Media Brief -Advertising Campaign Vaughan's Designer Clothes Company

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Fiona Mason    Word count=995 Media Coursework Three Cand:4417

Media Brief –Advertising Campaign

Vaughan’s Designer Clothes Company

For my coursework I have decided to use the different media codes and conventions I

have learnt in module two, to create an advertising campaign for a clothes wear company in particular an autumn jacket product. I am going to use the ‘lifestyle format where the product is at the center of all the other elements of the display, which point out and explain the virtues of the product.

I will concentrate on three different aspects of the campaign and create a persuasive magazine double page advertisement, aimed to be seen in a fashion magazine, also an aquad (A3) poster aimed at a target audience of shoppers in a busy city centre and a billboard advertisement. These are mainstream advertisements, being targeted at the mass of three different audiences that will see these advertisements in everyday life such as in shops, offices, hairdressers, on the street etc.  
The purpose for these advertisements is to raise awareness to the new autumn fashion line of this high street fashion company that I have created called Vaughn’s.

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On the billboard advertisement I am going to simply have the name of the company and in one corner I am going to have a picture of a young, blond model; this being a stereotypical ideology of ‘the perfect women’. She is going to be positioned with her face straightforward, with a concentrated facial expression, of seriousness and her knees are going to be drawn up against her body with her hands wrapped around her sides, to connote the feeling of secrecy. She will be sat up straight to connote the idea of strength and respect. Her collar will be ...

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