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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. How does Hitchcock create a sense of tension and mounting horror in his film 'Rebecca'?

    Danvers and the narrator. They all try to outline the effect that Mrs. Danvers has on Rebecca and vice versa. They also depict the mental battle between the two women. The lighting in the three scenes tries to show the atmosphere of the room at the time, that is the sense of evil, happiness or glory et cetera, and how the character is feeling. The scenes start similarly to each other, with a dark light symbolising distrust or tension around person or object. The 'Morning Room' scene starts with a shadow over the door into the Morning Room.

    • Word count: 2055
  2. What is so special with Madonna? She has been succesfully famous for 20 years, some artist dont even last one year.

    She started working as a donut salesgirl at Dunkin Donuts and waitress on the side. She allso auditions for Alvin Ailey and Pearl Lange and she was accepted by the Alvin Ailey dance troupe. Later she meets Dan Gilroy who teaches her to play the guitar and drums, they allso wrote some songs together. In 1979 Madonna receives an offer to go to Paris to be a back-up singer and dancer fir a disco singer called Patrick Hernandez who had one hit called Born to be alive. Madonna was given a nice appartment, a maid, a voice coach and a proffesional career guidance.

    • Word count: 2761
  3. The Political Effects of the Vietnam War on 1960’s Pop Culture

    Kennedy surprised and upset many Americans. However, the Vietnam War had the most profound effect on American pop culture. The Vietnam War changed music, fashion, and overall attitudes. Because of the Vietnam War and the undertones of the civil rights movement, 1960's pop culture significantly impacted our nation in a way that will be remembered for many years to come. 2Szymanski The Vietnam War still effects many people. Today, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is commonly associated with veterans of the Vietnam War. (Berk 346) During the 1960's there was an Anti-War movement that evolved from the Freedom of Speech Movement.

    • Word count: 2117
  4. To determine whether or not seaweed is capable of modifying its structure and protein make-up in order to successfully thrive in its immediate environment, no matter if this environment is one of harsh nature or one of mild nature.

    3) Put on a pair of rubber gloves, wrap a bungee cord along the length of a seaweed strand. Then attach the bungee cord to the hook on the fish scale and pull up on the fish scale until the seaweed breaks. Record the amount of force required to break the seaweed from its point of attachment. Repeat this procedure approximately 20 times on different pieces of seaweed from the same region. Also note the breakage points on each piece of seaweed, and the approximate length of each fragment of seaweed. Repeat steps 1-3 for seaweed found in a non-exposed region.

    • Word count: 2104
  5. Creative Writng English Essay: Between a Rock and…Another Rock.

    The first three were made of green, red and blue prosthetic 'rocks', which varied in size, shape and distance apart from trail to trail. The next one was sprayed gold, with none of the moulded handprint hold sites that you would find on the upper side of the 'rocks' of the other trail, and the last one took up just over half of the width of the entire wall. The rocks were actually made of the same material of the wall face, and their colour made them almost indistinguishable from the rest of the wall.

    • Word count: 2009
  6. Is Rock Music To Blame For Violence?

    What is it that draws in so many youngsters? Why do they feel the need to get involved in what is seen to be a dark world of outrageous behaviour? It is a simple answer; they feel the need to associate with the others feeling the same strain as they do as they struggle to gain freedom and identity in a confusing world. The lyrics are real and don't hide from the bad parts of life, the passion is so strong people know that the performers have felt what they're singing about.

    • Word count: 2126
  7. A Study into the appeal of Hip Hop culture, focusing on Ali G

    (Snoop Dogg-Lay Low)-LYRICS (year 2001) Rappers also promote the use of drug taking. 'Smoke weed every day'-The use of drugs is represented as an acceptable, and sociable thing to do. (Dr.Dre-The next episode)-LYRICS (year-2000) The common use of expletives only adds to the ideology that the gangster life is one of being socially unacceptable, for example commonly used expletives include, 'I'm a down town nigger so fuck all you niggers' (Snoop Dogg- Back up off me)-Lyrics 2001 The term nigger even though they are black could be seen as racist.

    • Word count: 2904

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