Film review of - The World is Not Enough.

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The World is Not Enough.

The greatest spy the world has ever known returns for yet another adventure. Once again the British secret service has to save the world from certain chaos and destruction and only one man is good enough for the job, that man is ‘Bond…James Bond’.  We all know the format, but we love it.  The title is ‘The World is Not Enough’, and is the final Bond film of the twentieth century, finishing the millennium with the usual mix of guns, girls and gadgets.

The film utilises exotic locations around the world and yet manages to make London look good.  The Dome at the time of filming was innovative and hadn’t yet been reduced to a joke by the general public. The sets created at Pinewood studios look realistic and threatening and fit in well with the real locations.  Green screen scenes have been added to allow extremely daring stunts and inaccessible locations to be featured in the film.

The plot is fairly simple and starts with the death of Sir Robert King, the owner of an oil empire.  His daughter Electra King inherits the family business. The villain Renard shows great interest in Electra and her inheritance.  James Bond is sent to protect her from a possible attempt on her life.  It soon becomes apparent to Bond that Electra and Renard are partners and they had planned the death of her father.

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They plan to detonate a nuclear bomb inside the reactor of a submarine near to the city of Istanbul.  This will stop the shipment of oil to other countries and so Electras’ company will be the only source of oil as she ships it overland by pipeline.  Her company will be able to charge exorbitant prices. In a subplot she will also be able to have her revenge on M (played by Dame Judy Dench, famed for her roles in the films Iris, Mrs Brown and Chocolat), the head of Bonds’ section.

The film fits into the usual ...

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