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AS and A Level: Films

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  1. Hitchcock makes Psycho a frightening and worrying experience for his audience by maintaining suspense at pivotal moments throughout the film.

    The music is a vital part of the film which mirrored the action during the film; the screeching violins emerge at tense moments and occur at a murder scene, this music is tense and frightening. Psycho is one of the most successful films ever made, even to this very day. Part of its success is due to the fact that it was one of the first films shown on screen that did not follow the ordinary sequence that so many films used to portray.

    • Word count: 986
  2. What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

    The Grape family consists of Gilbert, Ellen, Amy, Mama, Larry, and of course, Arnie. The Grape family lives in an isolated town of Endora in a house that seems to be in a mess since their father, Albert Grape, died. Gilbert's difficulty seems to have started when his father commit suicide seventeen years ago in their basement, which drove his mother to obesity and a life confined to their home. Gilberts' mother accepts that she has become a "burden" on him and sees how he feels ashamed and humiliated by her. Gilbert even regards his mother as "a beached whale," and at one point lifts a young boy to the window to see her almost like she is an animal at the zoo.

    • Word count: 631
  3. Stranger Than Fiction Lit Critical Appreciation

    The realization that the British voice narrating the movie was intended for not only the audience, but in fact specifically at Harold also, appalls many. This interesting use of an omniscient narrator draws in audience related themes such as Determinism and Fate and more blatantly surfaces the existence of yet another character- Karen Eiffel. Harbouring a Sylvia Plath sort of disposition, this chain smoking recluse of an author is adamant to find the appropriate closure for the main character of her latest downbeat novel, who happens to be none other than Harold Crick.

    • Word count: 607
  4. Analysising Fantastic Four CD cover

    The stretchy body connotes that he is flexible and can move through any space to save the day. His body also connotes that he can mould into different shapes. Standing next to the stretchy hero is a rock like man who shows us his power through his body language. We can denote that he is rock solid with clenched fists. The connotation is that he is physically strong and wouldn't be afraid to break a few muscles just to save the day. The forth and the final superhero on the cover is a female wearing a tight blue costume.

    • Word count: 1671
  5. clue film review

    The schemer of this event Mr. Boddy's butler, Wadsworth played by Tim Curry, who leads the group into getting Mr. Boddy to confess. Things take for a turn when Mr. Boddy puts his plan in to action. Whilst the confession is secretly being recorded Mr. Boddy hands out weapons to our guests (candlestick, revolver, a pole and so on) and requests them to kill Wadsworth or else he'll expose their secrets to the media, but Mr.

    • Word count: 507
  6. ray charles

    He was always controversial, whether it was his addiction, his womanizing, his breakthrough sound (which was considered by some to be sacrilegious) or his refusal to play before a segregated audience in Georgia. As the narrative image depicts on the front cover of the film, he was always in the spotlight. Ray can be classified as a Biopic film, because it follows the story of the life of a real person in history, and his or her struggle to overcome obstacles in their life.

    • Word count: 1398
  7. Analyse the media devices and techniques used in two film trailers ('War of the Worlds' and 'Happy Feet') and comment on their effectiveness.

    Tom Cruise plays a definite stereotype of the brave, single hero. In almost all of his movies he plays the troubled hero, who has to fight powerful forces and this is especially true in this movie. However, the one point that breaks this stereotype is that he has children, something that has only happened in one other film, Minority Report. The trailer mainly focuses on his young, blonde daughter rather than his teenaged son because the young girl has more appeal.

    • Word count: 1701
  8. compare contrast of sherman alexies movie and story

    The main characters were also the same; they both had the same role in the story and the movie. Thomas was an annoying story teller with no friends, and Victor was kind of just a regular kid on the reservation. Some actual parts in the story and the movie that were the same were when victor found out that his dad died, and he wanted to go get him but didn't have enough money. He went to the council and they didn't have anything but 100 dollars to give him. The part were he runs into Thomas was the same and some how Thomas already knows, Thomas says the exact same line in the story and movie also, he says, "I heard it on the wind.

    • Word count: 1105
  9. A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within discuss in respect to 'Apocalypto'.

