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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. Analyse, Review and Comment on the trailer of ' Bride and Prejudice', paying particular attention to: lighting, sound and camera movement

    The film has many different locations but the main ones are, America and England, which tell the audience that the film is not a typical Asian film, and also Amritsa, which tells the audience that some Asian culture is involved. In the trailer, the voice over is in an American accent. The job of the voice over is to describe what the film is like. He uses word like 'love' and 'magical', which attract young adults. The words attract the listener and the viewer because of deep American accent and the clips to go with the words, such as when he uses the word Love it shows a clip with Lolita and Darcy in a romantic setting.

    • Word count: 736
  2. Urban Music And Gun Crime

    Some people now possess guns for self defence, in poor areas of cities. This is where violence and guns on the street is every day life for some people. Some people defend the music and say it is not responsibly for the gun crime, their argument Is that middle class children listen to rap and garage and they do not go running round with guns. Some mps are saying "The government needs to make some tough decisions. It's not just a case of changing what people listen too.

    • Word count: 711
  3. The Draw of Secular Music I think every Christian should still listen to secular music, even if the messages aren't biblical or even moral. Whoa! Shocking statement! Let me explain. Each person, Christian and non-Christian has a heart-cry that need...

    Yesterday they used spray paint cans, today they use bombs and hate e-mail. Secular music has such power in the world today. Why? Because it expresses the heart-cry of people in a lost world; it's not because it's better music, or better emotion, just better expression. Why? Because the secular world has no other way to outlet the emotions that pile up within them. My point is that listening to secular music will give Christians insight into people in the world today.

    • Word count: 499
  4. Oral Assignment Why 'Pop Idol' corrupts society.

    Television programmes like 'Pop Idol' are threatening the future of the music industry. The artists from 'Pop Idol' that produce albums don't write their own music, or produce it, sometimes they don't even sing it. They are just the face on an album cover or the scantily clad dancer in a video. Also these artists never last very long. After a few months people get bored of the same old cheesy repetitive beat and same-theme lyrics and move on to new artists. You are the tomorrow, and maybe some of you want to go on to be musicians, proper musicians.

    • Word count: 790
  5. How has Baz Luhrman used sound effects to appeal to a younger audience?

    tells us that they are young boys not men this is reflected through their music. Whereas the sound effects with the Capulets are more bullying and sinister. Baz Luhrman helps the young audience judge clearly between these two gangs, and the music and SFX help the audience create a personal impression of them. The Montague's are childish, juvenile, and loud, use toilet humour and are trying to be noticed; the Capulets comparison to the Montague's are powerful, forceful, skilled fighters and are feared like criminals. At the start of the film Baz Luhrman has used a female newsreader.

    • Word count: 540
  6. How does Kenneth Branagh (the director) make Act One of Much Ado About Nothing into an exciting and effective film opening?

    It then goes to show the sky and hills going round to where there are lots of people sat down having a picnic. Then moving on to focus on Beatrice. Everyone seems calm and relaxed, all happy and everything is bright and full of colour. The people are wearing white clothes to show how red they are from sun burn. In the second scene the, Arrival of Don Pedro and Don John, Branagh makes the music loud and exciting. The music is fast as everyone is in a hurry.

    • Word count: 642
  7. Lion King Evaluation

    They producers and directors were able to do this by using sound effects and light in an extremely good manner and the were able to use music in the right circumstances that got some watchers singing along and you will always remember the songs. They used the music effectively, and used appropriate types of music at different times to emphasise feelings. An example of this is when Simba (Lion King Cub) is in the Jungle with his friends and they are all in a good, jolly, happy mood that they start singing and the song they sing (A coona matada)

    • Word count: 757
  8. How are bands marketed?

    The types of music we listen to often stereotype us. For example, if you listen to Punk Rock music you are immediately categorised as being anti-social, rebellious and not caring what anyone thinks about you. People that listen to Classical music are stereotyped as being old, boring and un-cool. You can often tell what kind of music people are into just by looking at the way they act and how they are dressed. To target their audiences the music industry fragments the different types of music into different categories such as Heavy Metal, Pop, Classical, Rock and more.

    • Word count: 627
  9. Critical Analysis of a scene from Chicken Run

    Compared to Robby the Reindeer where the movement is much more simple along with the models and set. The first camera angle we see is an extreme long shot, it is of the chicken's enclosure this shot alone introduces the surroundings then it pans across onto the chickens this is the most important shot as it shows us what is happening in this case the chickens all in a line standing still. When Mrs. Tweedy walks in you do not see her face this creates a mysterious atmosphere as you don't know what she is going to do.

