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AS and A Level: Films

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  1. Analyse how tap dancing has been influenced by Fred Astaire as a performer

    Moyra Gay states that "syncopation is the temporary displacement or shifting of the regular metrical beat by placing the accent on a normally unaccented musical beat." (Gay, M, 1998, page 15) For example, a time step usually begins on the count of 8; however, this can start on any beat of that bar such as '&' and it was at this time that tap began to show this. Around the 1920s, when Astaire was performing in vaudeville, metal taps were first attached to the toes and heels of shoes.

    • Word count: 2304
  2. Macro Analysis

    In the film being the 'one' means that he is prophesized to have great powers that will lead the humans to overthrow the machines and reclaim the earth. The genre is an action/sci-fi film, in the majority of action films they are confronted with their enemy at the end and Neyo was put in a situation where he had to confront his enemy. Other action films where this happens are Rambo, James Bond, other action/sci-fi films include this are Star Wars and The Chronicles of Riddick.

    • Word count: 825
  3. Media Studies Practical Production evaluation

    The music quickly fades out, leaving silence before the villain appears. The effect this has is that people wait in anticipation for what will happen next. As a trailer the shots were not in chronological orders, our trailer was closed narrative and theatrical as our trailer seems to provide plenty of detail as to what the plot is about. Trailer conventions and different semiotic techniques were included in our trailer such as titles; we used red font colour and Chiller font style to connote blood, danger and horror. Black background has been used to signify dark and death.

    • Word count: 1413
  4. Brief for producing a movie trailer

    This film seems to be connected with the trailer as it's about a group of friends and then they will be get eliminated by one by one by a mysterious killer. Secondly, A shot in the dark which was directed by Charles Lamont in 1935 and the plot line of this film was a college student is found murdered, his roommate and his father set out to investigate, when another student is murdered, suspicions begins to zero in on professor, but there is more murder in the future before the case is solved and this film seems to have a

    • Word count: 1093
  5. How does the character of Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) in "The Ring" (2002) subvert or convert to past heroines or heroes in the horror genre?

    The film is a remake of a 1998 Japanese horror film called "Ringu" which I have not seen yet and I am sure that this version will the be the first time Western audiences are exposed to this sort of psychological horror. If anything it may help Western audiences to look more closely at Japanese horror, or at least open our eyes to the possibility. Moving on from this I am going to tackle issues that have arose throughout the film about the character of Rachel Keller and to whether she is a generic convention of a heroine like character in the horror genre.

    • Word count: 3637
  6. Thelma and Louise Representation

    The director of the film, Ridley Scott is a well known successful male director and is known for directing successful films. By having Ridley Scott as the director the audience used intertextuality from he's past films so they were encouraged to see other films made by him. Even though the film is female orientated, by having a male director that has created stereotypically male films, it helped to bring in a wider audience. Thelma and Louise was the first road movie to be made were women were the main characters.

    • Word count: 1291
  7. Micro essay

    The camera then focuses on Mercutio singing and having a good time being the center of attention. Mise en scene here is really playing with the viewer by showing Mercutio as the center of attention and getting the viewer to be inside the mind of Romeo and his life being friends with someone like Mercutio so we can relate to him. The director uses this upbeat music and dancing to emphasize the atmosphere in the Capulet mansion. Everyone is having a good time getting drunk and dancing, while Romeo is starting to feel out of place and trying to find a way out, this is shown by the hand held camera suddenly starting to dart around.

    • Word count: 1166
  8. Presentation script: Development of the Horror killer

    Presenter As you can see, the way that the killers face is hidden from us, and is a major development in the Horror genre as it created the fear of the unknown. This was one of the first Horror movies to do such a thing, Psycho had done it previously, and done it well. Video Clip When Michael is lurking outside where Annie is babysitting, his face is hidden from the camera - 20 seconds Presenter: "My characters aren't created by me, but by the fears of everyone else" (item 11)

    • Word count: 1354
  9. narrative stucture

    It was nominated for seven Oscars and won for "best original screenplay" it also won a palme d'or at the Cannes film festival. It was a major film within 1994 it revolutionized how other films were made and perceived, the headlining 2 actors were "John Travolta" "Samuel l Jackson" Tarantino uses an array of devices to create a adverse effect on the viewer, here I am going to discuss them; * Narrative structure - Tarantino uses narrative structure to his advantage using a non linear plot on both of these films.

