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AS and A Level: Films

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  1. In this essay I will be comparing the methods employed in the production of three different film trailers. I will be looking at how effective each one is and how it achieves its aim.

    Inglourious Basterds The palette of colours used in Inglorious Basterds is limited to drab, often depressing colours. Grey, brown and military green are predominantly featured throughout the trailer. In the opening scene of the trailer the harsh, autumnal appearance is a reflection of this. The characters are clad in military uniforms, a flurry of darkened leaves is seen whipping around the boots of the soldiers and the courtyard has an eerie green pallor blanketing the cobbles and buildings. Further on in the trailer we see a sniper taking aim from a rooftop, the bodies of fallen soldiers scattered on the ground.

    • Word count: 2302
  2. How are the micro elements of editing, cinematography and mise-en-scene used to create a sense of tension, integration and spectacle for the audience during the Danny Boy sequence of Millers Crossing (The Coen Brothers, 1990)?

    Once in Leo's home the mise-en-scene of the fluttering curtains, coupled with the darkness beyond begins to create an ominous tone by suggesting that something is unsettled or that there is a storm brewing within the narrative, this calm before the approaching storm creating anticipation for the audience. The camera then gradually pans across a living room setting, the d�cor suggesting everything to be ordinary, with certain punctuating signifiers betraying the calm setting, such as a pistol placed on the table and an overturned chair suggesting potential violence; again, this subtle use of mise-en-scene showcased by the cinematography allows the Coen brothers to build tension for the audience.

    • Word count: 2125
  3. Analysis of Pretty Woman. The popular romantic comedy, Pretty Woman, is a story that shows how members of two different social classes meet and become forced to learn about each others way of life.

    Similarly, the director utilizes modalities such as setting and dialogue to portray social differences between Edward and Vivian. The difference between social classes in Pretty Woman is obvious from the beginning. The immediate contrast between settings at the opening of the movie immediately let the audience know that social and economic status will be a prevalent theme throughout the film. This is exemplified at the beginning of the movie, when Edward attends a party, where everyone is well dressed and well mannered. These people, consisting of mostly businessmen and their wives (all of whom are wealthy), sip wine and discuss business transaction with a leisurely malaise.

    • Word count: 1555
  4. Psycho Essay-Shower Scene Analysis. Shot in stark black and white, the film Psycho portrays young secretary Marion Crane as she successfully steals $ 40,000 from her employer and leaving her town of Phoenix in Arizona, intending to get married.

    Psycho was known as the "mother of all horror films" and Hitchcock basically formed the whole archetypical basis for most horror and thriller films that were released after it. Shot in stark black and white, the film Psycho portrays young secretary Marion Crane as she successfully steals $ 40,000 from her employer and leaving her town of Phoenix in Arizona, intending to get married. However, as Marion escapes, she drives through a heavy rainstorm at night and accidentally drives off the highway, driving along an unlit road and turning up at the eerie, seemingly deserted Bates Motel, in the middle of nowhere.

    • Word count: 2818
  5. Empire of the Sun - Journey to Party Scene Analysis. "Journey to the Party," is a beautifully done scene made by Speilberg that shows the massive contrast between the British and Chinese in the soon to be occupied country.

    Then you can find a close-up of Jamie wondering whats going on because he doesn't usually see these kinds of things as he has been living in an area of luxury all his life. Speilberg portrays a very dreamlike and surreal scene, especially in the car, where viewers can definately get the feeling that Jaime is in a whole different world. Then there comes a close-up of a slaughtered chicken smashing the window where blood is splattered all over .

    • Word count: 799
  6. Tim Burton's use of mise-en scene in Beetlejuice, Batman Returns and Edward Scissorhands

    The first filmic devise I will look at is that of setting and props. The sets and props used by Burton are chosen for a particular reason, however it is not just the sets and props that play a intrinsic role in interpreting meaning, it is also important to note how they are filmed. Therefore, I will also camera shots and movements with regards to all three movies. There is a unique pattern to the sets which Burton uses, all three movies house a dark theme to them.

