Media - Pre production piece, storyboard for music video.

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Rhiannon Lord.

Media Coursework. Pre production piece, storyboard for music video.

In order to make my storyboard I had to research many different music videos. I looked at music videos from many different music channels and from many different musical genres, such as rock, pop and hip-hop.

After analysing these videos I came to the conclusion that there were a number of important points I had to consider when making my storyboard. I decided to use Bob Dylan's 'Blowin' in the wind' for my music video storyboard as there was never a video created for it. Also I think the issues of war in the song are very topical to the current affairs in the world today.
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Firstly, something I had to consider carefully was my audience. The song I chose was released in the 1960s. So, obviously it would not significantly appeal to the younger age groups. The majority of my audience will be of the older age group, probably between 40 and 60. This song would appeal to both men and women, so there was no particular gender to target. I do not think that this song would attract any particular class of people, as the song discusses issues that affect all social classes.

Furthermore, I had to consider the length ...

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