Factors That Enabled the Daily Mail to Be So Immediately Successful When Launched in May 1896.

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Factors That Enabled the Daily Mail to Be So Immediately Successful When Launched in May 1896

The Daily Mail was first published on the 4th May 1896 by a journalist called Alfred Harmsworth.  He wanted it to be like the newspapers that were available in the USA at the time it was first launched.  One immediate effect it had on sales is that it cost only half a penny, which was half the cost of other newspapers that were sold for one penny.  Some of the first slogans used to plug the paper were headlines like, “A Penny Newspaper for One Halfpenny”, ().  This would have appealed to many people because at only half the cost people would see it as a saving, because why pay more for something when you can get it cheaper and it provides the same if not more information as any other paper.  Not only that it appealed to people whom had little time and wanted to get a quick review of the news of the day as it was only eight pages long, “The Busy Man’s Newspaper”, ().

The Daily Mail was the first newspaper that had something for everyone; it contained information on fashion for women, sport news for enthusiasts, cookery and many more aspects.  It was the most versatile paper at the time in a very easy readable form and short being only eight pages long.  Comparing this to other newspapers at the time it was for the new generation that any person could enjoy at half the price.  By having all these new areas to the read it widened its potential market and because at the time other papers were very formal and identical it gave itself an edge over competitors in the market.  One of the most important inclusions to the paper could have been the information on fashion and cookery as in those days the women were merely thought of to look good and stay at home, look after the children and cook for the family unless you were wealthy then you would have a maid whom did the chores.  However this wouldn’t have affected sales because even the wealthy women would most probably have bought the paper for its content on fashion, as the main priority for the wealthy women was to look nice in order to attract male attention.  

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The paper also had aesthetic quality, which might have counted towards its success.  It displayed a large headline that read right across the front page from left to right so when people were choosing a newspaper this one would have caught their eye, drawn them in to have a browse of the story on the front page, which may then have resulted in them buying the paper.  Then once they have bought the paper they would obviously read it front to back allowing them to all it has to offer.  Success could also have spread by word of mouth ...

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