Film studies, what I thought of "Twilight"

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Twilight – the first film

Firstly I would like to say, I really did enjoy this film, the fictional vampires and wolves made the film really edgy and drew you in because of the lifestyles these different creatures have. However, I have also read the book and the film is not set up as well as the book. I did enjoy the whole story of the film, but I did not agree on some of the ways certain characteristics were set up, such as how the actors acted so literal.

The plot of the film is all about a teenage girl (Bella) who recently moves to Forks to live with her dad, she joins a school there and has an instant attraction to a teenage boy (Edward). He starts acting very strange around her therefore it draws her in to want to know him even more. She persists until she finds out why he’s being strange. Eventually he tells her the truth and it materialises he is a vampire, his family are vampires and most of them have powers. After getting to know each other for a short time they start to fall in love, but it’s not easy bringing Bella into the vampire world as many other vampires take a liking to Bella and the smell of her blood, so there are many issues and dilemmas along the way where Edward has to save and protect his beloved human.

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I have a high opinion of the book due to the way they fall in love, it is so exhilarating. The way they care for each other is passionately deep and meaningful. Although the power of their love is so strong at times it feels to be too much, but at the same time it is really what brings you into the film and you just can’t take your eyes of the screen. But the fact he is a vampire and has powers is quite far-fetched and seems a bit out of place, but at the same time without the ...

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