Marketing a Publication - Brief Summary of main information

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Lecture 3 - Marketing a Publication - Brief Summary of main information

1. Introduction

In marketing, market should be seriously studied in order to set up a short-term or/and a long-term marketing plan with suitable marketing and promotional strategies.

2. Markets

Demographics - study of statistics which relate to the structure of population.

In marketing used to develop systems of classification for marketing purposes – 

most prominent age, gender, occupation, income, social class, attitudes/personalities, or family size, location, race, education and other statistics.
(see Grant p. 11/12 and Baverstock p. 47 for some examples of classification).

London Institute Marketing

Target Audience

e.g. 1. Life Stages

Stage                                                Requirements

Single with parents                                Few financial burdens.

                                                        Fashion and gimmick products

Single in rented or own home                Some basic household items.

                                                        Car, fashion, clubs leisure convenience,

                                                        take-away food. Home entertainment.

                                                        Have liquid assets if in a well paid job.

Living together or young                 Dual income, good disposable income for fashion        

married couple without children        and personal services. High peuchase of items for house. Cars, holidays abroad. Good liquidity.

Full nest 1        Home purchasing at peak, liquid assets low.

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1st child under 6        many products linked to child.

Full nest 2        Bulk foods, detergents. Many purchases linked to

Other children        children – school fees, music lessons, sport gear.

        More fashionable adult clothes due to teenage influence.

Empty nest        Replacement expenditure on household items –

Older couples         durables, furniture. Better holidays, weekend

Children left for college,         breaks. Lump sums available for investments

University or work        (inherited money).

        Wish to experience the ‘good life’ as a reward for

        Hard work and doing duty. Often good purchasers of showers, new bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens etc.

Retirement        Drop in income. Possible ...

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