Internet digital piracy in the music industry.

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(Criterion A) Describing the Issue

        In today’s digital world piracy is a major issue because it has a deep social impact, on both the economy and the intellectual property (which is becoming easier to steel every passing day in today’s digital world).  The sector which has mostly been affected by piracy, is the music industry.  The music industry refers to: the record companies, artists, producers, publishers and all of their employees.  Music pirates benefit from the loss of the record companies.  The United States loses each day one million dollars, only due to off-line piracy.  According to the RIAA, the industry loses about $4.2 billion to piracy worldwide (And these figures only include physical products).  “Music piracy is the illegal duplication and distribution of sound recordings”.  There are four specific categories of music piracy: pirate recordings, counterfeit recoedings, bootleg recordings and the online piracy.

(Criterion B) It Background of The Issue

        The vast music piracy which occurs today is directly linked to the developments in technology which make it easier for music products to be copied and distributed.  This is in reference to the introduction of the compact disk (CD) and the mp3 format.  A CD is a polycarbonate with one or more metal layers capable of storing digital information.  The compact disc has brought many advantages to both the music industry and the music listeners, CDs are smaller, lighter and have a higher sound quality which does not deteriorate over time.  However the introduction of CDs has led to the development of the CD-R which brought a major disadvantage to the music industry because of the ease of reproducing CD recordings: anywhere, using inexpensive equipment and without a quality loss.  

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The equipment required to manufacture CD-Rs is relatively portable and quite inexpensive – a few hundred dollars for the hardware, and less than $1 for a blank disc.  Because of the very cheap investment which is required, pirates can set up a shop in their own homes, making it almost impossible for them to be tracked down.  Burning a CD-R is also quite fast, taking just a few minutes for the creation of a CD which give pirates the ability to create big numbers of copies just when needed, so they don’t leave any evidence behind.

        Another technological development which ...

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