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Marketing Opportunities Business Report - A report for the directors of Venetian Ices Ltd.

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Venetian Ices Ltd Ice-cream Marketing Opportunities Business Report - A report for the directors of Venetian Ices Ltd - Author: Chris Berry, Consultant for Venetian Ices Ltd Date: February 2002 Contents Item No Item Page No 1 Title page 1 2 Contents page 2 3 Terms of reference 3 4 Information Chart 4 5 Procedure 5 6 Findings 7 7 Conclusions 11 8 Recommendations 13 9 Appendix 14 Terms of Reference My role in this report is to act as a consultant. I am working for Venetian Ices Ltd, a company in the ice-cream retail and production industry. I will assess the possible marketing opportunities in the ice-cream market, the impact that introducing these marketing opportunities into Venetian Ices Ltd will have, and present my findings to the directors of Venetian Ices Ltd. In this report I will also investigate and research the effects of introducing marketing strategies into other businesses in the ice-cream industry and how these have affected their company. I will then make recommendations based on my findings to the directors of Venetian Ices Ltd as to whether it would be worthwhile introducing any of the possible marketing opportunities I discover, if I discover any at all. If I recommend to the directors of Venetian Ices Ltd that introducing any marketing strategies will be beneficial to the company I may also make other recommendations to the directors such as the most efficient method of introducing these strategies into Venetian Ices Ltd. Procedure For this report I have researched and investigated the possible marketing opportunities for companies in the ice-cream industry, and assessed the possible effects of introducing these opportunities into Venetian Ices Ltd. I have also looked at the effect of introducing different marketing opportunities into other industry sectors, as a comparison, and noted the long-term effects on their business sector. There are also some examples of other competitors introducing several marketing strategies, so their experiences will be extremely useful to Venetian Ices Ltd. ...read more.


14 of Appendix). As my market research has shown that most individual consumers prefer specific flavour of ice cream (Item no. 5 of Appendix) this may not be very successful although the progress of this should be monitored in case the idea does produce some good results. As can be seen from items No. 4 and 6 of the Appendix consumers are attracted to brand name ice cream more than any other is. With consumer tastes leaning towards specific brand names and their images it may be a good idea for Venetian Ices Ltd to start to establish its own brand name and image. If Venetian Ices Ltd wanted to start building their own image they will want to take into consideration the image they want. As can be seen from item No. 10 of the Appendix there are several different images that could be assumed, for example the large big brand name of H�agen-Dazs has tried to give its ice-cream the image of being very sexy and sensual, whereas the smaller more local firm of Beechdean Dairies try to rely on the quality of their products and appeal by word of mouth and advertising at special events as opposed to the H�agen-Dazs approach of mass media advertising. A fairly new marketing strategy being implemented by Walls is that of a 'brand experience' store (Item No. 13 of Appendix). The idea is to give brands that are normally sold packaged in supermarkets and small retail outlets, like newsagents and off-licences, a fresher appeal by preparing them there and then in front of the consumer for take-away as a take-away pizzeria would prepare pizzas fresh for customers. This ides could give companies like Venetian Ices Ltd an image of a more personal relationship with its consumers. The type of advertising is very important in the marketing of ice cream products. As already mentioned smaller companies, like Beechdean, try to advertise by attending special events and relying on the word of mouth of their customers whilst big name brands use media advertisements and sponsorship deals. ...read more.


Finally I recommend that Venetian Ices Ltd constantly monitor the progress of new technologies that I have mentioned, for example WAP to advertise, and new marketing strategies, such as Walls' 'brand experience' shop, as if these ideas and technologies prove to be successful Venetian Ices Ltd will want to be in a position to exploit them to the full. Appendix No Title Source Type of research 1. Market Research Questionnaire Market Research Group Primary (Field) Research 2. % of people interviewed who like ice-cream Market Research Questionnaire Results Primary (Field) Research 3. How often people interviewed eat ice-cream Market Research Questionnaire Results Primary (Field) Research 4. Types of ice-cream people eat Market Research Questionnaire Results Primary (Field) Research 5. Most popular flavour of ice-cream Market Research Questionnaire Results Primary (Field) Research 6. Types of packaging people prefer Market Research Questionnaire Results Primary (Field) Research 7. Age ranges of people who eat ice-cream Market Research Questionnaire Results Primary (Field) Research 8. % of people concerned with fat content of ice-cream Market Research Questionnaire Results Primary (Field) Research 9. Where people buy ice-cream Market Research Questionnaire Results Primary (Field) Research 10. The marketing mix at H�agen-Dazs and Beechdean Dairies TV choice video (Teacher) Secondary (Desk) Research 11. Plans for Ben and Jerry's ice-cream parlours in Spain www.ft.com Secondary (Desk) Research 12. WAP information Marketing 22nd March 2001 (journal) Secondary (Desk) Research 13. Wall's new ice-cream store Marketing Week January 31st 2002 (journal) Secondary (Desk) Research 14. H�agen-Dazs bizarre strategy Marketing Week September 6th 2001 (journal) Secondary (Desk) Research 15. Digital rolls with the punches Marketing 10th January 2002 (journal) Secondary (Desk) Research 16. Ben and Jerry's losing bohemian appeal? Marketing 3rd May 2001 (journal) Secondary (Desk) Research 17. Where Ben and Jerry's can be bought from http://www.benjerry.co.uk/locator/index.htm Secondary (Desk) Research 18. History of Baskin-Robbins http://www.baskinrobbins.com/about/history.shtml Secondary (Desk) Research Our Lady's Catholic High School (46637) Business Studies Chris Berry (7017) Unit 5 report.doc 17/01/02 page 1 of 14 ...read more.

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