    • Word count: 839
  10. Investigate, the effects of dilution on the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulphate and dilute hydrochloric acid.

    In 1953, Sam Philips owner / producer of Sun Records was impressed with Elvis's voice and signed him up. But in 1955, Elvis recording contract was sold to RCA Victor. By 1956, Elvis was an international star. Elvis Presley made a grand impact on popular music as we can learn from Source A. We also find that Source A is also reliable, as it tells us about an article in U.S. magazine 'Billboard' on 3rd March 1956 as follows: "A Winner! Presley Hot as $1 Pistol". Because at that time Elvis Presley was hot property. A singer very much in demand. Source A also tells us that Elvis had already made an impact even before the Article was published.

    • Word count: 541
  11. Petunia Experiment - We are conducting this experiment because we wanted to research the affect of music on plant growth.

    So without doing extra research and finding out they grow at a steady pace throughout the whole of their lives, a repeated measures design would be completely unsuitable. Our independent variable (or IV) was the type of music that we played to the petunias and our dependant variable (or DV) was the height the petunias grew to. To keep the experiment fair and precise we had to try to keep all extraneous (confounding) variables the same. For example, we kept them in the same amount of sunlight, O2, CO2, space, water, music and all at room temperature.

    • Word count: 875
  12. Why is Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band a milestone in Pop Music?

    to be trusted?" This question was asked because it dealt with issues deeper than love and other relationship issues. The answer, eventually turned out to be 'no'. Until a later generation of bands discovered the joy of openly imitating The Beatles. Sgt. Pepper is a concept album. Many people believe that Sgt. Pepper is the first concept album. It was however proceeded by Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. This album however is considered by some musicologists as not being a 'real' concept album; because it is a set of individual songs, though loosly based around one subject. Sgt.

    • Word count: 771
  13. Concept of Semiotic

    Like the subject has competence for constructing languages, the manly thought has an analogous pre-structure for unconsciousness becoming figurate. When the sound is absent in the relationship of signifier / signified the blank of the sound is taken over by the concept. In this case, the concept becomes the signifier for the function of metononymy and is longing for the sound, which has become the signified. By this rearrangement, the position of consciousness and unconsciousness has switched as result.

    • Word count: 573
  14. Descriptive writing.

    We wandered into the mosh pit; we were only a few metres away from the stage. There was a hum of voices as more people filed in. After 15 minutes people were starting to get frustrated because nothing was happening. Suddenly there was activity onstage and the lights dimmed the first support band, Slam Cartel came on. The mosh pit went wild, jumping, pushing and head-banging. In all this chaos I suddenly felt out of breath, we all clambered out of the pit and onto the steps.

    • Word count: 816
  15. What are the differences and similarities between rock music magazines e.g. Advertisements, reviews, marketing ploys/tactics?

    I think that 'Terrorizer' would be the 'Independent' of the rock music world as it is a much more 'upper class' magazine and the 'Independent' is a slightly bigger paper compared to 'The Sun'. Next if we look at the front page of each magazine we can see many similarities. Both have a masthead and a slogan. The slogans for both have a theme of music. 'Kerrang's' being 'Life is Loud' and 'Terrorizer's' being 'Extreme Music-No Boundaries'. Both are short and have an 'in your face' atmosphere surrounding them.

    • Word count: 868
  16. The Evolution of Reggae Music

    In the 1950's Mento music was subsequently classified as "Calypso". Next, the late 50's and early 60's was the evolvement of "Ska". Being a Jamaican musician's interpretation of R&B, Ska changed the emphasis from the first and third beats of a piece of music, to the second and fourth beats. The new offbeat style became the identity mark of Jamaican music. First Ska, then came Rock Steady, developing into what is now known as Reggae. Reggae involves the deliberate upstroke of the guitar, a strummed beat and a dominant vocal style.

    • Word count: 956
  17. Analyse the Techniques used by Hitchcock to Create and maintain Suspense in his film

    Irony whether verbal or visual plays an important role in the film Psycho, it also comes around quite frequently. One of the first examples of visual irony is when Marion is at work getting shown $40,000 by the client. After she has been given the money she is sitting under a picture of a swamp, and after she is killed she gets driven into a swamp, then sinks under it. Therefore this is a case of visual irony. Another case some people may class as visual irony is when Bates and Marion are in the bedroom and there is a vivid outline of Bates' shadow.

