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In order to carry out a comprehensive investigation of two papers, the Daily Mirror was chosen as a Tabloid and The Guardian was chosen as a Broadsheet. Both of them were bought on the same day, Tuesday 21st December 2004. 3 Findings

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Report Comparing Two Newspapers Zhangdao w**g 14/01/2005 Report Comparing Two Newspapers Zhangdao w**g 14/01/2005 BIRMINGHAM COLLEGE OF FOOD, TOURISM AND CREATIVE STUDIES International Foundation Diploma Writing For the attention of Mark Blackmore Table of Contents Page 1 Terms of Reference 4 2 Procedure 4 3 Findings 4 3.1 Contents 4 3.1.1 Content of Tabloid 4-5 3.1.2 Content of Broadsheet 5 3.1.3 Comparing both 5 3.2 Use of images 6 3.2.1 Use of images in Tabloid 6 3.2.2 Use of images in Broadsheet 6 3.2.3 Comparing both 6 3.3 Language 6-7 3.3.1 Language of Tabloid 7 3.3.2 Language of Broadsheet 7 3.3.3 Comparing both 7 4 Conclusions 7-8 1 Terms of Reference This report is about the comparison of two newspapers between Tabloid and Broadsheet for the college assignment. The report is due to be submitted to the lecturer Mark Blackmore by Friday 14th January 2005. 2 Procedure In order to carry out a comprehensive investigation of two papers, the Daily Mirror was chosen as a Tabloid and The Guardian was chosen as a Broadsheet. Both of them were bought on the same day, Tuesday 21st December 2004. ...read more.


In the "G2" pages, the first 6 front pages are all long articles. The 2 following pages on health articles, another one for law, and 4 pages on art. Job advertisings take 6 pages in today's "G2". Information on theater, cinema, radio, and TV shows, is on the last 6 pages. 3.1.3 Comparing both To compare the contents of Tabloid and Broadsheet, they all provide plenty of reading for the readers. The Daily Mirror has more content pages than The Guardian, and also it gives readers many more stories about show business than The Guardian. But the Daily Mirror has no pages at all on job advertisings. The Guardian spent more pages on proper nationwide news than the Daily Mirror, and has more long articles of editorial analysis. Neither of them has got a part about properties. 3.2 Use of images 3.2.1 Use of images in Tabloid There are images on all pages in the Daily Mirror. There are 23 pages with colour pictures, the rest are black and white. ...read more.


3.3.3 Comparing both The languages of used in these two papers is completely different. The language in the Tabloid is less formal than that in the Broadsheet, with easy words and short sentences making it very easy for readers to understand, for example, the first sentence under the head "GR-eight b***s of fire" is like "Bionic boyo Simon Jones will never forget the day he fired England to the brink of a record-breaking eighth consecutive Test win." But for the a similar story in the Broadsheet, comes under the headline "Jones the dragon of St George's" and: "Whenever he has escaped the physic's room, Simon Jones has made things happen. Yesterday he played the role of catalyst to perfection." 4 Conclusions In general, based on the above investigation of a Tabloid and a Broadsheet, Tabloid can give more day-to-day things to attract the reader who wants a relaxing reading, consequently, a Broadsheet can provide more useful society information to sell to the reader who is looking for proper news or information for a academic research. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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