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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. London - Stan Marshal

    Nevertheless, we could say that Lonetown is climbing the stairway that leads to the turbulent, hellish point in civilisation rather than the divine utopian society that we all long for, where the devil himself is omnipresent and wicked. What is strange is that few people perceive, let alone care. The drinking, drugs and explicit language set bad examples to the new and forthcoming generations of citizens, yet this is so widespread that society altogether is worsening. Stan Marshal and Louise Clark are two characteristic examples of different people with separate philosophies, who expose the detrimental aspects of society in a battle between what is right and what is wrong.

    • Word count: 1177
  2. Les Miserable

    Phil Collins directs the song at us by saying "Its another day for you and me in Paradise". He means that we're in paradise compared to the lives oh homeless people. We were also asked to read the script from "Les Miserable"; the extract is called "Look Down". We each picked a character and then we read the script. Les Miserable is about the life of poor people in Paris and they want to start a revolution against the French government and the monarchy. However, they all say that they need Lamarque but he is ill. The similarities between the two texts are they both are about poverty and how higher class people feel towards them and they help the poor or not.

    • Word count: 1092
  3. "Why did the groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have such a great impact during the 1960's"

    It was this that marked the Beatles out from so many of the performers that came before them. The last key individual was George Martin, who arranged and recorded the Beatles tracks. He produced the quality that ensured that they became instantly and overwhelming successful. More than anybody else the Beatles came to represent the Sixties. As Aaron Copland, the American composer of classical music remarked, "If you want to know about the sixties, play the music of the Beatles".

    • Word count: 1360
  4. Why did groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have such a great impact during the 1960's?

    The Rolling Stones added to a feeling of rebellion with songs that were about s*x and drugs. The huge sales that these groups had benefited the British economy. Fashion was for the first real time influenced by pop stars. Many people began to copy the Beatle jacket and Beatle hairstyle. Fashions changed along with society throughout the 1960's. If something grew old it was changed. With the growing popularity with the television and with the new music many new music programmes were created. Ready Steady Go was one of the most popular and became essential viewing for many teenagers.

    • Word count: 1704
  5. What, in your opinion, is the explanation for the events portrayed in Joan Lindsay's "factional" novel Picnic at the hanging rock? How does the author bring out, in her writing, a sense of horror and mystery?

    Maybe Miss McCraw followed the girls - she did seem very certain of the directions to the rock. For instance, Miss McCraw said - "You have only to change your route this afternoon and return by the third side. In this case, since we entered the road at Woodend at right angles the return journey shall be along the hypotenuse". However, if she had followed the girls, why didn't Albert Crundall or Michael Fitzhubert see her? On the other hand, is it possible that Edith Horton could have concocted her sighting of Miss McCraw, just to gain attention ?

    • Word count: 1507
  6. I am going to watch the film Gladiator by Ridly Scott. I hope toaccurately describe and analyse how the director creates a feeling oftension, suspense and how overall he makes the film believable. I willnot analyse the whole film, but just two of th...

    Maximus escapes being killed and returns to his home to find his wife and son murdered. Maximus is then captured as a slave and sold to an entertainer who makes him fight as a gladiator, he has a few fights and stuns the audience. Meanwhile the emperor has trouble with the senate and decides to get the people of Rome on his side he will reopen the colessium and begin the games, Maximus is made to participate in the events. Maximus is named the Spaniard and wears a helmet so that his identity is not revealed to the emperor, who is in the audience.

    • Word count: 1455
  7. This essay will examine ideas of Welshness presented by Kelly Jones the lead singer of the Stereophonics and Welsh Poet R S Thomas and explore how they put them across.

    There are four main key ideas/themes in this poem, time, boredom, routine, and escaping. The time of the song is important, because in the video to this song we see people walking back, and the Stereophonics are the only people walking forward this suggesting that Cwmaman is a place where there is no opportunities, and only the Sterephonics are making something out of a bad situation. The theme routine, suggests that there is nothing new going on in Cwmaman, and that everything is the same, people do the same thing day in day out so nothing ever changes, and the

    • Word count: 1573
  8. Changing industries: The Wailers - Catch a fire

    Before this period reggae sold only on singles and cheap compilation albums. The Wailers' first album "Catch A Fire" was the first to brake those rules. It was well packaged and had a great deal promotion put into its release. Although "Catch A Fire" was not an immediate hit, it made a considerable impact on the media. Island Records then arranged for The Wailers to tour both Britain and America. The thinking behind Blackwell's move to give the band such a huge opportunity was confirmed when he stated that rock music had become "stale" and that The Wailers music had "an energy and a fresh feel to it".

