Marketing Strategy for Errol Anderson Motors - Chapter 1: The Different Types of Marketing Media that will be available for Errol Anderson Motors

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Errol Anderson Marketing Strategy Coursework

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Chapter 1: The Different Types of Marketing Media that will be available for Errol Anderson Motors.

Business Studies Coursework

Chapter 1: The Different Types of Marketing Media that will be available for Errol Anderson Motors.

Marketing Media

When a business is marketing a product or service, it needs to choose the most cost-effective media to get an advert to the right people

Marketing Media which is also known as advertising media is media which can be used to advertise. These include Television, billboards, radio, cinema, internet, directories and a lot more. There are 4 types of Advertising Media; visual, audio, printed and outdoor. Businesses have a wide range to choose from. Some are expensive and some are cheap. Some are seen by hundreds of millions (like sponsoring the world cup) and some are seen by a few dozen (leaflets). There is no best advertising media in general because every company has a different budget and different target audiences.

Available Media

The marketing media available to Error Anderson are

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Billboard and posters
  • Leaflets
  • Internet
  • Cinema
  • Sponsoring
  • National Newspapers
  • Regional/Local Newspapers
  • Directories

Although all these types will bring attention, they are not all appropriate. For example sponsoring Manchester United will probably make Errol Anderson Motors read by millions, but it will be very expensive and the millions that will see it are not all potential customers because they live in different parts of London, different parts of England and different parts of the world. This is an example of Inefficient Media.

Efficient Media

Efficient Media is when the money paid is as little as possible while getting maximum potential customers. For example if you pay a billion pounds for a billion people to see the advert of sponsoring a football team, only a few hundred live around the business area so you will be paying a billion pounds for a few hundred potential customers. But giving leaflets to cars driving around the garage would mean that you are paying less for each potential customer to see the advert.

Appropriate Media

The appropriate media available to Errol Anderson are:

Radio – Radio is a cheaper way to advertise to a lot of people. There are a lot of stations so the appropriate target can be chosen. Another advantage is that you can submit the advert to an FM radio station which is only accessible in London. Radio is usually heard by car drivers which are the main potential customers for a garage. A disadvantage is that you will be paying for everyone in London to listen to the advert which is only suitable for the north west of London or Harrow only. Radio also has no graphics and information is only heard and nothing is usually jotted down, so the address needs to be described and the features need to be said in a nice manner (whereas in TV you can put some information as pictures and writing). A person listening to his radio may only be interested in music (or dialogue in a chat show). The point is most radio listeners are not listening for adverts but rather for content. A radio advert is socially accepted and most have no objection to it (it does not affect the environment etc.). A radio advert is also very professional and people are impressed by them. Errol Anderson can advertise his business to a wide range of people through this inexpensive mean professionally but is not very useful because although there are a lot of listeners for a relatively cheap amount of money, most listeners will not be able to reach Errol Anderson Motors because they live away from Harrow. This is however very useful if Errol decides to open new branches around London. The In-depth information is below.

Posters – Posters are cheap and can be placed only around the area of the garage which would mean you wouldn’t be paying for impressions from people which are far away from the garage. The bad thing about posters is too many would be unprofessional and people see this as wasting paper and morally wrong which would affect the customers view on a Errol’s business. Posters are usually ignored but there are some viewers which make this type of advertising good value. These can help Errol get some customers without paying too much, but will not really effect his business success. The In-depth information is below.

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Leaflets – Leaflets can reflect Errol’s business. A well designed leaflet can get customers (especially with the right promotion e.g. a coupon). Leaflets are a more expensive method [than Posters] of advertising but a person who receives a leaflet will feel more valued. This is similar to the poster advertising where moral issues can be caused (especially about wasting paper). This can help Errol drive some customers to his business. The In-depth information is below.

Directories – Directories like the well-known ‘Yellow Pages’ are used by many know and listings are quite cheap. Errol can use this as a long term way ...

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