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AS and A Level: Films

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Explore the ways Frayn uses multiple genre in his novel 'Spies'

    5 star(s)

    Frayn uses stylistic and linguistic devices to highlight the mystery genre at several points throughout 'Spies'. As the mystery of the "German spy" commences and unfolds, unsettled thoughts begin to fabricate in the young Stephen's mind: "the dark of the moon...I can feel it surrounding me, pressing against my eyes...". The ellipses here hint to the reader that there is something still being left unexplained; a continuity of thought that we are unable to reach. Frayn uses this technique several times in the novel, as thoughts, concepts and ideas begin to form but are left unresolved and incomplete.

    • Word count: 2595
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Film Studies 28 Days Later How are the mise-en-scene, lighting, performance and camera work used to create meanings for the spectator in this early sequence?

    3 star(s)

    The mise-en-scene use of the TV screens is interesting as the camera shot appears tilted, to show "a world gone wrong" A high angle shot of the chimp tied up is then used, obviously to make it appear inferior and more like a victim. As we are given an outsiders point of view shot, simply observing the scene, we instantly feel a jolt of sympathy for the animal. And get the feeling that something is not quite humanly right. Then we see through a CCTV P.O.V shot, that intruders have somehow broken into the Facility.

    • Word count: 2498
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Jaws - Review.

    3 star(s)

    Music is always an essential part of this film; it is used to create different moods. The shark is connected to the music in the title sequence as the music beats slowly and gradually gets more frequent every time the shark is about to appear. This makes the audience aware that something is to happen but at times, the music is used to create unnecessary apprehension; this acquires the audiences mind, gets them thinking, and tensed about what could happen. Subsequently, they are surprised, as nothing significant has happened. They use calm music at different points in the film to generate a soft and secure environment, to rest the minds of the audience.

    • Word count: 2301
  4. In this essay I will be comparing the methods employed in the production of three different film trailers. I will be looking at how effective each one is and how it achieves its aim.

    Inglourious Basterds The palette of colours used in Inglorious Basterds is limited to drab, often depressing colours. Grey, brown and military green are predominantly featured throughout the trailer. In the opening scene of the trailer the harsh, autumnal appearance is a reflection of this. The characters are clad in military uniforms, a flurry of darkened leaves is seen whipping around the boots of the soldiers and the courtyard has an eerie green pallor blanketing the cobbles and buildings. Further on in the trailer we see a sniper taking aim from a rooftop, the bodies of fallen soldiers scattered on the ground.

    • Word count: 2302
  5. How are the micro elements of editing, cinematography and mise-en-scene used to create a sense of tension, integration and spectacle for the audience during the Danny Boy sequence of Millers Crossing (The Coen Brothers, 1990)?

    Once in Leo's home the mise-en-scene of the fluttering curtains, coupled with the darkness beyond begins to create an ominous tone by suggesting that something is unsettled or that there is a storm brewing within the narrative, this calm before the approaching storm creating anticipation for the audience. The camera then gradually pans across a living room setting, the d�cor suggesting everything to be ordinary, with certain punctuating signifiers betraying the calm setting, such as a pistol placed on the table and an overturned chair suggesting potential violence; again, this subtle use of mise-en-scene showcased by the cinematography allows the Coen brothers to build tension for the audience.

    • Word count: 2125
  6. Psycho Essay-Shower Scene Analysis. Shot in stark black and white, the film Psycho portrays young secretary Marion Crane as she successfully steals $ 40,000 from her employer and leaving her town of Phoenix in Arizona, intending to get married.

    Psycho was known as the "mother of all horror films" and Hitchcock basically formed the whole archetypical basis for most horror and thriller films that were released after it. Shot in stark black and white, the film Psycho portrays young secretary Marion Crane as she successfully steals $ 40,000 from her employer and leaving her town of Phoenix in Arizona, intending to get married. However, as Marion escapes, she drives through a heavy rainstorm at night and accidentally drives off the highway, driving along an unlit road and turning up at the eerie, seemingly deserted Bates Motel, in the middle of nowhere.

