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AS and A Level: Films

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    "Catfish" Analysis. This documentary was made by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Both begun filming Nevs life as soon as they sensed a story unfolding in the late 2007.

    Personally it additionally reminds of a documentary made in 2007 about child art 'My Kid Could Paint That' by Amir Bar-Lev. In which the movie follows the initial artistic career of a young girl Marla Olmstead, who gains fame first as a painter of abstract art, and then becomes the topic of controversy regarding if she truly completed the paintings herself or did so with her parents' assistance. The target audience for the 'Catfish' is anyone who uses media like Facebook, MySpace, twitter etc.

    • Word count: 1530
  2. Peer reviewed

    Bourne Ultimatum

    5 star(s)

    The music and the editing create a tense and fast-paced feel to the clip as the shaky camera work and whip pans give it a documentary type feel. This method is often used in this genre of films in order to make the viewer feel like they are there, which is only a new technique as not too long ago if the camera work was shaky this was seen as a fault. There are also very quick changes between clips, as each part lasts only a few seconds before moving on to add to the pace of the sequence.

    • Word count: 1045
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tide Movie Review

    The set design of the King's home i s also pulsating with colour and beauty in a way unlike the rest of the film that compete. The opening sequences are visual spick and span with faultless detail, both in the darker scenes on the pirate ships, as well as the more flamboyant decoration of the King's quarters. However, these days you would expect nothing less from the latest Disney live-action blockbuster. After the initial introduction of Jack and his quest for The Fountain of Youth, the audience is once again led down a recognisable plot pathway, with Jack encountering numerous

    • Word count: 917
  4. How are genre and themes expressed in the films you have studied,and show that values have changed over the years? (Roman Holiday and Lost in Translation)

    deceiving Ann, every time Irving is about to say something Joe kicks him, or spills his drink on him and it's funny in a very obvious almost slap stick fashion. However in 'Lost in Translation' the comedy is more subtle, like having a Japanese man sing 'God save the Queen' by the Sex pistols or when Bob gets in the elevator and he's much taller than everyone else, which I didn't even realise on first viewing. It was jokes like the latter which brought controversy to the film as racist, some would argue here is a value degeneration where we now need to laugh at someone (or group of people)

    • Word count: 1125
  5. A microanalysis of the opening three minutes of 'The Royal Tenenbaums'

    The way in which we were brought closer to the books and then the scene became real is as if we have started reading the book and are now beginning to get some imagery, we are brought into the world of fiction. The diner invitation further works to invite you into this world, the mouse works almost to put you off; you wouldn't want to eat at a table with a mouse on it? Perhaps you don't want to watch this film?

    • Word count: 2023
  6. How does Stanley Kubrick adapt the horror in Stephen Kings novel The Shining for the visual medium of film? Discuss with close reference to both the novel AND Kubricks film

    Stanley Kubrick has made many more alterations of the novel to make it more interesting for the viewer of the movie. It is quite obvious that he couldn't change and reverse everything. For examples most of the names were kept the same and places were only reversed in a very cunning way. Most of the thing were just changed in fashion for example the cold planetary in the novel becomes a storeroom in the film. In this cold pantry everything is stored such as cups, plates and food while in the storeroom contained just food.

    • Word count: 1216
  7. Comparing "Julius Caesar" and "Gladiator".

    The conspirators, whom believe Caesars' downfall was necessary for retaining Rome's republic, whereas Antony who deems the murder as been carried out on the terms of self gain. Based on Brutus' flawed logical rationale, he believed that Caesar's downfall would only benefit Rome, exclaiming "not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more". Through the use of rhetoric he justifies his action in part taking in Caesar's murder. Brutus continues to use asyndeton to enhance his argument that as Caesar "was fortunate, I [Brutus] rejoice at it, as he was valiant, I honour him, but, as he was ambitious, I slew him," and it is the parallelism between these quotations that reinforce his justification.

    • Word count: 1145
  8. How far has the representation of females changed over time in the mediums of film and videogames?

    Other, less innocent, representations of females also abound in early videogames. Custer's Revenge, for example, was a game in which your sole aim was to rape a native Indian woman. One notable exception to this rule is the Metroid series of games, whose protagonist, Samus Aran is female. Despite this, the overriding representation of women in early videogames is that of the helpless princess, unable to do anything but wait to be rescued by a man. Films of the same era were, at first glance, providing a much better representation of women, although there were still underlying themes that either show women as being inferior, or objectify them.

    • Word count: 696
  9. "Jodhaa Akbar" . What specific cultural values are inherent in the film which differs from mainstream American films?

    In the film, Jodhaa Akbar, the director has used positioning and salience, in order to, present his perception of the historical love story of the couple. In the scene, where Akbar (the Mughal emperor) sends his proposal to marry Jodhaa, the Rajput (place) princess, to the King of Rajput (father of Jodhaa), the most salient figure is the father, who is centralised throughout the scene as well as on an elevated position, which is in contrast with the backgrounding of Jodhaa.