    • Word count: 1367
  7. Compare the movies 'Taxi Driver' and 'Manhattan'

    The flashing lights behind the blurred windscreen offer no comfort or welcome; the camera's long exposure creates a distorted and somewhat drugged atmosphere. Complete with a saxophone playing eerily in the background, Scorsese creates a painfully unnerving setting and his sluggish opening serves as a reminder of a city caught up in the woes of urban life. Both directors compose their openings with a clear intention of describing the mood, whether it be the thrill and excitement of 'Manhattan' or the sullen setting of 'Taxi Driver'.

    • Word count: 1549
  8. The others (2001) has been described as a physiological horror that sustains suspense until the final resolution. Through close observation of Alejandro Amenabars direction, discuss how cinematography, characterisation, setting and narrative seque

    Such as the children drawing or reading the bible, it also pans and tilts along the photos slowly. Lighting is also used to focus on segments of the film and keep others hidden in shadow, this appears mysterious to us as we want to know what is in the shadow. The transition between the images is a very smooth fade, which allows them to hand in our mind. The overall effect of this sequence is that the audience is confused by the images which at the time mean nothing to them but as the story unfolds we learn the relevance.

    • Word count: 609
  9. .In 1895, the first moving picture, "The Departure of the Workers of the Lumire Factory", showed just that - employees leaving their place of employment. It was hardly a riveting subject one would have thought.

    However, the very first cinema audience viewed it with amazement. They were used to seeing magic lantern shows, but this showed real moving subjects. The cost to the early filmmakers, the Lumire brothers, was minimal, only the price of the film.Although they were not the first to project a moving image, the Lumire brothers invented the first portable motion-picture camera, film processing unit and projector all in one machine. They called it the Cinematographe and it made motion pictures very popular. Another of their early movies, "The arrival of a Train at the Station", showed the train coming in diagonally across the screen.

    • Word count: 586
  10. In this essay, I shall be reviewing the film Control, a film directed by Anton Corbijn and based on the book Touching From A Distance by Deborah Curtis.

    When Punk Happens, Curtis and his friends form 'Warsaw', then 'Joy Division'. They meet manager 'Rob Gretton', sign to the new label set up by the local TV presenter 'Tony Wilson' and record the 'Unknown Pleasures' album. But while 'Joy Division' are progressing, Curtis' own life falls apart, he's diagnosed with epilepsy and prescribed medication. He also becomes increasingly estranged from Deborah and then has an affair with 'Annik', a Belgian fanzine writer who represents all the exotic european 'otherness' that he yearns for. In personal opinion 'Corbijn's' film traces how a sensitive young man with poetic dreams and a literate tongue got trapped in the divide between the person he wanted to be and the realities of a humdrum existence of work and marriage.

    • Word count: 1053
  11. Exploring the ways 'Cinematic Techniques' are used in the opening sequence of the 'The Shawshank Redemption' (0:00 to 0:03.30), to portray character and develop certain effects within the film drawing emphasis to Cinematography and Mise-En-Scene.

    The first editing technique that is used is an split edit, this is used with both diegetic and non-diegetic sound which is synchronous to the on screen action. As the titles begin, we can hear the non-diegetic sound of music playing. The song begins as non-diegetic, but another split edit is cleverly used as the images appear on screen, the sound flicks to being diegetic as it is playing on the protagonists radio. This technique is used to link continuity within the film and to faze the opening credits into the actual beginning of the film.

    • Word count: 1748
  12. Free essay

    Film Review: Grown Ups The film starts with a flashback to 1978 showing the 12-year-old versions of the main characters winning a championship basketball game. Thirty years later the team reunites for the funeral of their beloved former coach

    Thirty years later the team reunites for the funeral of their beloved former coach, making a 4th July Weekend out of it as they, and their respective families, rent a lakeside house together. The former team captain (Sandler) is now a Hollywood agent married to a successful, not to mention gorgeous, fashion designer (Salma Hayek) and has two spoilt, couch potato children. The rest of the team consists of Kevin James - the loveable tough guy whose wife, Maria Bello, still breast-feeds their 4 year old child.

