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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Music Industry - Four Roles Live Performance A live performer may play in a variety of styles to suit a particular audience

    Annual income varies according to the success and experience of the musician. The Musicians'' Union sets the following minimum rates for musicians: For musicians playing in gigs, the national minimum rate is �47.50 for up to two hours before midnight. An experienced singer making backing tracks on an album might earn about �350 for a three-hour session. A solo musician on tour could earn between �500 and �2,000 a week, depending on experience. Equity (the performers'' union) sets the following minimum rates for popular musicians who appear in stage or television productions: The minimum rate for performances in large theatres is �320 a week for eight shows.

    • Word count: 3047
  2. The Arctic Monkeys album Whatever People Say I Am Thats What Im Not and the reality TV Show Popstars: The Rivals which produced the band Girls Aloud used innovative but very different marketing techniques to sell themselves t

    People are eager to buy into the brand of a band by incorporating that certain image into their personal appearance and lifestyle. For some bands, promotional tactics must fiercely focus on image to sell the product to that particular audience who are themselves branded a certain way. This effort by record labels to promote bands by appealing and emphasizing a certain image is becoming increasingly popular. Scissor Sisters are one example of a band who's image is a central focus of who they are and what they do.

    • Word count: 5529
  3. Investigate the ways in which hip hop music appeals to male and female audiences, with reference to 50 cent's Amusement Park, attempting to account for its popularity despite its s****t representations of women

    It soon became hard for white audiences to ignore hip hop culture. The East-West coast feud between artists from either side of America, leading to the eventual murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG also brought both urban issues and its music in to public light. Gangster rap was a predominant subgenre which was responsible for expressing shocking views (notably rap group N.W.A.'s F*** tha police) and portraying the more violent and misogynistic side of hip hop culture. While it still receives a lot of backlash, hip hop has become increasingly mainstream and popular.

    • Word count: 3442
  4. Critical Evaluation part 1,2 & 3

    In the production of media texts, a treatment are drawn up to demonstrate a video should look like. The treatment is the first part of planning before creating the video. Information that w needed was timing slot, target audience, broadcasting channel, the production team, and what settings and equipment as well as the narrative idea used. We decided that the entire video would be black and white, but the ending scene would be a bright blue sky. The treatment was very useful in assisting us when designing the storyboard.

    • Word count: 3155
  5. music production work

    We forgot about a band since there maybe the problem of reliability so we thought it best to stick with just a singer playing the guitar. We thought about having the singer in a narrative where the male character is someone from her record company but thought this may become too confusing and followed too much narrative. As Michelle Branch is an unknown artist to my group, I decided to look at her web site for information on the genre of her music and record company so we could portray her image as accurately as possible.

    • Word count: 3197
  6. The topic of this research essay is Music CD piracy. Piracy is generally used to describe the deliberate infringement of copyright

    Based on opposing views, there are many consumers complaining that original CD is too expensive. Therefore, current laws on CD piracy should not be strictly reinforced. Conversely, reinforcement should be done as CD piracy is against copyright. Besides, the overflowing of pirated CD will decrease the sales of original CD and it may cause shrivelling of music industry. Furthermore, because of CD piracy, artists may not get maximum rewards and government will lose a million of tax revenue. 2.0 Introduction Due to the low-price and convenience of purchasing pirated CD, CD piracy has a current social problem.

    • Word count: 3099
  7. The subject of this dissertation is how feminist beliefs have been expressed in alternative music and the resulting effects on identity and future musical styles

    The second section is my review of the various literature about the alternative scene. I explain the origins of feminism in alternative music, starting with punk in the mid 1970s and following its progress up to the present day. The third section is based upon a series of interviews which I conducted with a range of female members of the alternative scene. This is intended to show how alternative stands today in relation to feminine issues, how it has affected the identity of the consumer and how it compares to other musical styles.

    • Word count: 13720
  8. 1960's course work the Beatles

    Source C is a description of a Beatles concert by Paul Macartney in 1984, he talks of there being a lot of screaming- therefore implying more screaming than in 1984, when people must have been more held back and more reserved than the 60's when at concerts seeing the live bands fans went crazy for seeing their star. This point was supported by source B, a description of a concert at which the stones were playing. However the audience is described a 'maniacal, screaming mob'.

    • Word count: 3364
  9. A critical analysis of the role of popular culture in creating and maintaining learning across British society.

    Many theories arose about the church and how it was corrupt. A man called John Leicester believed the Church to be corrupt and began his own church. The Methodist church, derived from the Czech Maravian Church. Methodist churches have no icons, statues, or grand features such as stained glass. Many working class people became Methodist due to the supposed corruption of the Church of England and its discrimination against the poor. This caused worry among the upper classes that the working classes could rise up against them. At this time, Irish Catholics were brought over from island to dig the canals.