    • Word count: 555
  10. Mitchells Gone With the Wind is a very important movie. It shows blacks in a light that went along with stereotypes at the time.

    He is one of the only black characters who do not represent the contented slave. When he is emancipated, he leaves the plantation immediately. Although Big Sam is a black brute he does something in the film that defied beliefs at the time. Black brutes were seen as aggressive and a threat, but in the scene where Scarlett is attacked Big Sam comes to the rescue. He fights off her aggressors and takes Scarlett to safety. He could have joined the men or he could have kept quiet and walked away, but he didn't he chose to step in and do what he thought was right.

    • Word count: 2004
  11. The Presentation of Black Characters in the Film "Ghost".

    Even though her apartment was a decent size and had decent furniture she still lived in a bad neighborhood. It appears that she either lives right above or next to a liquor store. The area was full of loiterers, drug dealers, graffiti, trash, and it was nothing like the neighborhood Sam and Molly stayed in. Oda Mae Brown could also be a different form of the buffoon. It is funny to the viewer and bystanders in the movie that she seems to be talking to herself. Although the viewer knows that she is talking to Sam it is still somewhat comical to think of a woman talking to the air.

    • Word count: 1479
  12. The Hours - Film Review

    The Hours encapsulates this emotional stress endured by women across different eras to utter perfection. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel written by Michael Cunningham, The Hours depicts the lives of three women in three generations along with the twisted struggles they experience - imprisoned in their hopeless souls. Australian actress Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge, Rabbit Hole), captures the role of Virginia Woolf in 1925, working on Mrs. Dalloway (a stream-of-consciousness novel) about the hostess of society, whose artificial nature of perfection masks her inner turmoil. Julianne Moore (The End of An Affair) portrays stereotypical American housewife, Laura Brown residing in 1951 American suburbia - a woman who feels compelled to maintain her loyalty towards her son and husband (John C.

    • Word count: 1072
  13. The Representation of Gender in the film "Gran Torino"

    Eastwood constructs his female characters to embody ideas of social independence and leadership, which challenges traditional values about women in society. Sue Lor and Grandmother Phong, stand up for themselves against their male counterparts in the film when they try to assert their dominance. This can be seen in the scene where Walt confronts Grandmother Phong, attempting to emphasise his dominance by spitting, traditionally a habit associated with strong men. The expectation is for Phong to back down from the show of dominance, but instead she spits an even larger amount than Walt; a direct signal to the audience of Phong's sense of equality.

    • Word count: 1623
  14. Film review Freaky Friday.

    It also stars actors Mark Harmon and Chad Michael Murray. This is the third time this film has been made by Disney, and the second in ten years. The original film was made in 1976 and starred Barbara Harris as the mother and Jodie Foster as the daughter. A 1995 television remake was produced for ABC. A sleeper success in the United States since its summer release, the modestly-budgeted film cost just $25m to make and has gone on to gross over $100m.

    • Word count: 605
  15. I feel that the two main themes in La Jetee are fate and love. The story line of the movie is very interesting, as is starts when the main character was a child, and witnessed a murder that happened at the airport.

    He soon comes to know that he is in love with her. The scientists then realize that he has successfully traveled through time and they send him to the future to get help. The main character was able to successfully accomplish his mission in the future- the people in the future invite him to stay in the future with them. However, he refuses to stay and asks them to send him back time to be with the girl he loves.

    • Word count: 876
  16. Using my chosen films, City Of God and Monsters, I am able to look at theories such as, the classical narrative structure, Todorovs narrative structure and Levi Strauss binary opposition theory.

    resolution), the final segment of the film, results of the stories main conflict come to dramatic confrontation and it is the point where key struggles are waged and an eventual victor is determined. Within 'City Of God', there are three sections that build one narrative, much like the classical narrative structure, however it doesn't quiet follow the rest of it. We have one main story teller (Rocket), who is key to the narrative, as our narrator he is able to build personal relationships with the audience and he is able to retell a story in which he is sometimes not present within, this allows the audience to feel trust in Rocket and believe what he is telling us.

    • Word count: 1213
  17. Amityville Horror Analysis of opening sequence

    Locations + Mise-en-scene The location is a room. The room looks dirty due to the use of darkness, so maybe a more dull part of the builing, such as a basement. There are typical props that you would expect to be in a room, for example there is a bed that the man is sitting on, a television, a table with a clock and an ashtray. At one point the television creates a bright light that illuminates the whole room, showing you what is inside.

    • Word count: 620
  18. In the movie Cry Freedom, Steve Biko was a black activist and human rights leader who devoted his life toward achieving equality for blacks was loved by the black community but hated and feared by the white South African community.