    • Word count: 2818
  7. Race representation in American sport culture in the films: Remember the Titans (2000) and Glory Road (2006)

    What seem to matter are collective hard work, passion and setting to achieve common goal and trust. Glory road is the story of Haskins, head coach of tiny Texas western university in El Paso, Texas. Set in the 1960's, a time in which college basketball in the south was segregated, Haskins made history by starting five Americans in the 1966 national championship game against national power Kentucky's team that did not have one black athlete. Haskins decision was not a reflection of his desire to be a racial pioneer, he'd later say, but simply to put the five men on the court that he believed would give Kentucky the most difficulty.

    • Word count: 2065

    From this establishing shot we can see this is definitely a western. There is no road just dirt which is hardened by the horses that are also in the shot. Every store and house is made out of wood which is typical in western films. We can see women in this shot. The women are dressed in dresses that are typical to western movies and very commonly seen, they also wear bonnets with ribbons on them. All these factors are typical in western film.

    • Word count: 2167

    the reason why throughout a lot of the film he is filmed on his own to show the fact he is an outsider and when he is shown with someone else the camera looks down on him to show that he is inferior. Other characters are Mike's mum Gina, a single mother and his older sister Jane who goes to college and isn't around a lot. Throughout the film I want to use a lot of long tracking shots when filming the character of Mike to show his loneliness so that when his role becomes very significant in the film

    • Word count: 2132
  10. Explore the phenomenal box office success of blockbuster films Jaws and Star Wars and how they forever changed the film making industry?

    The movie Jaws is about a number of shark attacks taking place on the beaches of the U.S.A, in which a $3000 bounty is offered for the animal, in which sparks off a frenzy of people attempting to hunt for the shark. The Star Wars movies tell the story of Luke Skywalker, and his fight against the evil Darth Vader and the Empires efforts to rule the galaxy. Both movies were a huge success, with Jaws being the first movie to earn over $100 million dollars at the box office, and eventually grossing over $470 million dollars worldwide.

    • Word count: 2247
  11. How women are represented in horror films (comparing Scream (1996) to Alien (1979)

    The position of the female as the antagonist also seems to be a rarity in the genre. Yet in the few cases this has actually occurred, after the shock of finding out the killer's gender was not male rubs off, it becomes harder for an audience to keep fearing her in the same way. I like the new era of horror, thanks to the likes of Switchblade Romance, Pans Labyrinth and Let the Right One In. These new forms of horror films are great, thanks to the films "not in the English language category" (Sight and Sound magazine (May 2009).

    • Word count: 2121
  12. How do mise-en-scene, sound and editing create atmosphere and generate an audience response to the plane crash sequence in Robert Zemeckis Cast Away?

    The "pre-crash", "crash" and "post-crash" scenes are sketched out perfectly, in which those scenes play a huge role in the main plot of the film. The film is spectacular with the whole film being portrayed in Chuck's point of view, and this is done effectively with the use of camera angles which show the whole film through Chuck's eyes. It grabs the audiences' attention, and that is one of the reasons why "Cast away" is such a good film. I have deconstructed the "crash scene" in order to analyse how "mise en scene", "editing" and "sound" make the scene effective and how atmosphere was created and audience response was important.

    • Word count: 2318
  13. Media studies: how are women represented in horror films

    "The director, who's Brutal, arty "Extreme" movies set the tone for this cycle." They really are brutal, but in a lot of contrasting ways, unlike the typical slasher films. http://larafairie.deviantart.com/art/Fight-Series-63681872 http://hokay.deviantart.com/art/scream-31994246 The traditional roles and representations of women are stereotyped as "housewives", until the emergence of feminism; women were almost treated as objects, passive agents in a male world. women used to be represented in a lot more of a clich� style way (damsel in distress/helpless victim), this may have been down too gender studies at the time;" feminism is the response to societies assumptions that women should be subservient to men." The feminist activists were battling for women's liberation and equal opportunities.

