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How does advertising affect us in our daily lives?

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How does advertising affect us in our daily lives? How does advertising affect us in our daily lives? There are many diverse aspects of the advertising industry and its role in popular culture. It has an impact on the choices we make and the choices that are available for us to make. It is powerful on attracting consumers psychologically, visually and also culturally. One industry that tries to persuade people's thoughts is the tobacco industry. The tobacco companies use terms such as "light" to mislead smokers into believing that those brands are safer, and therefore they will continue to support tobacco companies by buying cigarettes (Horizon). Another way that advertising influences people is by creating good impressions that can persuade them. ...read more.


Popular stores such as Just Jeans and Farmers sell their clothing at much higher prices than other less popular stores such as K-Mart. They are able to do this because teens want to wear what is popular, and they often don't care about what it costs to be popular. A consumer could go to a less popular store and buy a generic brand t-shirt and pay about $15.00 less than a t-shirt that they could buy at a department store that has a popular name or logo on it. Teens are into a materialistic image. They want whatever they see advertised on television, in magazines or by famous people. There is no way to escape advertising, it is seen everywhere. ...read more.


The so-called perfect body type causes many negative effects on women around the world all because of wanting body like Paula Abdul. Women who focus on unrealistic body images tend to have lower self-esteem and are more likely to fall prey to eating disorders. The media has a dangerous influence on women's health around the world. The role of advertising in our society is to change people's opinions and to sell ideas and products to consumers to make money. Advertising affects us personally in our everyday lives and in choices that we make. The advertising and marketing industries strategically place their ads in certain places to try to get more consumers to buy their product. The advertising and marketing industry have a great impact on both the decisions made by consumers and by the choices that are available for the consumers to make. ...read more.

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