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Festival Experiences It was the weekend my mother and father had been preparing for all month.

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Original writing coursework Festival Experiences It was the weekend my mother and father had been preparing for all month. It was a hot May Friday afternoon in 1993 and we are all stationary on a road in Derbyshire. Ahead of us, a queue of cars stretches out of sight around the corner, we haven't moved for twenty minutes. Most people have turned their engines off, and now my father does too. In the sudden silence we can hear the sound of rock music of what must be the sound of the first band of the 'monsters of rock' festival. It was half past three. My younger sister was beginning to whine. My older brother needed the toilet. My father does not like waiting in queues. He has always loved rock music and believes in sharing his love of music with his family, which is why we are stuck in this country lane with hundreds of other cars. My father does not like waiting in queues, he is used to people queuing to see his work. He is a painter, and artist, whose tranquil landscapes hang in galleries throughout England. ...read more.


My mother brought out her bits of carpet and curtains, table and chairs, kitchen utensils and cooker. We put out sleeping bags and mats in the bedrooms. Then I find myself exploring the site with my father. As we are approaching the main stage, I hear a huge rumbling roar of an aeroplane. I look across and see Concorde coming towards us at an earth shattering speed, very low in the sky. It looks like it might crash into the main stage but miraculously it begins to rise up again. The noise from Concorde completely drowns the loud rock music. "That must have been a very near miss," my father gasped. _____________________________________________________________________ It's a sunny August day and my father and mother and sisters and I are heading towards the Lizard to the Total Eclipse Festival. The highlight being the total eclipse of the sun due to take place at 11:11 am on the 15th of August 1999. A whole year has passed since I have seen my father. He still looks the same, with his long grey hair and beard. In fact when I think about it, that's how he's always looked. He appears to be relaxed and we are in deep conversation about eclipses. ...read more.


She shows me how to make giant bubbles with an oversized circle shape made from wire. Three times a day a 'Doritos' machine drives into the arena and proceeds to fire bags of 3D cheesy Doritos into the crowd. We collect our fair share of Doritos on a daily basis. Eventually the morning of the eclipse arrives and people are beginning to congregate on the headland. There appears to be much excitement and people are laughing and drinking beer. My father and I make our way towards the further most point of the Lizard. "It's a pity there is no sunshine, just cloud," he said. As the time of the eclipse approaches I notice an eerie silence. Birds are flying back to roost. Through the cloud a watery sun becomes visible. The sky begins to go dark and the crowd watch with awe as the moon's disk perfectly covers the sun blocking out the daylight but allowing the sun's bright halo or 'corona' to be seen. The crowd cheer and clap, the whole experience feels very powerful. Some people next to us emerge from their small tent and ask us the time. They suddenly realise they slept through the total eclipse of the sun. Rafe Butterworth ...read more.

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