    • Word count: 2103
  14. An exploration into the role of social group stereotyping in teen movies with particular reference to Wild Child 2008

    There is no plot to the film, simply a mixture of clich�s and other classic moments and a common use of conventions from previous teen pictures. Chyler Leigh as Janey Brigs is a nerd who wears glasses paint splattered overalls and a simplistic hair style, who is later transformed into a prom beauty. The director uses this iconography to establish their characters clearly. The teen movie, also referred to as teenpic and teen film, is a sub-genre, which is targeted at teenagers in which the narrative is based upon the special interests of young adults.

    • Word count: 2894
  15. Independent Study

    and evolved into an iconic hero in later films such as I Am Legend (2007). His image has been constructed in a way that sells the idea of his 'family' values and ideologies to a mass audience. A prime example of this is the film The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), where Smith works with his son, Jaden Smith, to present the true story of a salesman who has financial difficulties resulting in the break-up of his marriage. Smith's character, Chris Gardner, applies to a stockbroker internship in the hope that it will lead to a stable income for him and

    • Word count: 2989
  16. Representation of Women In Disney Films wit Particular Reference to Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid

    In the Brothers Grimm tale Cinderella, the ugly sisters cut off their heels and toes in order to make their feet fit into the glass slipper! However due to making them child-friendly, Disney have caused the tales to lose other important morals, In the original Little Mermaid the main moral is that lust is a sin. The little mermaid dies in the end because she shows lustfulness towards the prince and the evil witch lives. Disney have succeeded in transforming the tales into films that mothers would happily let their children watch but in doing so, have raised concern about

    • Word count: 2964
  17. Explore the use of genre and narrative conventions in the opening sequence of Guy Ritchie(TM)s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

    An idea that is reinforced when uniformed police men begin chasing the character. A low non diegetic rhythmic musical beat begins when the character was shouting and selling and as the chase starts the musical soundtrack enters properly and is parallel to the pace of the chase, giving it the excitement necessary. When the chase begins we discover that another significant character is involved in the sequence as he announces the arrival of the police to his counterpart and also begins to run.

    • Word count: 2335
  18. Billy Budd's lessons in Farewell to the Rights of Man!

    It seems however, that Claggart is really threatened by Budd's apparent talent at making friends and ability to attract people to follow him, causing him to think he could start a mutiny. Mutiny's in the year 1797 were a major concern in the British Navy and punishments to any involved were always severe if not the end of their lives. The captain calls both Claggart and Budd to his cabin for questioning. Claggart commences in spewing lies and accusations about Budd.

    • Word count: 2225
  19. Analysis of Mise en scene & Cinematography: Swordfish, opening sequence.

    instance the production logos flicker in and out as if they were on a malfunctioning computer and the title is 'typed' along the screen. The theme then continues into the opening shot which is a close up of Gabriel speaking at the camera - the shot too is filtered in order so that it flickers as though it was appearing on a malfunctioning computer, this effect immediately lets the audience know that there will be a technological component to the plot and also attempts to capture their interest from the opening credits by creating several enigma codes in order so

    • Word count: 2351
  20. Manipulation AS Media Thriller Proudction Report

    The people we would expect to watch our film are people who like murder mysteries with a edge. So we thought it would appeal mainly to males as generally they like to be shocked. The detective element of our thriller has wide appeal as most people can relate to something they have seen or heard in the news. There have been many detective films so the conventions are already set. We wanted to stick to the conventions already set so the audience could concentrate on the story line more. We all agreed that we wanted the camera to be still in all our shots as we didn't think we had the capabilities to pull off a good zoom or tracking shot.

    • Word count: 2006
  21. How does Crime Scene Investigation : Las Vegas, give the audience watching it pleasures?

    The institution in this case is CBS, Bruckheimer studios and Alliance Atlantis. Jerry Bruckheimer, has always been interested in producing crime based dramas, but his first one was CSI, he has gone on to do series such as NCIS and CSI:NY. All of these institutions with the excepting of CBS were very small before they made CSI which is the highest budget series running in the USA. The reason fir this is because CSI from it's pilot episode was hugely popular because the audience could not get enough of it and it very much had the same reaction and hype that series such as Lost and Heroes.

