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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    'Compare the presentation and content of the article in the Mirror and the article in the Guardian.'

    3 star(s)

    As this is a broadsheet, I would expect it to be much the same in the actual paper. On the other hand, both papers have used puns in their headings. The Mirror uses 'Don't let music take the rap' and the Guardian uses 'Bullet points'. Both headlines are used for the same reason- to catch the reader's attention and to inform the reader what the article is about. Furthermore, in the tabloid paper the picture of Ice Cube holding a gun promoting his film is very similar to the one of Trevor Nelson in the main article, since they are both wearing black leather jackets and black hats.

    • Word count: 1550
  2. Representation of artists Jusice & SBTRKT within electronic music

    The artists who I will be writing about are Justice and SBTRKT. Justice, whom consists of French duo, Gaspard Aug� and Xavier de Rosnay produce dauntless house music with heavy rock and metal influences. Since their formation in 2003, they have received 13 nominations and have won 5 awards including Best Video for D.A.N.C.E., this song was included on their album '� ', an album which propelled them in popularity. They have remixed many popular artists such as Britney's Spears & Daft Punk and their remix of MGMT won a Grammy award.

    • Word count: 1355
  3. To what extent does the media represent people/places by using stereotype? Analysis of Lady Gagas music video LoveGame.

    She carries her trade mark 'disco-stick' which is mentioned a lot lyrically in the song. This scene subverts many stereotypes in the music industry. In music videos it is common to see men surrounded by lots of semi-naked women. However in this video Kahn has switched it up and has put Gaga surrounded by men, making her dominant. The next seen shows Lady Gaga making her way through the subway and dancing with three other men at the bottom of the staircase. The subway seems damaged, used and neglected, very similar to those found in cities and other urban places.

    • Word count: 1089
  4. Free essay


    The first scene is in a supermarket that represents a boring and dull life. With a moderate pace, the camera zooms into a man who looks absolutely bewildered and has the sudden urge to escape from this bizarrely ordinary life. As he is in his 40's, you straight away assume that the man is having a midlife crisis and wants to go back to his youth. The man starts to imagine a woman who is a symbol of youth and love.

    • Word count: 1453
  5. Genre Conventions of Punk

    Both these factors contributed to the emergence of a few independent record labels. Some of the most famous were, Lookout! Records which was formed by Larry Livermore of the band the Lookouts, Fat Wreck Chords formed by Fat Mike of NOFX, and Epitaph Records formed by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion, but technically Lookout! and Epitaph were formed in the late 80's but becoming increasingly popular in the 90's. Pop punk had various degrees of commercial success since the late 1970s, however it has had a massive international commercial success in the 1990s and 2000's, with hit bands such as Fall out boy, Hellogoodbye, New found glory, Sum 41 and Blink 182.

    • Word count: 1650
  6. Evaluation report

    One weakness however I feel is the lack of varying camera angles. Close ups were used a large percentage of the time. Understandably, due to the videos narrative nature and the fact that there are no scenes which involve speech embedded in our video, or cut-scenes, it is difficult to correctly convey feelings or reactions without needing to focus on a characters expression. However, there are more ways to do this. High angle shots can signify authority and low angle shots the adverse.

    • Word count: 1017
  7. Account for the success of pop music in Britain

    The way that young people dressed was almost the same as their parents. They were not a separate group with their own values and customs. British youth culture was small, and was totally dominated by American trends and styles. The British music industry in the 1950's relied heavily on American music which led to British copies, of American-style music. The music industry was controlled from London but was out of touch with the needs and wants of the youth of Britain. However, even in this atmosphere, a uniquely 'British' musical trend emerged in late 1956-57; this was called 'Skiffle', (a kind of simple folk music played by a small group (friends), mainly with rhythmic accompaniment, usually a washboard to a singing guitarist).

    • Word count: 1817
  8. Compare two music promos'

    The band who are responsible for songs such as 'Fu*k Her Gently' like to be seen as funny and not to be taken to seriously. Such a contrast between the band and the artist it is quite obvious that both videos are not going to be alike and great for comparing and contrasting. Kano's 'Ps and Qs' promo is directed by Alistair Siddons, an up incoming director who works for the production company Colonel Blimp. He is well known in his chosen genre of music - underground UK grime and hip hop and has directed videos for highly respected bands and artists in that scene, such as 'The Streets', 'Roots Manuva' and 'Crazy Titch'.

    • Word count: 1432
  9. Free essay

    Compare how Fiona Farrell and Maya Angelou Explore the Issue of Oppression in 'Charlotte O'Neil's song' and 'Still I Rise'

    Both poems stand for optimism. Maya Angelou writes from a past that's 'rooted in pain'. The word 'rooted' shows that it is hard to erase the past issues of oppression and that, as roots dig deep, a strong history of racial discrimination has also dug deep. Angelou write to inspire others to free themselves. She shows that she is the 'dream and hope of the slave', and is a role model for others and that slaves are people too. I think Farrell's purpose was to inform others that there is a possibility of a better life, and that they should get away from an oppressive lifestyle.