    • Word count: 815
  18. "You can get it if you really want!" Discussing Perry Henzell's film 'The Harder They Come'.

    However, as he tries to get a job, he is constantly disappointed. The Western influence on Jamaica seems to have taken over everything. Those Jamaicans that do have talent are suppressed by 'Mr. Hilton', the half-white man in charge of the soundtracks released. The Western influence ensures that the Americans will benefit from the work of the Jamaicans. Ivan himself produces a record, which Mr. Hilton only offers $20 for, even if the record may be a hit. Ivan has no choice but to accept. Indeed, there are constant symbols of the Western influence in Jamaica, right from the very beginning of the film.

    • Word count: 708
  19. "popular culture in the 1960's did more harm than good" Use the sources and your own knowledge to explain whether you agree with this view.

    Source I is very good at showing the good influence of the 60's on the young people. However in source A may not be totally reliable as it was written in the 90's and was from the opinion of someone who was looking at their childhood with fond memories. Some people had argument for both a good influence and bad influence. These sources are sources C, E and H. The writers of these sources had both good and bad things to say about the 1960's. Source C sys 'it was never as crazy as they used to say it was.'

    • Word count: 784
  20. In this piece of media coursework, I will study four films, which were directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

    Three other examples of his Hollywood films are "Rebecca" [1940], "Suspicion" [1941] and "Saboteur" [1942]. The first film we watched was called "North by Northwest". In the first fifteen minutes I think the film is about kidnapping a man because of a misunderstanding and I also think it is about action and thriller. The first dominant colour, which comes on the screen, is green to show the idea that somebody is being gullible. Roger Thornhill is being gullible. The writing comes on the lines and then the lines change to a building. On that building you can see the shape of yellow taxis and the shape of the houses and therefore the city must be New York City.

    • Word count: 953
  21. The Beatles: The Sound of a Social Revolution

    Penny Lane refers to a shopping area in Liverpool, where John and Paul spent many of their childhood days. Penny Lane follows a familiar 8 bar chord structure, and tells a story using verses that alternate with a common refrain. The blend of instruments that comprise this tune is quite unique; bass, piano, flute, horns, and drums with no guitar. These instruments flow together seamlessly, never overpowering each other. While the flute and the bass usually play straight on the beat, both instruments occasionally pick up a melody line that mimics McCartney's singing. It is quite remarkable that the melody is basically only sung, a testament to the singing talent this group possessed.

    • Word count: 680
  22. Eric Clapton

    After the Roosters were through with, Clapton landed himself a spot in the Yardbirds where he played with the two other major British guitar heroes of the 60s, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. The Yardbirds became very popular with their bluesy rock. While on the Yardbirds, he even earned himself the nickname of "Slowhand" because his forceful string bending often times led to his breaking a string onstage. He would replace it right there in front of the audience while they engaged in a slow hand-clapping.

    • Word count: 927
  23. Genre specified into sections.

    Quiz Shows Quiz shows are very interesting. They teach us general knowledge. Examples of television quiz shows are who wants to be a millionaire, The weakest link, Count down, Brainteaser and Test the nation. They are usually smartly dressed, clever, starts off with easy questions then gets hard, some jokes, once every week day, big money to be won, some times celebrities are on, and you have to be over eighteen. Children Programs Children programs usually come in the morning. I know some grown ups who he still watch children programs, some of there songs are kind of catchy.

    • Word count: 922
  24. How the DVD player works?

    The capacity also supports realistic picture quality and hi-fi sounds. How are DVDs different from CDs? On the outside, a DVD doesn't differ from a CD. It has the same diameter and the thickness is 1,2mm. The only difference is the capacity. On the inside, a DVD is totally different than a CD. The pits are half the size of CD pits. (0.4�m vs. 0.83�m), and its tracks are spaced about twice as closer to each other (0.74�m vs. 1.6�m). See the image. Compact Disk DVD Disk How the Mp3 player works MP3 players and the new generation of portable music.

    • Word count: 889
  25. Pop Music Magazine Comparison.

    There is a close up on blue then there is a long shot of Gareth Gates. The Brat Awards. The institution is "The Brat Awards". Presenters where Rob Carpenter and Ashley Curtis, Rob Carpenter represented himself as a typical presenter. He was slick and cool he kept the show moving he was very confident. The audience where famous people they were drunk. Rage against the vending machine too cool to come up and collect their award. The genre was rock.

    • Word count: 817

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