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Music Essay- Draft

Punk/Rock Music

Social and political-

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During the 1970’s in New York, young and basically unknown artists like Patti Smith, the Velvet Underground, and the Dolls of New York (later changed to New York Dolls) brought about a new style of "alternative-bohemian" entertainment. This new style of entertainment included short, frantic songs, aggressive, and angry messages against consumerism hit the stages at venues, starting the movement that would be known as punk rock.

Bands like the Ramones and the Talking Heads would later evolve out of the punk rock movement, and become influences for those who shared a similar dislike in what was occurring in the music industry. Some say the original root of punk was the frustration and anger from being treated as sheep, while others say punk stemmed from the "politics of boredom." Overall, it was both contributions that lead to the music of punk/ rock.

Malcolm McLaren has an impact in the history of punk rock, either beloved or hated for his executive skills. He revived the New York Dolls, in February 1975, when they hired him as manager and reintroduced the band as “born again communists”. The New York Dolls wore communist flags and said catchy phrases such as “better red than dead” which amused their audience but unfortunately, wasn’t enough to keep the band going and they began to fail.

After his attempt with the New York Dolls, McLaren relocated to England and teamed up with his friend Bernie Rhodes. The two cultivated a band that was arguably their greatest success, the Sex Pistols. McLaren and the Pistols adopted a revolutionary view of the world which made them celebrities. With spiked hair, tattered clothes, and safety pins as jewellery, they frequented talk shows and publicly badmouthed fellow artists, bands, and musicians. They spoke harshly of the British class system and the suppression of the working class. They also made news for concert violence and fighting with fans.

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Their shock value not only brought them fame, but made them the single most recognisable punk band. Therefore, many believed that punk rock began with the Pistols, while others believed it made punk into a novelty and signified the beginning of the end.

Despite the inner confusion in the punk movement, punk rock made several things clear to international audiences. Punk Rock, in its social group, were able to put across to the audience, their expression and language. It provided a fresh alternative to a boring, inactive and dull music scene.

But most of all, punk rock legacy ...

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