    It is evident in Cry Freedom that Steve Biko stands up for his rights, which can be compared to how citizens of different nations stand up for their rights by not always allowing the government to administer them. Biko is considered a threat, as mentioned before, by the white ruled government of South Africa. As a result, he is officially "banned" and prohibited from exercising basic human rights and from publishing his views. I definitely consider Biko to be an important character because of the fact that he is fighting against racism and for equal treatment; he is not only fighting for blacks to have an advantage.

    • Word count: 915
  19. Evaluative Analysis- Over the past months studying Film, I have developed many skills. I have familiarised myself with film terminology. I have learnt that micro and macro were the two biggest components of Film studies terminology.

    This inspired me to contribute these sensitive issues to the narrative of the production task. When we were learning about cinematography, I particularly enjoyed learning about light. We used a reduced amount of lighting to create a dark effect creates a sinister atmosphere for the audience and makes the film more enjoyable for the production task. I learnt valuable marketing techniques such as releasing films as games, promotions and raising publicity by touching on sensitive issues. Marketing can really enhance a film's popularity. We just need to target the role models of society then the two syringe theory takes place.

    • Word count: 989
  20. Throughout this work I will be giving a detailed analysis of the, colour, sound, lighting and mise-en-scene including the characters of My Name is Khan (MNIK) (5.00-10.00).

    It is stereotypical that mothers are innocent, caring and loving and this mother witnessed her own son's death, this makes the audience sympathetic. The scene is shot at night time expressing it is night time for the characters, it creates a lonely glum effect which then carries on to the audience which creates more sorrow for impact from cinematography. When the mother was crying the shot slowly zoomed out from the frame focusing on her face to bring the audience closer to the emotion she is feeling, then to expose her dead son which is then a long shot, she started crying louder as the camera revealed more.

    • Word count: 900
  21. Rwandan Comparison. The films Hotel Rwanda and Shake Hands with the Devil portray the stories of two remarkable men caught in the thicket of a horrendous genocide in Rwanda.

    It was however watching Rusesabagina's perspective that was more helpful in understanding the genocide. The fact that the plot of Hotel Rwanda was very focused on portraying one specific aspect of the genocide, the physical appearance of actors and their surroundings, and the acting all contributed to a better overview of the horrendous genocide in Hotel Rwanda. Portraying a whole genocide, with hundreds of important figures and thousands of events is surely difficult to do in a two hour film.

    • Word count: 1595
  22. Explore how gender, ethnicity, age, nation, place, events or issues are represented in Avatar Film

    More delicate visual hints appear with transformations of the human form, for instance alterations in behaviour, appearance, size etc. In order to relate the audience to the film, the vast majority of intellectual aliens represented in science fiction films have an anthropomorphous nature; possessing the same human features. Films like 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', 'The Box' and of course 'Avatar' where the aliens were close to a human appearance and were able to communicate in a common language. The film has drawn on various themes describing clashes between modern man and our surroundings; these include imperialism, corporate greed, racism, spirituality and religion, citizen's processions right, the Na'vi's right to defend their home destroyed and finally militarism vs.

    • Word count: 865
  23. Comparing Tim Blake Nelson's Version of Othello to That of Geoffrey Sax

    Echoing Shakespeare's storyline, the heinous villain is none other than Odin's trusted and loyal friend, Hugo, son of the basketball coach. Hugo's jealousy of Odin's praise and fortune, leads him into an obsessive desire to destroy him. Under Hugo's malicious plan of manipulation, Odin is driven to question Desi's faithfulness, and consequently murders her. Upon realizing the truth, he kills himself. "Othello", directed by Geoffrey Sax takes on a very different approach to the play. Set in London, it is about a black police officer, John Othello, a rising star in London's police department, known for his integrity, moral principles and competence on the job.

    • Word count: 3104
  24. Free essay

    Buster Keatons, Our Hospitality (1923) is one of the few films o the silent era that still has a prominent place in the history of cinema. The repeating motifs , the misc-en -scene and the cinematography are three aspects that just set this movie

    The scene that starts with Willie coming into the Canfield's mansion and ends with him slyly walking up the stairs to stay there for the night is the scene of interest. The Canfield mansion set was brilliantly designed . The enormity of the house can be seen during the scene when Willie first tries to get out of the house and the Canfield brothers chase him across the porch while firing shots. The grandeur of the house is shown in the form of a huge gun rack, chairs with great detail, curtains (probably made of velvet)

    • Word count: 629
  25. The Theme of Self Transformation in "Shirley Valentine".

    The images at the beginning convey information in relation to Shirley's life and what she does. The sketches are unfinished representing Shirley who is unfulfilled. The sketches are painted blue which tells us her life is depressing, cold and boring; they are on a white background representing her life as plain and empty. There is a sound track, "the girl that used to be me, used to be free". This tells us her life has changed for the worse. At the beginning of the movie the first exterior shot and the first interior shot we see Shirley walking to her house carrying shopping bags and walking into a house where we see her talking to the kitchen wall.

    • Word count: 666

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