    • Word count: 610
  13. King Con - a screen play. Film Studies Course Work.

    CONT. PHONE RINGS, the young, blonde, RECEPTIONIST dressed in red Rochester uniform answers. ALBUS (V.O) (voice slightly exaggerated) CONGRATULATIONS! You've won our HR raffle, winning a night at Netherfield Spa. Don't worry - we'll cover your shift! Receptionist's face lights up with a smile. 4. INT. HOTEL LOBBY. DAY. 4. Simon Royale gives his name to check-in. The red-head girl behind the desk looks up, giving a winning smile, revealing herself to be Cat in disguise. She hands him a key-card and a "Welcome Pack" with an obvious leaflet, reading: "Tonight, World's Best Elvis Tribute".

    • Word count: 1821
  14. Dead Poets Society.The cloistered nature of a boarding school adds impact to the films exploration of conformity. Discuss.

    This further portrays the influential role of Welton Academy on students' lives. Moreover, the claustrophobic aura of the school is vividly shown through narrow corridors and dark, gloomy rooms, emphasising the restrictions placed on the boys in order to maintain order and discipline. In addition, the constant tolling of bell represents subconscious mental constraints on students by the society and institutions. Furthermore, the lack of individuality in Welton Academy is exemplified through the constant crosscutting of camera shots from interior of the school to the surrounding autumnal landscapes.

    • Word count: 922
  15. Director, Cyrus Nowrasteh really knows how to capture his audiences sympathy in the film, The Stoning of Soraya M. set in Iran. This devastating, drama-crime film is based on French-Iranian journalist, Freidoune Shahebjams book La Femme Lapid

    A French-Iranian journalist (James Cavieziel) finds himself abandoned in a remote village in Iran due to his car breaking down. He is approached by Zahra (Shohreh Aghdashloo), who demands him to listen to the tragic incident of the stoning of her beloved, innocent niece, Soraya (Mozhan Marno), which took place the previous day. Soraya was wrongly accused of having committed adultery. The journalist is then determined to leave the village successfully with this dreadful secret, ready to reveal it to the world.

    • Word count: 1684
  16. I gradually formed a new story idea for an opening sequence, about a husband killing his wife, which would then lead onto the rest of the film to show what his motive was for doing so. This idea was further adapted to suit the actors that we had available

    This idea was further adapted to suit the actors that we had available and so the new story of Sister kills Brothers' fianc�. Our choice of weapon was a hard decision as we wanted to be able to touch people with our story and give our audience the opportunity to relate and educate with the help of our chosen documentary style. We finally agreed that spiking a drink would suit our audience best as the use of a gun or knife would mean health and safety is at risk and wouldn't appeal to some audiences.

    • Word count: 1295
  17. The task was to produce a 3 minute teaser trailer (a romance sport genre), for that reason, I have based my teaser trailer on forms and conventions of similar existing media products.

    By keeping the construction of the teaser trailer similar to existing products, target audiences will have a better understanding of the purpose of the product, and feel familiar with the teaser trailer. The audience gratification relating to this convention include audiences anticipating entertainment; they will have been entertained by films produced and released by these companies. For our opening sequence, we used a variety of shot types, video transitions and edits. We did this to entice our audience to continue to watch as constantly in our opening sequence the shots keep on varying and therefore the audience will have the feeling that they are there as they are able to see everything at every angle.

    • Word count: 1221
  18. Race representation in American sport culture in the films: Remember the Titans (2000) and Glory Road (2006)

    What seem to matter are collective hard work, passion and setting to achieve common goal and trust. Glory road is the story of Haskins, head coach of tiny Texas western university in El Paso, Texas. Set in the 1960's, a time in which college basketball in the south was segregated, Haskins made history by starting five Americans in the 1966 national championship game against national power Kentucky's team that did not have one black athlete. Haskins decision was not a reflection of his desire to be a racial pioneer, he'd later say, but simply to put the five men on the court that he believed would give Kentucky the most difficulty.