    • Word count: 3362
  10. The Who

    Starting as an offshoot of the British Invasion, the Who evolved to become one of the most powerful and one of the greatest rock n' roll bands of all time. Though by definition they weren't a super-group (the members were not already established as premier musicians before The Who took off), they arguably had the talent to be one. Destroying equipment, blowing up bass drums, Townshend's windmill, Daltrey's tough guy attitude and rock vocal power, and Entwistle's "eye of the hurricane" approach to the stage show and lead bass-playing are all defining parts of The Who that make them a legend in their time and into today.

    • Word count: 4001
  11. The production brief is to create a promo video to promote a music artist and to establish the song. The promo video would be a low budget video which can have a length of up to 5 minu

    It was easier to get an individual singer which looks like Ray J for an R'n'B video than for us to get a whole band for a Rock video and there was the problem of finding people who knew how to play the instruments. Also the song one wish could be made as a Love/Romance narrative whilst the songs on the Rock genre were mainly abstract such as "Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out". It was decided to choose Ray J's One Wish and put a narrative in it so that meaning can be conveyed to the audience.

    • Word count: 3033
  12. What I am going to find out-1. ~ Does age affect the music styles you like?2. ~ Does having children encourage parents to listen to more modern styles?3. ~ Do females spend longer listening to music than males?

    and also adults with no children to see whether modernity increases as an adult goes from childless to having young children, to having teenage children. I also suspect that the modernity will start to decrease as the age of the children is over 21 years old. The graph in which this will be displayed will look something like this: Hypothesis 3 Females spend longer listening to music than males. I need to know:- * Gender * How long spent listening to music per week. I will do girls and boys separately and represent the data on two separate scatter graphs.

    • Word count: 4703
  13. To What Extent has Electronic Technology Impacted on 20th and 21st Century Music?

    From the humble tape recorder that was used in the 1950s up until the early 1990s, to the state-of-the-art digital mixing desks used in major recording studios and live performances, electronic technology has greatly influenced both todays live and studio environments. In this essay, I will examine the pioneers of the age of electronic instruments, focusing on Robert Moog and Leon Theremin, who developed first synthesisers through Les Paul (better known as a legendary guitarist), who first discovered the benefits of multi-track tape recording, up to the automated German band Kraftwerk.

    • Word count: 4573
  14. Describe Popular Culture at the beginning of the 1960's?

    T.V changed dramatically in the 60's. Early 60's TV dominated by middle and upper classes, but Coronation Street started and was about working class people this new drama changed TV and started to reflect society. The 60's bought lots of new shows to the public this was the start of campaigning programmes e.g Tonight also dramas were beginning to become very popular, 'Cathy Come Home' was a great impact on society. By the mid 60's TV had a major influence on youth by programmes like 'Ready Steady Go', 'Cathy McGowan and 'Ready, Steady, Go' were magic, compulsory viewing.

    • Word count: 5136
  15. Describe the musical strategies of some exemplary 'titles' sequences in a way that illuminates the function of music in entertainment cinema.

    We see another globe, this time used for the mapping of the physical and causal route to Casablanca, from France and other places. Clips of paradigm journeys are superimposed onto the map as the refugees flee Paris and Marseilles. The music accompanying this follows on from the pessimistic nature of the interrupted cadence of La Marseillaise, building down to low, dissonant and lugubrious chords on brass which begins to be accompanied by a romantic high, intense and chromatic melody for strings in octaves.

    • Word count: 3277
  16. P2P music file-sharing: Changing the face of the U.S. record industry

    With the data, we ran tests to group our respondents into demographic groups, and then began to develop our line of tests to incorporate our goal set. Preliminary tests uncovered that a majority of respondents use P2P (63%), and the largest demographic was Caucasian males. Further tests uncovered that the absence of cost is a main motive for downloading using P2P programs. Other major factors include variety of music and the ability to burn "mix" c.d.s. Further analysis uncovered a marked impact of the music industry's legal actions.

    • Word count: 4598
  17. The 1960's - source related study

    The impact of the Beatles was obviously phenomenal, changing cultural feelings and becoming one of the most important things in the public's lives. The reasons for their amazing impact and influence is not described in detail except for that the members of the band were "cool, hip, smart, lippy, charming and funny." A catch to anyone! Does the evidence of Source C support the evidence of Sources A and B about the effects of pop music in the 1960's? Explain your answer. Sources A and B in general describe the Beatles era and the 60's as being obsessive and fanatical.

    • Word count: 3050
  18. Nirvana project

    Kurt's family were poor, but tried to hide it. Kurt's mum always made sure that he and his sister had brushed teeth, combed hair and wore the most expensive clothes they could afford. Kurt's mum used to tell him and his sister not to hang round with the poor kids because then people would also think they were poor, but Kurt used to insist on picking up this kid which smelled like pee. Kurt's house was in the middle of one of the worst looking neighbourhoods around, but it was the nicest looking house in the area, Kurt's father made sure of that.

    • Word count: 4482
  19. My aim is to produce a CD cover and poster to promote it, for an age group of 15-20 year olds.

