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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. Elastic Band Experiment

    We put the rod because it would become easy to note down the length of the elastic band. Also the experiment would be more accurate because if we had no rod the elastic bands would have to be tied together and therefore all the elastic bands would not be of the same length. It would also be hard to measure the length. Method We started of by getting the clamp and tightening it near the top of the clamp stand.

    • Word count: 1837
  2. A Life In The Day Of (creative writing)

    This causes terrible arguments over what to listen to in the car or whilst eating dinner. However, the one band that we all agree on is Nirvana. I am a massive fan of Nirvana and have flags and posters of them all over my room. This is why I listen to Nirvana in the mornings - because nobody minds. By the time I get to school, I am (almost) fully awake. I have to walk to the station and get the train to school so I arrive at school feeling like I've been up for ages.

    • Word count: 1405
  3. Baz Lurhmann describes ‘Moulin Rouge’ as ‘audience participation cinema’. With close reference to the opening of the film analyse the techniques he uses to remind ‘us we are watching a movie’

    It cuts to his face crying and then cuts back to the typewriter. This is emotional; it shows how he is reacting to telling the story of him being in love. The audience are already struck by this and feel as though they already know the character. This helps the film to be "audience participation cinema". Whilst Christian is still telling us the beginning of the story and typing, there are cuts of inside Moulin Rouge; this is effective because it simply reminds us that we are watching a movie. Inside the Moulin Rouge, there are bright colours (saturated colour)

    • Word count: 1505
  4. Comparing Disneys’® Beauty & the Beast and Mulan

    * Both the heroines are very bright, intelligent and brave. They are also unconventional and don't conform to societies' view of a woman. In B & B, we see Belle, during the opening song/introduction, reading a book and then makes her way to the library. Through her conversation with the librarian we learn that she's really keen on reading and this is the only way she gets in touch with the person that she wants to be. So the librarian gives her this book as a present.

    • Word count: 1351
  5. Analysising Television Advertisements: Music Products

    The music continues to play and the tracks on the album are listed. The narrator then states 'It's so good you might just want to share it with everyone else'. An attractive young lady is then shown, wearing very revealing clothes, standing outside a building with the album playing, extremely loud. There are also many respectable onlookers, (men in suits, pensioners and mothers with young children) are watching with looks of horror on their faces. This essentially uses s*x to sell the product however it also uses the image of being 'cool'.

    • Word count: 1275
  6. Autobiography of Altan Halit.

    My relationship with my parents is quite good sometimes. I get on more with my dad, but that could be because I live with my dad. I do like my mum as well but I do have a lot of arguments more than I have with my dad. I still see my mum a lot, because she comes to the house nearly every day. I have two sisters but only one of them lives with me. My youngest sister is aged sixteen going on seventeen in November, and my eldest sister is aged seventeen going on eighteen in November.

    • Word count: 1400
  7. Explore the importance of narratives in Ed Sheerans Music Videos.

    However the content of the video is not typical at all, in fact it is a unique music video first that has not been in any other. The video is an illustrative representation of the lyrics as 17 year old British actor Matthew Morgan signs the lyrics to the song. This may sound like something plain which will easily lose your attention, but it is quite the contrary. The signing from the young actor is more characteristic of a dance and his stern direct mode of address makes it hard to avert your eyes from the screen.

    • Word count: 1311
  8. A comparative study of how women are represented in popular music videos from the 80s to the present day.

    In the 80?s, the rhetorical construction of women came from societal, family, or cultural norms, whereas today, the media plays a big role in how we perceive and construct gender. Since the 1980?s, hip-hop has changed the way people think, but not always in a positive manner. It is clear that hip-hop has been a trend setter and has guided our culture over the last couple of decades. Unfortunately, corporate sales have taken over the content of hip hop music, motivating artists to take different approaches to selling music.

    • Word count: 1450

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