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Candidate Name: Lynzie Rogers Candidate Number: 6200 Centre Number: 16139


The brief I chose required me to produce two different media products for a teen drama series that will be aired on BBC Three, to compete with similar series on Channel 4/E4, such as ‘90210’ and ‘Skins’. I created a teen drama series called ‘Closer to the Edge’, which targets mainstream 16-25 youth, and produced a website along with two magazine spreads which will create direct competition with other products of the same genre. I hoped to establish, within my products, a strong opening storyline along with characters and locations to engage the audience and to keep them interested, thus causing them to revisit the website frequently and read magazine features related to the product. I created genre through the use of representation and setting within my products, I used young people and represented them differently in both products to show variety in characters, making them relatable to the audience a factor that will appeal to the younger audience and used settings typically associated with teen drama.

The E-media brief required that I produced a website intended for both the casual browser and people bringing an existing interest to the site. It is an important product for a teen drama as the site will allow the audience to access information that is not accessible through other media; e-media has a vastly growing popularity with younger audience as an increase in technology now allows them to watch episodes online and not adhere to TV schedules. I have used this aspect within my website as this would appeal to my target audience as they will have the freedom to access information and episodes online in their free time, as my target audience may have many pressures in their life, such as school and socialising, which may make it difficult to watch the products at its scheduled time. This will also appeal to newer casual audiences who may not have known about the show before they found the site, it will allow them to catch up with whatever they have previously missed and keep up to date. My target audience includes both male and females, ages 16-25 therefore the website could not be gender based and had appeal to appeal to everyone, thus navigation must be simple and easily accessible and content must not be specifically masculine or feminine. I have researched this through other websites, such as ‘The cut’ website, to see how they function and appeal to the audience. To allow the site to be accessible I created a simple horizontal navigation bar with five main aspects of the teen drama, ‘Home… About… Characters… Pictures… Blog’, these links, when followed, would provide the browser with in depth information about that specific aspect of the product, allowing them to find exactly what they want to find. Beyond this, I added social networking links at the bottom of the page to allow the browser interactivity with the site, this would appeal to my audience as they will be able to discuss topics and episodes online with friends and other browsers who also enjoy the product.

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The website was designed specifically for a teenage audience; therefore I had to use the appropriate register in order to engage the audience, to ensure I used the appropriate I viewed teen drama websites, such as ‘The Cut’ and ‘Skins’ to see which sociolect would appeal most to a wide range of teenagers.  The purpose of the website is keeping existing and new audiences up to date with the television series; therefore, I designed the homepage so that it would have each week’s episode in the forefront of the site, along with episode information. This would allow easy access to the episodes ...

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