    • Word count: 1353
  9. The behavior I chose to change is to reduce the number of times per week (from 7 to 2) I hit the snooze button in the morning.

    * Set my alarm later so I have to wake up the first time or I will be late. * Cover up the snooze button so I am unable to hit it. * Getting my brother to school by 7:20 and my sister by 8:00. * Have my boyfriend come over on his way to school and wake me up in the morning. The following independent variables showed up after the first week: * The need to change the music on my alarm from country to rock!

    • Word count: 1767
  10. How far did young peoples' lives change beetween the early 1950's and the late 1960's?

    Much of this way of life was due to the hardships of the Depression and World War Two which created a shortage of money and a shortage of money to spend on fashion, music and leisure activities. After World War Two and the end of rationing in 1953, people began to have gradually more and more money. In 1950 the average weekly wage was �7.28 but by 1960 this had increased to �14.10. They could afford to spend more on the latest gadgets or a night out to some form of entertainment.

    • Word count: 1194
  11. Britney Spears or Spear Britney.

    Ever stop to think about how much hormonally-charged energy you put into the quick quips and biting banter? Your life would be considerably more productive if you took some, what's that word again, oh that's it -- action. I'm not suggesting that you incinerate some fresh teeny-boppers. There are laws against it. Yep even in that state of the US. But if you're so fed up of manufactured bands and this article awakes the rebel in you, then I say 'Go Forth, join a band and top the charts!'

    • Word count: 1693
  12. "The beach was empty that morning, even the wind was somewhere else..."

    When I reached the rock, for first time I looked back along the beach and up to the house, the curtains were pulled open and smoke was rising from the chimney. Aunt Beth was already up but she did not come looking for me, either she had not discovered that I was gone or she had seen me and decided to give me peace for a while. I turned my back on the house and the single set of footprints in the sand and climbed the rock.

    • Word count: 1067
  13. Design or Resurrect A Band / Group

    However it should be noted that the majority of "country" and "oldies" albums are purchased by this group. 3: Teenagers - when broadly stereotyped, teenagers spend a significant amount of their collective funds on music, generally favouring the "rock" genre. There is much competition for sales amongst this sector and the music industry has made it common to merchandise as quickly as possible, any "hit" bands or groups. This leaches as much money from them as possible and then a brief few months is allocated to allow them to gather more money before launching the next craze. Merchandising aids advertise a craze as certain musical tastes will be seen as "cool" to follow - further gathering (financial) support.

    • Word count: 1398
  14. An investigation into the dangers that are present in the 'mosh pit' at rock concerts.

    Several deaths have also occurred as a result of mosh pit related incidents. It is also found that these incidents could have been easily avoided if greater precautions were taken for the safety of patrons in 'mosh pits'. It has been recommended that it be compulsory for event organisers to take greater precautions in respect for the safety of patrons in mosh pits. 1.0 INTRODUCTION 'Mosh pit' related injuries are found quite often at various rock concerts. This is most likely due to the intensity of the mosh pit. There are however numerous amounts of methods that could be taken to help prevent these incidents.

    • Word count: 1841
  15. Media Coursework : Shrek

    The use of camera angles and movements help to bring the characters to life. This is an enormous part of Shrek purely because of the close up camera shots and angles. Examples of this are big close-ups focusing only on the facial features. Where as the long shot or wide shot enable us to see the other charters and objects that are included in the background. The lighting that is incorporated into Shrek is very life like in that even the blowing of the trees has it's own unique shadows for each individual leaf.

    • Word count: 1337
  16. Copyright - Art and the Business of Recording

    next to it just so there isn't any sort of argument at that point. But then when you start to record there are the producers being brought in, the sound engineers, mixers, etc. They all have their finger prints on the recording, and needless to say some people do more work then others. So then you have to figure out who has done what, because more work on the project means more money in the mail from royalties. So I don't understand why there isn't a written contract done before a piece of work.

    • Word count: 1042
  17. Describe the growth of teenage culture in the USA in the period of 1955 to 1975

    Access to cars enabled teens to escape parental control, and gave unprecedented mobility to young people. In the words of a journalist, cars provided 'a private lounge for drinking and for petting or s*x episodes.' Many concerned parents observed, and blamed the delinquency problem on a new form of music that emerged during the post-war era, rock 'n' roll. When the film 'The Blackboard Jungle' appeared in 1955, people drew a direct connection between the behaviour of the films juvenile gang members and the rock 'n' roll songs by Bill Haley and the Comets featured in the sound track.

