Magazine Show Assessment

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BTEC National Diploma in Media Production year2 (Television and film)

Unit 22 Grading criteria 1                                                                         22/01/10

Magazine Show Assessment

A  TV magazine show is a regularly scheduled news program consisting of several short segments in which various subjects of current interest are examined, usually in greater detail than on a regular newscast, its usually 30-60 mins long and with varied formats that combines interviews, commentary, entertainment, etc.

I will know examine and compare two diferent TV magazine shows, the first one being the X-factor which it’s a British entertainment program where people around United Kingdom compete to be singers drawn from public auditions. The show is broadcasted on the ITV network in the United Kingdom and is directed by Simon Cowell, produced by Fremantle Media’s, talkback THAMES and SYCOtv , presented by Dermot O'Leary and Holly Willoughby with a set of four judges Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole. The broadcast of the show started on 4th September of 2004 and is still running nowadays with a no. of 6 series, the show runs for 60-120 mins and is located at the Fountain Studios.

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The show is aimed at an audience between the age of 18-34 and to music fans who are open to letting someone undiscovered have a chance, Its usually for the people who stay in doors on a Saturday night watching television. But when they release the winner that’s obviously aimed at the whole industry of music.

In the initial televised audition phase of the show, contestants sing in front of the judges and a live audience, in the hope of getting through to the "boot camp" round. After a further selection process, the judges are each given a category ...

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