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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. Composite soundscape of daily life in a Bosavi village, Papua New Guinea.

    To a Westerner, used to the idea that one's home stops at its walls, and that interaction beyond these involves a projection of the voice or of the self which makes impossible the continuation of normal domestic chores, her behaviour seemed eccentric, to say the least. It was only much later, on my second field trip, that I came to realise that the woman's apparent monologues had always had an audience, and that they were a way of affirming and recreating ties across apartments that made her a part of the longhouse community.

    • Word count: 706
  2. Out of control - Comparison between the first two opening scenes

    The title of the film was shown after the action, which related to what just happened. The opening shot was an extreme close up and after that the shots were really close, we hardly saw the guys' faces, but as the scene went on they were exposed. However, the second scene was much different in the format, style, camera and music direction. This scene was much subtle, much brighter and the length of shots were longer, there was one shot where Dean and him mum were walking through the park, a constant long take was used until they passed the camera- then a panning shot was used (whilst the long take was in progress).

    • Word count: 609
  3. Different Music Publications

    It also contains all the latest pop 'gossip' and features competitions, reviews and interviews with various artists. Metalhammer: This type of publication is aimed at 14-20(max) year olds as it contains 'grunge' and 'greebo' artists such as Slipknot, Papa Roach and Puddle of Mud. It contains all the latest 'grunge' and 'greebo' news and competitions to win certain things. It also features up and coming artists and has reviews and interview with various artists. Kerrang: This type of publication is aimed at roughly 14-20 year olds as it contains artists such as Sum 41, Nickelback and other such artists.

    • Word count: 791
  4. Music Censorship

    Music censorship usually takes place when people become offended on religious grounds. If a person has strong religious beliefs surely no music would threaten that belief system unless they are very weak minded and get the helping hand of the government to silence the artists. Not all censorship is sparked off by religion but it always happens when music goes against somebody's beliefs usually weak-minded people.

    • Word count: 444
  5. Reality Television Show.

    Clips from a session editing, recording would be shown so people get a feel of what the creation of a tune is like. Interviews would be shown including the artist's feelings and opinions of the other artists and what they have tried to do with the tune themselves. Appeal The way in which the show will appeal to the audience is by letting people know what happens while a tune is being created. The audience would enjoy watching a favourite artist in the show because they get to know what they are really like the 'real person'.

    • Word count: 907
  6. Would A New Nightclub Be Successful In Pembrokeshire?

    Research Methodology Primary research gives first-hand information about the market, e.g. Focus Groups, Questionnaires, Observations, Telephone Interviews, etc. I have chosen to carry out primary research in the form of a questionnaire, as this will able me to find out exactly what potential customers want in a nightclub. It will also give me clear, accurate answers to my questions based on the 4 P's - Product/service, Place, Promotion and Price. I will then be able to provide customers with what they really want. This proves me to be market driven. I will personally distribute the questionnaires to a variety of different people to ensure fair and genuine results.

    • Word count: 775
  7. The History of Rap

    Rap's origins can be traced back to West Africa where tribesmen held `men of words' in high regard. When slaves were brought to America, the captives mixed the American music with the beats they remembered from Africa. Rap is defined as `spoken words with an underlying rhythm of bass, drums and keyboard sounds'. Words are spoken rhythmically over the music where the accents play an important role. By the 1970's rap was a street art just like the doo-wop in the 1950's.

    • Word count: 703
  8. An analysis of the title sequence of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    The music is an easy beat to attract all types of teenagers. The first mise-en-scene which is Will Smith who plays the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitting on a rotating throne with the graffiti wall in the background. The titles and The graffiti are brightly coloured to attract teenagers to the show. The graffiti is also usually very popular to teenagers. A majority of teenagers will also see graffiti in their country as well as America where the show is filmed.

    • Word count: 795
  9. Analysis of My Dramatic Piece on Human Influences

    found that many people were inspired to dance or draw to music, With all this research I came up with the idea of showing how people feel though art. The main influence to my self was my German folder, which was used to create the centrepiece to our course work the wall. My character came from a violent back ground and had no way of expressing herself at home, she was lucky enough to get an art scholarship at collage as that is how she expressed her violent feelings toward herself and others.

    • Word count: 494
  10. Commentary: Music Print

    All of these names seem to have a little meaning and don't need thinking about and so the name I have used is Enola. I choose this name initially because I was reading an article in a magazine that mentioned the it, I thought that Enola would be a good name for a band of this type as it is short, simple and easy to say. The band was going to be aimed at male and female teenagers and possibly students, as they seem to be the general audience for this sort of music, and so the promotional material needed to show that it aimed towards this age group of people.

    • Word count: 833
  11. Music 2 revise by

    I will also need to look at media audiences, representation and the values and ideology. These will make it clear who the product is going to be aimed at and how the values of the product imply the representations offered. I will think of various ideas for the CD and adverts and finally construct one finished idea for the CD and two separate ideas for the posters that will be aimed at varied target audiences. It is vital to obtain the correct target audience, as the audience should see clearly that the CD is aimed at them.