    • Word count: 2065
  19. Cape Fear plus more thriller assignment

    The family all has very smart/casual clothing, showing that maybe they are of a higher middle class, and the make-up used on the eyes show a certain distress, giving a powerful meaning of anger to the poster really generalizing it to its genre of a thriller. Also this film was produced by Universal Studios, which is a massive company creating many thrillers such as "The Butterfly Effect". The slogan above the eyes even poses a threat of revenge and connotes a spook effect "But the past is coming back to haunt them" the font is very thin and horror like, and is located between the eyes and the boat showing some sort of link between the two.

    • Word count: 1478
  20. Genre assignment - the expendables

    "Stallone" stood arms crossed and flexing his muscles makes it look like he means business, this is also shown on all of the actor's facial expressions showing no smiles or happiness but complete seriousness. Another reason for this film being a shown as an action film would be that there is a mass explosion behind the actors creating an action atmosphere with the piles of rubble behind giving the idea that it's going to be "messy".

    • Word count: 459
  21. Free essay

    The Many Fear Factors of The Thing (1982)

    Had the film been a success the book would probably have sold better, but since it didn't the book was hardly noticed, before many year later when the Thing became a pop culture phenomena. 1 Bad timing Among the many reasons to the Thing's box office flop, the simplest maybe its competition from other films during the same year. The top grossing films of 1982 was: E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, directed by Steven Spielberg. Tootsie, directed by Sydney Pollack. An officer and a Gentleman, directed by Taylor Hackford.

    • Word count: 3458
  22. The revolutionists in both Michael Collins and Bloody Sunday are depicted as being the underdogs oppressed by the tyranny and might of the British.

    He says, "Even if they shoot us, or conscript us, we have a weapon more powerful than any in the whole arsenal of the British Empire! That weapon... is our refusal!" (Jordan, Neil, Michael Collins). This scene attempts to justify the Irish revolutionist's causes. At the same time, it depicts them as mythical warriors, fighting for country and land. In regards to setting, the peaceful portrayal of Michael Collins' country-side setting of West Cork, serves as a stark contrast to the more chaotic and strife ridden setting of Dublin.

    • Word count: 1034
  23. Influences on my psychological horror film. Donnie Darko and the 'Silent Hill' Playstation game series.

    Also the plot of the film is slightly similar to that of mine. The use of lighting throughout the film is also very unique. Also, I am intrigued by the use of lighting in 'Donnie Darko'. Instead of using the red lighting typical in horror films, it uses dark, shadowed lighting with green and blue tints, an example being the scenes with the main character's mother. During these scenes, the lighting is very dark, with lots of shadows in the room but I am still interested in the use of different colours and levels of lighting to create atmosphere.

    • Word count: 896
  24. Discussing a clip from "A taste of honey". he clip I am going to discuss is near the end of the film as Jos mother has retuned to help her raise the child. In a confrontation between Jos mother Helen and Jos homosexual friend Geoff, Jo becomes di

    Dialogue is important within this sequence as it gives an audience an in sight to both characters. Through the scene the conversation is a rather serious one that then drifts of into a more comical, romantic fantasy. Geoff recites a nursery rhyme to Jo as she mimics some of the words with actions. Although a nursery rhyme is important to note that what Geoff I saying to Jo has a serious undertone. He reassures her he is willing to look after her and provide for her, just like he has done throughout most of the film. As Jo and Geoff walk down the stairs, he continues to rhythmically express how he would look after her baby, almost making is sound like a fairly tale, with a happy ever after.

    • Word count: 1090
  25. How are different aspects of British society represented in the films you have studied for this topic?

    We also get this again when we see the leaders of both gangs being contrasted with Colleoni's being run by experience from a posh and upmarket hotel whereas as Pinkie's is run by a juvenile delinquent in a dark and dingy basement. We see a very different version of crime being emphasised in Mona Lisa and From London to Brighton, in the films instead of being shown gang culture we are shown aspects of the sex trade with scenes like the bridge in Mona Lisa and Kelly selling herself for money in London to Brighton which help to emphasise the shocking and deplorable means that people are put through in order to make a living and survive.

    • Word count: 610

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