    1. INACCURACIES - It shows dresses and cities (similar to Mayan Tikal) of the classic Mayan period between 400 and 900 But at the end it shows the arrival of the Spanish invaders approximately in 1519. - The Mayan civilization of Guatemala practically disappeared in 900, six hundred years before the arrival of the conquerors. Only few ones were staying hundreds dispersed in opressed tribes by the bellicose Aztecs that came from the current Mexico. Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that the Maya already had left their great system of agriculture when the Spanish came, still comparatively minor cities existed as Mayap´┐Żn, Coba and Chetumal.

    • Word count: 2917
  10. Shaw shank Redemption

    For example, the physically and mentally abuses, s****l harassments, murder and innocent one been beaten to death. I like the idea of this movie as everything has been presented in such perfect way. The outside of the prison is more pleasant, classic and full with freedom but inside, it was lifeless, old, cold and colourless. Shaw shank redemption does not like the other movies: with special effects, romantic tales or horrifies scene and bring the really faces of human natures and lives. But it truly touched a person's spirit. It is a film filled with hope and courage.

    • Word count: 562
  11. In 'Psycho' how has Alfred Hitchcock created tension throughout the film and what effect does this have on us as viewers?

    Tense films make us, as viewers, insecure and unsure about the environment around us. Most thrillers can relate to everyday happenings making us feel that anything could happen to us. There are many tense moments in 'Psycho' including the famous Shower scene and the unexpected discovery in the fruit cellar! Lots of techniques are used in 'Psycho.' Techniques include the use of camera angles, sound effects, lighting and pathetic fallacy. The scene where most of these techniques are used is the well-known shower scene. The scene begins with Marion taking a relaxing shower and only the mundane sounds of the shower can be heard.

    • Word count: 1025
  12. As I walked through the ghostly streets of my pind (village), I felt as if someone was following my every footstep

    Once I regained consciousness I slowly got together the courage to rise to my feet thinking of what to do next and where to go after a while I realised that I could go home and crush my hopes or I could follow my dreams where ever they lead me. Subsequent to that incident all my confidence of continuing had been demolished so I decided to return home, while I was walking home I could not stop wishing that Babuji had not found out yet.

    • Word count: 1252
  13. Gary Sinse transformed the book of Arthur Miller, The Crucible, into a very forceful movie even though there are some differences between the play and the

    Sinse respects most of the play and consequently the movie and the play have many things in common. Nevertheless, to enrich the play and to make it less theatre like, the director introduces some changes in the movie that make it different from the play. There are differences between the play and the movie and the feeling we arrive. For the play we get mostly get a feeling of anger and pity. The first difference comes in the first scenes of the play and the movie.

    • Word count: 2397
  14. The Italians started making Westerns of their own, only their Westerns broke all the rules. The good, the bad and the ugly is a prime example of this.

    However all three men suddenly burst into the bar firing there guns at a fourth party, the shocking part is that all three men are killed by said fourth party and he runs off escaping into the distance. This is disturbing for the viewer as they had thought they knew who the hero was but now he was dead and they are left confused but intrigued. Iconography is the symbolic meanings of subjects and signs used to convey ideas important to particular cultures or religions, and the conventions governing the use of such forms.

    • Word count: 1387
  15. With reference to the opening sequence of Bram Stoker's Dracula, discuss Coppola's creation.

    This will attract a young modern audience to watch the movie. Coppola used the film elements to build up the prologue sequence of the movie he made the movie vivid, brought characters to life by the use of costumes and he clearly showed it was set in medieval times and the use of lighting and other related effects had a impact in attracting the modern audience to this genre which was the goal of this movie. Coppola used the lighting and smoke effects when the dome appears, used a dim light and lots of smoke which shows that the movie is dark and is related to evil or death.

    • Word count: 1651
  16. English Media Coursework-Billy Elliotis a film which should be seen by every teenager because its showing the people who will develop into adults

    Close-up you can see the amazement in his face and the passion gathering him inside him to join in the weekly dance group. The music in the setting is a gradual increase from no sound to sound until the lesson is over. There are variations between the shots in this scene. It starts from a long shot showing Billy in a distance, like a view from the dancers, gradually becoming into a medium shot, showing us Billy from knees up.

    • Word count: 1033
  17. Narnia review Is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe one of the best stories ever told?

    Now, how can anyone forget one of the best series around, The Chronicles of Narnia? The series reveal a story about meaningful events that happen in make-believe places like Narnia, Calormen, and other lands in between. Narnia is a place most familiar to fans, readers and movie goers alike. It is a place "where horses talk... treachery is brewing... and destiny awaits," which is just how the trailers describe the Disney film of 2005, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Furthermore, the movie is directed by Andrew Adamson, the same man who made Shrek.

