of the same genre so as to appeal to the intended audience although they are shown on television and can also be viewed on the internet. The trailers usually consist of a series if very quick dramatic shots such as a bullet transforming into a bond car sliding across the ice (Die Another ...

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