    • Word count: 1009
  18. How the Internet has changed the face of the pop industry?

    The advantage of MP3 files is that they are approximately one-tenth the size of the corresponding wave file and can be close-to-CD-quality. It is for this reason that many artists, record labels and other music industry stakeholders are concerned by the MP3 file format and applications like Napster that simplify the sharing of copyrighted material. The reaction from recording artists, record labels and other music industry players has been varied, but primarily anti-Napster. The first action taken against Napster was by the band Metallica.

    • Word count: 1830
  19. How does the director of The Crucible make use of the medium of film to bring over the power of the drama?

    The camera sits in the darkest corner from time to time, watching all that goes on. It almost like there is something hiding in the corner, maybe an animal. The camera gives us a view of what each different person is seeing. The only noise at this time is the night birds outside which add an almost sinister air to the proceedings. The people in the room are filmed standing together-Elizabeth and John, Hale and Cheever. The tension steadily mounts until it climaxes when the puppet is found with the needle stuck in it. The music starts up again as Mary is called down and questioned .The camera stays on her alone so we can see how she reacts to everything.

    • Word count: 1497
  20. New Band Construction

    Band Image Codes of clothing: The code of dress is linked to the rebellion of the group as baggy jeans or long shorts do not conform to and adult's perspective of social dress standards. Members of the band will have notable characteristics to show their individuality for example: brightly coloured hair, tattoos or piercings. Promotion: The band will promote the image of a rebellious, fun loving band. This image will be created by connecting their dress style to skateboarding, as the band will be sponsored by a skateboard company, e.g.

    • Word count: 1211
  21. The Impact of File Sharing

    In my opinion, it very important that recording companies and the music industry in general respond flexibly and rapidly to change because if they don't, not only will consumers be less happy but other companies might do so and hence add value to their products by having competitive advantage over the less flexible and less responsive to change companies. The Innovation The music industry is often thrown into turmoil by a new format innovation. Quite recent examples include the change from Long Plays to Tapes or 8-Tracks with a much greater acceptance to tapes.

    • Word count: 1524
  22. Elvis Presley Coursework Assignment

    Source A is a factual article which is encouraging towards Elvis, promoting the fact that he is popular. This source is aimed at any age group or race that had an interest in modern music and read the magazine. Source B is peoples personal opinions, condemning and objected, 'Presley has no singing ability', and 'primitive physical movement', are examples of the personal criticism and abuse Source B implies. Source B is aimed at middle aged, middle class white people. ii) Use Sources C and D, and your own knowledge to explain why Sources A and B differ. Source A is written earlier than Source B and is about record sales.

    • Word count: 1563
  23. In what way is American TV culture satirised in The Simpsons TV Violence?

    The opening song is catchy, "We fight, we bite, we fight, we bite, we fight". In the episode of Itchy and Scratchy, the characters are hitting each other over the heads with mallets. Immediately after she goes down to the basement were Homer is doing some DIY, picks up a mallet and hits Homer with it. This proves that the Itchy and Scratchy Show is influencing the children. The producers of The Simpsons use parody as a technique to satirise the TV culture of America by including the Psycho scene. When Maggie attacks Homer for the first time the directors include the same music and camera angles.

    • Word count: 1249
  24. MUSIC: An art or a Con?

    As they can't write material or play their own music, their careers are short lived so in the time they have, they absorb as much attention as possible paving the way for their record labels next 'big thing'. Unfortunately, most of the gullible public is too lazy to look beyond what is advertised to them, and as a result numerous performers are ignored who would have received exposure in the "old days". The problem largely stems from the fact that the media bosses who own the record companies are the exact same ones who own the magazines and television networks who report on the music scene.

    • Word count: 1331
  25. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana

    He also took an interest in British punk, especially s*x Pistols and The Clash. On Kurt's fourteenth birthday he bought his first guitar and spent a lot of time trying to develop his own unique musical style. He also spent much of his time going to concerts in Seattle and he was a roadie for a band called 'Melvins'. Around this time Kurt went over to his friend Robert Novoselic's house where he met Robert's brother Krist, the future bass guitar player for Nirvana.

    • Word count: 1191

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