    • Word count: 1369
  10. It Has been argued that all genre texts promote a set of values related to the contexts in which they are produced. How far do you agree?

    Producers of science fiction films often use their films as predictions or social commentaries of the time. The values associated with the film have changed from fear of technology, fear of natural disasters and what the future beholds for the human race as well as others. Genre changes through time because audiences and society changes. Issues arise and decrease all the time in the world so it's only natural that films do also so audiences can identify more with the film making it appeal to more of a mass audience.

    • Word count: 1060
  11. Genre texts have sometimes been criticised for being predictable and unimaginative. Discuss

    then we see the fall of them and they are usually isolated at the end of the film from their real family and their gangster family. The Audience will always expect the same structure of the narrative in genre which follows Toderov's theory of narrative that is in five points. 1. A state of equilibrium - all is as it usually is within the characters life we a re following in the film 2. A disruption - something occurs to disrupt that equilibrium.

    • Word count: 1238
  12. Robin Hood Film Analysis

    As being a hero that he is he goes and helps the boy and confronts the men. He evolves into trouble; this results into him meeting the Sheriff's cousin who was leading the men that were chasing the boy. Robin introduces himself very formally and tells him that it is his land as the Sheriffs cousin assumed that it was theirs. After this encounter Robinas gets back to his castle where he finds his dad hung and killed. This is the end of Act 1. Act ii, soon after he found out about his fathers death. He finds his fathers loyal servant who is blind. Robin hood, Azeem and the servant make their way to Marinas castle.

    • Word count: 1533
  13. The Classical Western

    The cultural form of this movie symbolises the western atmosphere. Features such as the photograph of the old civil war are a sign of reflecting the historical subjects of western time. The Pro-Filmic Codes are everything that happens in front of the camera. Such as the setting of the scene and features which are included in the scene. In High Noon the pro filmic codes include the tumbleweed, which is a representation of how deserted the area was in western times.

    • Word count: 2379
  14. Van Helsing Film Analysis

    A Werewolf in 1930s London teams up with Dracula's son. There are loads of gruesome gory scenes they are far from the advanced and high technology effect in Van Helsing. Blood was a quality movie for its originality and style. The main icons in Van Helsing are Van himself, Dr.Hyde.Dracula and the Werewolf. Van Helsing is the main source of the movie; he is one of the key icons as his actions reflect on all the other characters. When Van Helsing is in the laboratory of the Roman Church he sees the portrait of Count Dracula, Valerious the Elder, Boris Valerious, Prince Velkan and Princess Ann all these are icons because they represent themselves.

    • Word count: 1845
  15. How does Toy Story 2 follow conventions of the animation genre to appeal to a polysemic audience?

    For example a horror film may contain a murder scene which is a convention of the horror genre. The narrative of a film is the story and the events that happen within the film. This shows meaning within the film. In the chosen sequence, from the climax of the film, there are many examples of action and western conventions. These conventions are clear to an audience, due to the iconography for that particular genre. The conventions of Western and Action films are easily recognizable and will appeal to larger audiences. The basic narrative within the climax of Toy Story 2 is that the toys chase Al to the airport to save Woody, Jessie and Bullseye from going to a museum in Japan.

    • Word count: 1135
  16. Narrative in 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

    Some have argued that genre needs to be distinguished from film style. A film's style concerns the choices made about cinematography, editing, and sound, and a particular style can be applied to any genre. Whereas film genres identify the manifest content of film, film styles identify the manner by which any given film's genre(s) is/are rendered for the screen. Style may be determined by plot structure, scenic design, lighting, cinematography, acting, and other intentional artistic components of the finished film product. Others argue that this distinction is too simplistic, since some genres are primarily recognizable by their styles.

