Explore how reality TV exploits the proletariat

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Reality TV exploits the proletariat

The proletariat audience is exploited by reality television through the way in which the shows influence the audience. The exploitation mainly comes from the name of the genre. Referring to the genre as ‘reality’ gives the audience a false sense of truth towards the programme. The idea of the show being a reality causes the audience to believe that it is real life that they are watching when a lot of the time; it is not a true representation of real life at all.

Criticisms of reality TV also suggest that the genre is in place to exploit and humiliate the participants. It is a way in which the television industry is able to make celebrities out of people who really have no talent at all. Through these ‘reality’ programmes, the production companies are able to glamourise the vulgarity that they convey to the audience. Film maker and theorist, Gary Oldman is amongst critics of the reality genre who describes the genre as “the museum of social decay.” This links to the idea of the proletariat being exposed to the false reality that is the Reality TV genre. The social decay is the idea that the audience is being brainwashed by the false reality that they see. It causes them to believe that what they are consuming is in fact reality rather than glamourised events which exploit those partaking in the programme.
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Geordie Shore is a prime example of the exploitation of the proletariat through the consumption of reality TV. Although the show is actually ‘structured reality’ which would suggest that the events are put into a scripted situation but without scripted dialogue, it still conveys a false sense of reality for the viewer. The target audience for the show would also be 18 to 30 year olds, in demographic grading’s of C2 and below. This target audience are likely to be vulnerable to consuming the show as a real life reality show. Levi Strauss’ theory on binary oppositions would ...

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