Listening Ccoursewwork Devastating '77.

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Listening Ccoursewwork.                                               Devastating ’77. Introduction music (either Sex Pistols ‘God save the Queen’ or The Clash ‘London Calling’). The year of the Queens Silver Jubilee was also the year of one of the biggest musical movements of all time. Long pause, 4 or 5 seconds. Excitedly. Yes I am talking about Punk. The explosion over the year 1977 was not one easily forgettable as ‘proper’ punk has influenced so many of today’s artists. With the British music scene heaving of bands it’s without difficulty seeing Punk all over the place. Slows down pace of speech so the clarity in his voice is better. Bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Jam and The Rammones basically stood up and shouted at the top of there life stained voices “Fuck you, this is what we are!” And not a lot of people like this. Kids saw this as an opportunity and soon the they where cutting their hair to shock, ripping up brand new pair of jeans and starting bands moments after buying guitars. It caused moral panics, which lead to riots against the system. News Reporter talking about the moral panics, fades in, fades out, last about 4 seconds. You no longer had to be a virtuoso musician to be in a successful band, which lead to more bands than ever before making records. The same thing happened when
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Grunge came around in the late ‘80s. The U.K. once again had a music scene and this time it was more energizing, excruciatingly raw and painfully rebellious. The shear energy that Punk created on stage and on records made bands like, exaggerated , The Beatles look dull and tedious, where as this was phantasmagoric! Not only was the energy through the roof but also the creativity took over minds. To create a sound that had never been experimented with much at all took a lot of balls and a lot where kicked down at the beginning of the movement. This ...

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