    • Word count: 1347
  17. Mise-en-scene in 'Igby Goes Down'

    The shot pans from the door, into the room it belongs to, where we see Susan Sarandon lying on a large, antique-looking bed. It is now obvious that the inhabitants of this particular household are wealthy, so much so that they afford to have extravagant tissue dispensers, adorned with the family's crest. The image of a rich, American family is built up in the audiences mind, which allows them to gain certain expectations of what the story will be about, and what the characters will be like by relying on previous movies they have seen.

    • Word count: 1526
  18. media production log

    One can identify a good thriller film when it contains the following four elements. Firstly, red herrings may be placed along the way to deliberately mislead the audience, for e.g. 'Keyser Soze' - a fabricated Hungarian mobster who is made up by the cripple guy (Kevin Spacey). The Usual Suspects (1995). Secondly, there is often a moral theme - suspicion that runs throughout every film; for e.g. who Keyser Soze is and his whereabouts. Thirdly, twists and turns - audience like unpredictability, for e.g. David Fincher's gripping crime-thriller Se7en (1995), about the search for a serial killer who re-enacts horrific murders based on the seven deadly sins.

    • Word count: 2358
  19. Pans Labyrinth: Real or Fantasy? There is no question in my mind that Ofelias imaginative world is very real for her. The first appearance of the faun lets her cope with her loneliness and fear of the unknown

    She is given a pouch containing three stones and a book that is to be opened when completely alone. Then she will be given information to complete three important tasks that will ultimately enable her to prove her self worth. The first task comes alive when Ofelia is being forced to bathe and change into a dress for a special dinner that will make her "father" (as her mom repeatedly calls her step-father) very proud. She opens her book and her first task appears.

    • Word count: 1306
  20. sixth sense media essay

    Vincent blames Crowe for the man that he has become, lots of close up shots to Vincent's face and his sniffling are used to create empathy between the audience and Gray, the scene is more personal as we can see the audience are compelled by Vincent's penetrating, unwavering stare, he is made to seem violent and disturbed but at the same time innocent and vulnerable as he is standing bare on the bathroom floor with his emotions laid out on a silver platter for the world to see, Vincent begins to cry at recall painful childhood memories "some people call

    • Word count: 2358
  21. A Bumpy Ride in Cassablanca

    Answering the initial question, I think that Rick played a Reactive role (in answering the Central Dramatic Question) when he wasn't doing anything with the Letters of Transit, when he knew for a fact that the letters would be needed by Laslow and Ilsa in order to exit the country. Rick had the right cards in order to play the game, but he wasn't using it. Instead, he let things unfold before taking a more proactive move. But I believe Rick was doing this because he was still confused, and he needed a little more in order to know what would be the rightful thing to do.

    • Word count: 824
  22. Essay on Gattaca

    What makes Vincent so special is his determination to get the job, even though he committed fraud. He was much more intelligent than anyone else in Gattaca and he had a stronger passion for space. This passion drove him to committing fraud to achieve his dream. He nearly gets found out for committing fraud when the police found his DNA around a murder scene. They assume it is him until they find the Gattaca director's saliva in the mission director's eye.

    • Word count: 1048
  23. The Grudge (film ananaylis)

    I think that she was good for this role because she is well know to be fighting monsters and wining but this time she would be fighting monsters but to die towards the end which would be a contrast to her usual role.. 'Sleepy Hollow' was directed by Tim Burton who had recently directed two films 'Corpse Bride' and 'Charlie and the chocolate factory. With all three movies starring Johnny Depp as main characters. Tim Burton tends to stick to hiring the same actors such as Johnny Depp who was first hired by him when he was only a child.

    • Word count: 1572
  24. The Thin Red Line is a film about World War two on an island called Guadalcanal.

    This is because of the situations where care is needed in the film for example where the Americans need to creep up the hillside, making sure that they are not seen. In the first ten minutes of the film, there are three critical scenes I have chosen, as they all show great links between image, sound and theme. The first scene shows Private Witt's nameless companion in a medium close up camera shot whilst handling a wild, tropical bird. There is a strong image and theme link here with the man and bird representing a strong relationship between mankind and

    • Word count: 980

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