    • Word count: 810
  12. Media Studies Coursework: Pop Music Assignment

    Hop * Soul * R 'n' B Conventions of Genres Conventions of genres are ingredients that come together to form the genre. They are elements with give the genre it's unique image. These are some examples of genres and their conventions: Genre - Punk These are the conventions of punk: * Low prices- shows and record prices * Laid Back, friendly attitudes - they treat all their fans well and as equally as themselves and reply personally to all fan letters and emails.

    • Word count: 854
  13. R- Kelly ‘ The world's greatest’

    A young boy tires and gets past the bodyguard after being refused to be allowed in. R- Kelly then welcomes the boy into this dressing room and gives him the autograph he wanted. This suggest to me that R- Kelly is trying to thank the fans and does care about everyone who follows him. Throughout the video there are reminders of the September 11th catastrophe. R-Kelly is reminding the American republic that they can stand up tall and fight their fears.

    • Word count: 646
  14. A Memorable Scene

    Time had stood still, and the only sign of movement was the gentle meandering snowflakes. It was as if nothing could spoil that idyllic setting. As I admired the radiant scenery, a sudden movement caught my eye. A colourful clash of blue and yellow against the blinding white snow expertly interlaced through an imaginary string of posts. I watched, transfixed, until slowly, my senses heightened and my awe turned to horror as I realised that the skier was off piste and gathering momentum as his body fought to gain control of his situation.

    • Word count: 375
  15. Should music file servers on the Internet should be shut down?

    The internet has also been going from strength to strength, millions upon millions of people all round the world log on everyday to search for information, send e-mails, talk to people in different countries and a whole lot more. But within the last 3 or 4 years, file servers such as Napster, WinMX and Morpheus to name a few have sprung up allowing people to download their favourite songs straight to their computer without having to pay a penny.

    • Word count: 553
  16. A Comparison of “the Song of the Whale” and “ a Black Rabbit Cies For Its Country”

    This highlights the fact that whales are used for lipstick and polished. In 'A Black Rabbit Dies for its country' the poems is written in the rabbit's point of view. It highlights the facts of the process the rabbit goes through in his life, and till he dies.

    • Word count: 424
  17. Create a musical composition to go with a special event of my choice.

    I have now come up with a successful tuning when strummed open produces a Dsus4 chord (D,A,D,G,A,D), which was perfect because I wanted a minor sounding chord for half of the song and major for the rest of it. The sus4 bit means you suspend the 3rd of the root note and raise it to a 4th instead. My composition was written for electric guitar, but I prefer the natural ambience for this song on my acoustic guitar. This piece would not work on anything like a piano as you need to be able to use advanced techniques such as Vibrato, Hammer-on', Harmonics and my favourite 2handed tapping at once.

    • Word count: 730
  18. Music Rough Description Of Composition

    Neat And In Detail Copy I composed the piece for guitar because it is my first and strongest instrument that I play. I found that the piece didn't flow too well without my effects. The effects that I used were 2 separate delays and a touch of chorus. The delay was set to a timing of 100bpm. The first was an eighth note (300ms) and the second was a quarter note (600ms), they were then panned to opposite sides of the speakers, overall with the added chorus this gave it a stereo sound, and being in stereo it gave it

    • Word count: 797
  19. How are So Solid Crew typical of the genre they belong to?

    The group were even accused of a rise in crime in their Battersea origins. In November 2001, at the Astoria Club in London, gun shots were fired at a So Solid gig and despite the band being on-stage, they were still accused in the following days and the press began to associate the band with gun terror. The group?s tour was cancelled and they were banned from performing.

    • Word count: 935
  20. Discuss the issues raised by media ownership in the production and exchange of media texts in the music industry.

    The major being Sony, a Japanese transnational conglomerate with their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Sony has subsidiary companies such as RCA records, Epic records and Syco music and big artists such as Beyonce Knowles, One Direction and Justin Timberlake. As Sony is heavily involved in cross-media ownership such as Sony Pictures and Electronics, if there is a risk within Sony's music industry, the risk is spread across and the company can still focus on other medias. In contrast the independent record label being Domino Records founded by Lawrence Bell in 1993, based in London, UK.

    • Word count: 877
  21. Business Analysis of Ninja Records

    They currently are in the process of creating another label with a different genre but the name has not been released yet. They currently have 38 artists many of the know dupstep artists are : 1. DELS 2. Diplo 3. Wiley 4. Elan Tamara 5. Gamma 6. Infinite Livez 7. Jammer MARKETING Ninja tune market there brand by adverts on the internet and also when artists produce an album you can see the name of the label

    • Word count: 496
  22. Music Video Analysis - I have chosen to analyse the video for Das r****t Michael Jackson.

    of them and someone in a Michael Jackson mask in a van, who then puts bags over their heads and kidnaps them, this draws attention to the artists. Das r****t ends up in a dark room with actors in suits and military jackets with Michael Jackson in the middle behind a table with a feast on it and a spot light on Das r****t.

    • Word count: 545

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