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Handheld Pc's

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Executive summary The project report is on the planning of new features and applications for the mobile device especially MS office on mobile. Hand held devices (pocket PC and smart phones) are increasingly being used by information worker, high level executives and businessmen as it provides assistance and convenience of a conventional computer, in environments where carrying one would not be practicable. With enhanced features and tools it satisfies the business need on the go. But there are still many obstacles in the way of its usage. The fidelity in viewing is not complete and user finds some losses in the documents when he sees on the mobile device. Moreover the user many a times cannot make required changes because those edit features are not available. The increased popularity of share point and exchange in corporate require some new service to cater their needs. This is becoming important as most of the files are now on the share point, OWA (Outlook Web Access, WAC (Web Access Companion). Downloading attachments and then viewing on the mobile phone is very painful because of the bandwidth limitations and the file size. There are other factors such as limited user input capabilities, screen sizes, limited data storage and so on. In order to overcome this problems and limitations many solutions were proposed. To enhance viewing and editing many features were incorporated based on feedback from marketing and internal analysis. There were some new and creative solution provided to overcome the screen size and downloading files. To view files on share point /WAC/OWA several suggestions were discussed with their advantages and limitations which included a dedicated mobile server or enhancing browsing capabilities to hook to the web service provider. Content 1. Introduction 2. Related Work/Previous Similar Study 3. Implementation 4. Evaluation 5. Conclusions and Future Work 6. About the company 1. Introduction The internship project was part of a real OM7 (Office Mobile Seven) ...read more.


Word Document Viewing Page Numbers No No Word Document Editing Bulleted list No Yes Word Document Editing Paragraph No Yes Word Document Editing Page Numbers No No PowerPoint Document Viewing Play Back options Yes Yes PowerPoint Document Viewing Animation/Transitions Yes Yes PowerPoint Document Viewing Paragraph Yes Yes PowerPoint Document Editing No No Graph types supported on office mobile: Chart Type Supported 3D Stacked 100% 2D 2D Clustered Column Yes 2D Stacked column No Yes Yes 2D 100% Stacked Column No Yes 3D Column- All types No Yes Yes Cylinder Column No Cone Column No Pyramid Column No 2D Line Yes 2D Stacked Line No Yes Yes 2D 100% Stacked Line No Yes 2D Line with markers Yes Yes 2D Stacked Line with markers No Yes Yes 2D 100% Stacked Line with marker No Yes 3D Line No Yes 2D Pie Yes 2D Exploded Pie No Yes Yes Yes 2D Pie of a pie No Yes 2D Bar of a pie No Yes 3D Pie No Yes 3D Exploded Pie No Yes 2D Clustered Bar Yes Yes 2D Stacked Bar No Yes Yes 2D 100% Stacked Bar No Yes 3D Bar - All types No Yes Cylinder Bar No Cone Bar No Pyramid Bar No Area Yes Stacked Area Yes 100% Stacked Area No Yes 3D Area No Yes Scatter with only markers No Yes Scatter with smooth lines and markers Yes Doughnut No Yes Yes Yes Based on this analysis and discussion with the marketing team and other program managers it was decided on what new features to be incorporated. The next level was the scenario analysis and suggesting solution and application for the same. High Fidelity Viewing and High performance This was part of the vision to use hand held device (pocket pc and smart phones) for accessing, viewing and editing files from different sources. This is of great use for the user who is always on move and needs to be in touch with all the developments in his work domain. ...read more.


Current research projects range from inventing more intuitive, productive ways of interacting with computers to improving programming languages, enhancing software-development tools, and applying sophisticated mathematical theories to as-yet-unsolved computational challenges. No matter what end of the spectrum they inhabit, all Microsoft Research projects focus on advancing the state of the art in computing, from increasing programmers' productivity and helping enterprises operate more efficiently to enriching people's experiences with technology at work and at home. 6.10.2 Breakthroughs, Large and Small While some people believe that being innovative or making a breakthrough means "getting there first," Microsoft takes a much broader view. A technology breakthrough or innovation can take years to evolve, and its impact may not be fully realized until years later-as in the case of Internet technology or even e-mail. Microsoft believes that a combination of invention and popularization makes a technology or product innovative, so today's researchers must have the freedom to advance computer science and invent new technologies over the long term. Microsoft researchers work across more than 55 disciplines in an atmosphere with minimal bureaucracy and broad opportunities to exchange ideas. Although most of them pursue long-term goals that extend far beyond current product cycles, they also work closely with other groups at Microsoft to transfer knowledge and help turn their discoveries into functional offerings. Nearly every Microsoft product in the marketplace today - including Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT), Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Windows Server(tm) 2003, Office 2003, MSN(r) 8, SQL Server(tm), Windows(r) XP, Office XP, Vista and Windows Media(r) Player 9 Series-has been influenced by Microsoft Research. Occasionally, researchers involved with a project even transfer to the product-development group to assist as their initial ideas take shape. No matter how far-reaching or abstract their projects might be, Microsoft researchers consistently strive for results that eventually will solve computer science's grand challenges. In many cases, their results are shared and applied across multiple research areas. Examples of the challenges Microsoft Research is dedicated to solving and some of the current projects that target these challenges. ...read more.

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