Impulse - Goddess Body Fragrance Advertisement

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Impulse – Goddess Body Fragrance

The advertisement that I have chosen is the ‘Impulse’ anti-perspirant spray advertisement that was in Glamour magazine, which has an audience of stylish young women. The advert is targeted at the women who would read a magazine like Glamour because it is a women’s fragrance and because the picture at the centre is of a young beautiful woman. It is based on the same idea as the television advertisement for this product that was on at the same. The television advertisement is about a woman who keeps her spray in her handbag. When she opens her bag to use her deodorant, a tribe of little people who live in her bag look up out of her bag at her. They had been living around the aerosol can as if it was a totem pole and they believed that the woman who some times looked down on them from above was a goddess looking down from the heavens. The advertisement that I have chosen shows the scene from the television advertisement where she looks down into her bag and is worshiped by the tribe.

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The image of the woman and the product are at the centre of the advertisement. It was done in this way so it would grasp the attention of the reader, as the images are the most important parts. The image and text are mainly coloured in shades of gold, which is a colour that suggests wealth and holiness. This emphasises the theme of worship and godliness that is depicted in the advertisement. 

The advertisement relies on the slogan and image at the centre to get the attention of the reader and to get the right effect. The image ...

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