    • Word count: 921
  18. Shrek - english

    The knight trying to rescue the princess has to cross a long creaky woody bridge. He has to be careful not to fall over as there is hot lava underneath the bridge. These conventions create a creepy image in the audience's mind and thus give it an image of a true fairytale. The movie plays a sweet romantic music in the background as Shrek approaches the princess. The movie also shows that the princess is bound by a spell and only the first kiss from her true love could free her from it.

    • Word count: 1880
  19. Speed - how is suspense created in the film?

    As a tense or exciting situation in a movie is about to occur or is approaching the music gets louder and more intense. For example, as Howard Payne picks up the screwdriver and stabs the security guard. When he finally actually stabs the security guard the music emits a sudden burst of sound and confirms the fear we had that something was going to happen. Silences are often used in the action and horror genres of movies and are used when something is about to happen.

    • Word count: 985
  20. Analysis of Genre

    The final picture contains a theatre with the movie showing "I am a teenage werewolf" and there are old cars parked outside but the picture fades out, becomes animated and sets a modern day scene as the cars and the theatre become modernised. This tells the audience that the time is now after the photos. "Stephen King's IT" does not follow a classical narrative structure because it starts in the middle, then the beginning and finishes with the end. This is also a few seconds of equilibrium at the beginning of the movie.

    • Word count: 1049
  21. Analyse the techniques used to make the short film "Thriller" a successful promotional video for Michael Jackson's album of the same name.

    When this jump happens, the costumes change; Michael and Ola are in now in the cinema. The editing helps create an atmosphere/mood; a form of gothic genre is successfully created. Subdued lightning, the graveyard, "living dead", and the gothic derelict house help contribute to the atmosphere/mood of this pop movie. Michael and Ola's romantic moment starts with an establisher shot, a very common shot to start with. We first see the Cadillac, which is from the same era; coming closer to us, but then the gas, mysteriously runs out. Michael and Ola get out and start to walk into the woods; Michael is wearing a red jacket with red trousers, which makes the audience view him as the dominant male.

    • Word count: 924
  22. How suspense is created and maintained in the opening scene of the matrix

    The choice of character plays a big part in the creating of suspense. Two characters that achieve this very well are the Agents and Neo. The Agents appear to show no emotion. They wear very bland clothes and always appear very powerful. The first time that you see the Agents you do not know if they are good or bad and the directors turn tyhis confusion into suspense very well. Neo is also used to create suspense, as he is not the usual action hero.

    • Word count: 1203
  23. Can Jeunet be justified as an auteur even though his earliest works were co directed with Caro

    visual style * Distinguishable personality * Interior meanings and messages Technical Competence and visual style Jeunet's visionary style is influenced by French comic book art: bright colours, dark contrast, and fanciful contraptions. The look has sort of a dusty 1950's quaintness about it, but one modernized by brute force rather than by evolving design. Jeunet is also renowned for his great involvement in the technical side of his films, making sure every detail contributes to the dark, fantastical, dream like worlds he creates in each movie.

    • Word count: 988
  24. Film review Let Him Have It On the night of November 2 1952, policeman, PC Miles was shot dead. Two boys from South London

    It takes over 10 seconds for Derek to respond and he follows. This is a perfect example of how the director, Peter Medak wants Derek to be portrayed which is important because it shows that Derek is a follower and not a leader, simply because of his illness and the fact that he is 'slow'. As the camera moves along, following Derek and his 'friends' we then see the boys trashing and burgling a house. During this we see Derek standing still as the boys around him trash the place. Then we hear a man shout outside the house prompting the boys to run out leaving Derek alone in the house - who does not fully understand what is going on around him.

    • Word count: 3888
  25. Evaluating a Movie

    What is a movie without a good plot? The plot of this movie isn't one that we would expect. It centers on the love of two people. One of the characters is Jack Dawson, (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is a poor, adventurous American boy on a voyage back to America. The other character is Rose Dewitt (Kate Winslet) who is traveling with her finance on the Titanic just for leisure. Rose is unhappy. She feels her soon-to-be husband doesn't understand her. On the day that she decides to kill herself, she meets Jack who convinces her not to take her life.

    • Word count: 1133

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