    • Word count: 2045
  22. Practical production essay- thriller

    The researched that we did told us that not all beginnings of thrillers have to make sense. It also showed us that the storyline of the film should not be given away in the first two minutes as this makes the film predictable and boring. The research also told me that the audience likes to have music in the opening of the film as it builds tension and suspense. They also said that they like it when the opening to a thriller is confusing as later on you understand it and it makes the thriller more interesting as it gets your attention.

    • Word count: 2400
  23. woman in film

    The similarity of women being in a slasher movie and the other genre are the lead female characters usually would be young and pretty. They would be good looking and famous to attack man audience's attention to the cinema. This refer to the principle that Laura Mulvey suggested in her book "visual pleasure & Narrative Cinema" of male gaze. This principle analyses how the point of view from a man to the attacked by a female character. On the other hand, these girls are not as defenseless and weak as they used to be in the other genres.

    • Word count: 2122
  24. horror in the exorcist

    The Evil of the film is simply the Devil. We do not see Regan as the Evil herself as we know she is a young, innocent girl, possessed by the Devil who simply communicates through the young girl. She cannot control her own actions. This opposition creates a sense of Horror, because oppositions are something that every horror movie has. The conflict between the good and the bad creates tension and conflict, as we sympathise with the young girl who is possessed, knowing she is young and innocent, as well as helpless.

    • Word count: 2416
  25. Types of Reality TV

    Many other shows in this category involve historical re-enactment, with cast members forced to live and work as people of a specific time and place would have; The 1900 House is one example. 2001's Temptation Island achieved some notoriety by placing several couples on an island surrounded by single people in order to test the couples' commitment to each other. Most reality shows in this format are in many ways the new professional wrestling. The shows depend on drama, and theatrics more than on actual unscripted behavior.

    • Word count: 2091

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  • With detailed reference to your findings, discuss your conclusions regarding the relationship between women and film.

    "Overall, the research used to create conclusions of my hypothesis point out that as a whole, Japanese films represent women in a stronger light reflecting the culture of anti-family and an emphasis on success and a highly optimistic view. In addition, many films step away from the patriarchal society created in Japan and challenge stereotyped women's roles within the films as emphasised by Mizoguchi's films. At the same time, the increase of globalisation has led to a cross breeding of genre and increasing influences of Asian genre in some Hollywood action/thriller films as seen through 'Kill Bill'. Yet, the representations of women are still different."

  • Question: Compare how genre and narrative are established in 2 crime films

    "The Bone Collector was more successful in making use of most obvious signifiers and conventions as it clearly conveys them: the crime scene; the police uniform; the murders and so much more. I personally enjoyed Ocean's Eleven because it humoured me and the variety of stars meant that they each had a quality to keep me interested in different ways. The Bone Collector was good but for me personally, I find the suspense daunting and I would rather not watch it!"

  • With reference to the opening sequence of Bram Stoker's Dracula, discuss Coppola's creation.

    "I came to the conclusion that Coppola has achieved his aims to attract modern audience to the vampire genre by adding a prologue to the Dracula story which is not from the Bram Stoker's novel. Coppola got creative with the prologue and added background information about Dracula which was effective to attract the modern audience to go and watch this film. Elements used in the opening scene were very effective to establish the prologue of the movie. The mise en scene builds up the structure of the opening scene but it doesn't clearly attract the modern audience. Cinematography was used effectively and attracted the modern audience because it built a dramatic structure to the movie and it made the audience eager to see what was going to happen after the blood and the cross incident. The other elements of film built the genre of the movie and set the vampire theme of the movie and made the viewers think about what was going to happen next which is what the modern audience want to see in a movie Mohammad Fawad Yousuf 11U Mohammad Yousuf Media Coursework 11U Mohammad Yousuf 1 11U"

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