    • Word count: 1531
  10. George Gershwin Biography

    At the very young age of eleven Morris and Rose bought a piano for George's brother Ira. To their surprise George was the child that could play by ear. 1 On the piano he played a piece that was quite popular. At the age of thirteen, George's parents began to pay for piano lessons. When George became fifteen he felt that school was unnecessary for him. His first job was at a summer resort making only five dollars a week. He dropped out of school and started to play in nightclubs. Even at the young age of fifteen George was a very talented pianist.

    • Word count: 1443
  11. What were the main features of youth culture in the 1960s?

    In the 1970s The Beatles had split up so the focus of music had moved back to the USA. The BBC gave only limited time to pop music so many private radio stations devoted to pop music began broadcasting. Radio 1 set up so that they could reflect the importance of pop music. In the1960s TV programmes such as "Ready Steady Go" and "Six, five special" were seen as programmes for the young audience. Young people in the 1960s tried to dress and look different from their parents as much as possible. London became the fashion capital of the world.

    • Word count: 1316
  12. Elvis Coursework

    Many designed trendy new cars were out and people had money to afford it so cars were very popular. Another popular thing was television which created the biggest consumer market ever. Advertising grew which attracted people to buy products from the marketing companies. Advertisements were growing, people were attracted by what they had to say and they were encouraged to buy the products they were advertising. Television also helped advertisers a lot with selling many products to the viewers of America.

    • Word count: 1944
  13. music publication through what was relevant in society.

    - NME responded to the change in Society that the US had now created a music chart, so NME they decided to introduce the first British Pop charts. It appealed to the audience and created success as it was the best selling singles chart in the UK and in a sense influenced the audience in what to listen to and what was part of the music scene. 1960's What was Society like? London spent much of its time swinging and dancing as much of the music scene.

    • Word count: 1420
  14. Free essay

    Textual Analysis

    Our initial ideas for our music video is that a story is being told about someone who has just broken up with their girlfriend and flash backs as shown throughout about what their life use to be like. At the start of Lily Allen's 'The Littlest Things' it begins in colour, the camera begins at a birds eye view looking down at a piano being played by itself quietly with diegetic sounds also heard, e.g. people talking and loud footsteps as the camera begins to move down smoothly towards an old fashioned video camera and looks through the view finder and the whole video now becomes black and white and Lily begins to sing.

    • Word count: 1577
  15. To What Extent Do Music Videos Give an Accurate Representation of Young Women of Today?

    The young woman of today is liberated, independent, dynamic, confident and above all, she is goal seeking. A career driven woman is motivated and wants to be successful, while a feminist strives for equality to men. Each woman has individuality, she exposes to the world her unique style influenced by her friends, environment and culture. In the world of music videos, only one type of woman is shown: a black or mixed race woman heavily made up with foundation, mascara and lip gloss. She wears clothes of extravagant designs, accentuating her voluptuous figure, which is untrue to everyday life.

    • Word count: 1695
  16. A comparison of three songs of Brecht's "Mother Courage and her Children" with the parados and 3rd stasimon of Sophocles' "Antigone"

    The third stanza of 12 lines relates the birth of recognition and understanding in Yvette as it dawns upon her that war brings nothing but melancholy and disaster in its wake. She describes how men condescended with her notions of love and how love was twisted to r**e towards December. The month December is an allegory for the departure of the soldiers as well as the loss of innocence. There is grief and a sense of terrible loss etched in those two words: "December came."

    • Word count: 1261
  17. 'The Soundtrack to my life'

    As I hear this song and as soon as it starts with the opening lyrics, 'You come in cold, you're covered in blood'. I am always taking back to the summer of 2005 as this song played a huge part in my life that summer. Good Charlotte's Album 'The Chronicles of Life and Death' came out in October 2004, but I didn't get it to the time just before I went away, so this album really was a part of my holiday.

    • Word count: 1506
  18. mozart effect

    Various other studies suggested otherwise, for example, Kirkpatrick (1943) found that music hinders performance on tasks demanding mental concentration while McGhee and Gardner(1949) suggested that music actually had no effect on tasks involving mental concentration. In some way or the other music is seen to affect human behaviour. Exposure to music is an established mood-induction technique, and musical selections by Mozart have been used to induce a mood of elation(Kenealy,1997; Westerman, Spies, Stahl, & Hesse,1996). Even though the Mozart effect has been debated in the past, it is a theory which today is accepted by the majority.

    • Word count: 1790
  19. Annalising an advert

    The Song plays throughout the whole commercial without any voice-overs. The song produces energy a qualities important to the sequence through their teenaged years. When the commercial starts the image is a pink male Silhouetted body holding an Ipod stood in the centre of the screen; behind him is a blue background with thin pink and green lines passing behind his body, he is shaking his body to the beat of the music and clapping, his Ipod against his waist.