    Then from my results I can then find out which song and artists will feature on the C.D. The artists that have been requested the most will appear on the C.D. The questionnaire is a form of research that I am doing to see what artists or group's people like at the moment. This will then give me a good idea for what I can do for my C.D so it will be more appealing to the age group because it will have what they want.

    • Word count: 3320
  20. Rock 'n' Roll.

    The way in which they have contributed to the rock 'n' roll explosion and how their songs and persona have influenced the British music scene will become apparent in the brief biographies of the said artists. Chuck Berry's music has transcended generations. Tunes like Johnny B. Goode, Maybellene, and Memphis are some of the most easily recognisable rock 'n' roll songs of the century, and have become anthems to American youth and popular culture. He is a musical icon who essentially established rock 'n' roll as a musical form instead of a hybrid of R 'n' B and country.

    • Word count: 4396
  21. The Lion King - Media techniques such as camera angles, music and lighting are specifically used to highlight Simba and Scar's personalities.

    Such things as the weather and music show the opposites of these two characters, sunlight, clear skies, bright clear happy music tends to introduce Simba where as black, dingy, sunless skies and droning, torturing music would be played on Scars appearance. The first scene in which I am going to analyse a character is set in a dingy green cave with animal skeletons scattered throughout. Scar enters the scene amidst three squabbling hyenas fighting over food rations. Scar is surrounded by green mist which filters throughout the cave sometimes partially blocking his profile.

    • Word count: 5088
  22. Describe popular culture in Britain at the beginning of the 1960's.

    The music industry's expansion into the visual entertainment sector introduced an even greater number of people to popular music, mainly teenagers who were to become manufacturers' new target group for marketing. In 1962 the music industry was set aflame with the arrival of what was to be Briton's biggest contribution to the musical industry; The Beatles... At the beginning of the 1960's popular, or pop, music was almost non-existent on TV and radio. Two television programs, 'Jukebox Jury' and 'Six Five Special', were allocated for music, neither were intended for nor satisfied teenagers.

    • Word count: 3428
  23. An analysis of the media techniques employed to give the audience a negative impression of Commodus

    When Commodus arrives in his horse drawn carriage, the music stops completely. Slowly, high-pitched music is introduced and it gradually becomes louder, stronger and more moody. This shows us what sort of person he is to become - he starts off as whining and annoying, but slowly becomes stronger, more powerful and a lot more evil. When Commodus sees his father praising Maximus and smiling with him, this makes him jealous and this clearly visible on his face. A look of resentment takes over Commodus' facial expression and shows us that he does not like Maximus at all, and is also extremely envious of him because he has a stronger relationship with his father than his own son does.

    • Word count: 4115
  24. The Internet Changes the World of Music, But What Comes Next?

    According to this model, performance by companies should measure up to certain criteria. A company should provide products that are qualitatively and quantitatively what the consumer wants. Today the big music companies do not qualify on this matter. New technology makes it possible to individualize a CD. This is something that the consumer desires and that the big labels today do not offer. A company should take advantage of progress in technology and science to provide a "superior new product" to the consumer. The big labels have instead been trying to decelerate the pace of technology progress in relevant areas.

    • Word count: 3037
  25. In this project, I aim to explore the different styles of popular music that have been successful from the 1960s to the present in Spain, why they have been popular, where they originated from, their history and what the music is actually like.

    It has also been used for most types of social events; especially those organised by or planned with young people in mind. Because Spanish popular music can be divided into many categories (the main ones being pop and rock, but each of these having many subcategories which will be explored later in the project), and the fact that each of these categories has a particular type of style and mood, each type of Spanish popular music has been used for different types of events, depending on the mood that the particular style, or individual song sets.

    • Word count: 3292

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • With Close Reference to their recent releases, compare how Britney Spears and Sum 41 are marketed.

    "In conclusion, Britney is marketed more two audiences where Sum 41 appear to be marketed for the same type which is skaters and rock fans. Britney appears to be more interested in her fans, while Sum 41 aren't really bothered what anyone thinks and are more concerned making music and having fun. Finally, record companies are responsible for the artists image. Record companies use media for advertising and will have too as the public opinion of artists change when the media portrayal of them changes. ~~~~~~ Pop Music Marketing Coursework Charlotte Grigg"

  • analyse of title credit sequence of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    "Conclusion This show has been a success and it is famous all over the world. The "title credit sequence" attracted the audience and this made them to watch it because they wanted to know how he landed up living in Bel-Air. I hope they keep on making new series of "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" because many teenagers like it and it made people show what Black people can do as well."

  • Compare & contrast ''Pretty in Pink'' & ''Clueless''

    "I enjoyed both films but I preferred ''Clueless''. The colours in this film were much brighter than the colours in ''Pretty in Pink''. I thought that ''Pretty in Pink'' wasn't as good because the film was a bit dull and this made the film look less exciting. The reason why the shots in each film look different is because the camera technology is very different because the films were made just under a decade apart. With the camera shots being different it makes the film look a lot better and the camera angles looking a lot more advanced. Joe Coggin"

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