In this assignment I am going to compare two newspapers, a tabloid and a broadsheet, they will be 'The Daily Telegraph' and the 'Sun' where were both published on the 6th of October 1999.

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GCSE Media assignment

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         In this assignment I am going to compare two newspapers, a tabloid and a broadsheet, they will be ‘The Daily Telegraph’ and the ‘Sun’ where were both published on the 6th of October 1999. I am going to assess the newspapers on the difference coverage they have on the same story, the ‘Paddington Rail Crash’.

         The ‘Paddington Rail Crash’ took place at Ladbroke Grove, West London, in the morning rush hour of October 5th. The crash involved a packed First Great Western HST (High Speed Train) and a Thames Train Class 165 Turbo, which collided after the drive of the turbo inexplicably drove through two yellow ‘warning’ signals, followed by a red ‘danger’ signal. Thirty passengers and crew died and 245 more were injured in a crash that had a combined speed of 120mph. The crash resulted in a huge inferno which is believed to have reached an astonishing 500oC – 600oC which was the main death and injury cause of this crash.

         As this occurrence is very rare the newspapers have decided to go well ‘over the top’, for example, the Sun has picture which stretches and covers the whole of the front and back page. This picture consists of one of the carriages surrounded by firemen, two on ladders looking into the carriage and the rest grouped around the bottom of it. The carriage in which the firemen are inspecting is the one that had overturned and caught on fire (the same picture is used on the Telegraph’s front page). In the top right-hand corner of the front page there is a ‘wob’ with reverse print in it, it says:




If you notice this is obviously fiction, the actual figures were not released until a couple of days after and they where 30 killed and 245 injured, so the Sun is doing some guess work here! Also notice how they use the word ‘feared’, this is crafty, as they are not stating that there are actually 35 people actually dead they are saying feared, which implies that there is not necessarily the amount stated dead somewhere around 35!

         If you turn over on to the back page it contains the other side of the photo and on the left-hand side of the side of the page there is an article, which is trying to play on the strings of the heart:

“THEY were ordinary people, minutes away from jobs where they worked so hard to provide for their loved ones.”

Join now!

As you can see this is really untrue and they obviously don’t know that they work and that they are minutes away from their jobs, they could have been in London for the day and could have been on their way home! They also might not have any loved ones, they could be single and their family in Zimbabwe. All this brings me to one conclusion; this newspaper is trying to manipulate the emotions of their readers.

         On the front of the Telegraph half the page is taken up by the same picture which is ...

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