    • Word count: 1512
  20. media studies music video report

    This took a few lessons last year and we put together a quick music video in a couple of lessons, just so we could get use to 'final cut'. We also went over it again this year. We were also shown many examples of famous music videos and music videos that would be a good example and even a good inspiration for us to follow. Some of the videos included; Geri Halliwell- 'Its raining men', Meatloaf- 'I would do anything for love' and The Cardigans- 'my favourite game'.

    • Word count: 1140
  21. From whatever perspective you choose, discuss the influence of music technology and its effect upon contemporary musical composition.'

    Although, this being said, they do not completely ignore the previous rules that have been set up, it is better said that they bend the rules of musical composition. Speaking of the Electronic side of music technology, i.e. advancements in studio technology. The work of a producer and artists has been drastically made less time consuming and easier to manage. Tasks such as mastering and composition can all be done digitally, which makes them a lot quicker and more efficient thus saving time and money.

    • Word count: 1272
  22. Woodstock Music and Art Festival. Who started such a party? Why was it started? Did the promoters believe it would turn out quite like it did? What was the real Woodstock experience actually like?

    While looking for new ideas to help the show, they essentially became the characters of it. Artie Kornfield was the vice president of Capital Records and had written at least thirty hit singles. Michael Lang was the youngest in the group, at age twenty-three, and was the manager of a rock group called Train. In December of 1968 he met with Kornfield to discuss a record deal. They hit it off immediately and ended up sharing some similar ideas. One for a cultural exposition/rock concert/extravaganza and another for a recording studio set one hundred miles from Manhattan in a town called Woodstock.

    • Word count: 1820
  23. analyse of title credit sequence of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    This makes the audience attracted and wants to see how he became a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Fresh Prince got into trouble because of fighting so his mum sends him to California to live with his Auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. Story format The "title credit sequence" is told in a story format. It is set in Philadelphia. Fresh Prince is spinning on the throne and in the background there is graffiti and teenagers like graffiti also teenagers are confused are confused because his life will change and he will be treated like royalty. Fresh Prince is doing graffiti on the wall and a police comes and tells him off so then Fresh Prince pretends he is spraying under his arm-pits.

    • Word count: 1818
  24. Are there harms in sharing music online? Yes, there are harms in online music sharing, if you do not abide by the copyright laws set by the Federal Trade Commission, it is considered copyright infringement.

    People who are sharing music online do not have the money to buy CDs anyway. They are just trying to get the most for music they can, for free. If these people did not share online, they would not go and buy the CD anyway, they do not have the money. All of this has happened before. Executives complained when radio came out, they thought this would hurt record sales. In fact, it boosted them. Execs were afraid TV would stop the sale of movies, but look at the movie industry now. So how are they really loosing sales?

    • Word count: 1438
  25. English coursework: Modern music society

    Rap and hip-hop music is the most widely listened to and popular styles of music today. Because of the many people that listen to it gets stereotyped, often by the fans of other styles of music and parents, who don't agree with the violent image it portrays. While some of these stereotypes may be true many of them get blown out of proportion, many people believe that rap is mostly for black people and the people that listen to/perform it are either drug dealers, criminals or in general bad people. This is very far from the truth, many of the people that buy it are from middle class white families living in the suburbs, which are far from the "mean streets" where this music was started.

    • Word count: 1272

Conclusion analysis

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How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

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  • With Close Reference to their recent releases, compare how Britney Spears and Sum 41 are marketed.

    "In conclusion, Britney is marketed more two audiences where Sum 41 appear to be marketed for the same type which is skaters and rock fans. Britney appears to be more interested in her fans, while Sum 41 aren't really bothered what anyone thinks and are more concerned making music and having fun. Finally, record companies are responsible for the artists image. Record companies use media for advertising and will have too as the public opinion of artists change when the media portrayal of them changes. ~~~~~~ Pop Music Marketing Coursework Charlotte Grigg"

  • analyse of title credit sequence of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    "Conclusion This show has been a success and it is famous all over the world. The "title credit sequence" attracted the audience and this made them to watch it because they wanted to know how he landed up living in Bel-Air. I hope they keep on making new series of "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" because many teenagers like it and it made people show what Black people can do as well."

  • Compare & contrast ''Pretty in Pink'' & ''Clueless''

    "I enjoyed both films but I preferred ''Clueless''. The colours in this film were much brighter than the colours in ''Pretty in Pink''. I thought that ''Pretty in Pink'' wasn't as good because the film was a bit dull and this made the film look less exciting. The reason why the shots in each film look different is because the camera technology is very different because the films were made just under a decade apart. With the camera shots being different it makes the film look a lot better and the camera angles looking a lot more advanced. Joe Coggin"

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