Marketing - Culture is one of the most important factor to marketers in that it both affects and describes human behaviour.

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Culture is one of the most important factor to marketers in that it both affects and describes human behaviour. A good way of thinking about culture may be in terms of its usage in words such as taste and stylistic preferences, advertising preferences and regulation, superstitions and cultural sensitivities and modesty as it can be described their implications to marketers.  

In this assignment, I will examine some of the influences which considerate by the marketers to set up the market strategies in different places. At the end of it, you should be fully understand that the similarities and differences between and among cultures of 3 powerful Asian tribes-Chinese, Japanese, Korean. Marketer can use etic or emic approaches in marketing research and analysis to the upon countries.

Advertising preferences and regulation

Each country and culture is different advertising preferences and their government issues the regulation. So, marketers should know their regulations to avoid offending the regulation.


Japanese prefer the ambiguous terminology in advertising and indirect communication style.  They would like to image the content of the advertisement though a story or entertaining the audience.  It is not important to mention the company name and product rather than pleasing the consumer. They only concern about the fantasy appeal and the mood of the advertisement the indirect approach by the symbols is very common in the advertisements.


The Japanese always use of celebrities in their advertisement because of target group.  They like to convey the prestige and statue rather than the celebrities.  On the other hand, the advertising songs is the other tool to promote the advertising more popular.  It is because the song always can be a top song in the society and the singer can develop his/her singing career in the future.

The advertising regulation is not very acrimonious in Japan compare with China and Korea.  They accept the novel, interesting and new things in their advertising because Japan is liking to copy and follow the trend of western.  You can see the advertising in public place, which is using the sexual to attract the people.  On the other hand, they don't use the price and competitors to compare with each other in the advertising because of impolite.


The advertising industry is developing very faster in China, it can reflect the Chinese culture.  The usual methods are indirect product-selling approaches and collective of culture characteristic. The Chinese culture advertising is using an indirect approach and based on long-term orientation and collectivism.  It is not reflected masculine or feminine but can respect for customs and conventions.

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Chinese like the advertising to promote some more popular products rather than only expectation to buy.  The product performance and features are most promotional points to sell but the trend of advertising is increasing more symbolic and suggestive of human emotion.

People Republic, a Communist State        is a governor in China.  They issue the draconian law to control the people.  So, people are following the conservatism in China.  Nudity and insult the government is not permitting in the advertising. On the other hand,  the Confucian values affects the people 's thinking.



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