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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. The old railway kids.

    They weren't young kids anymore though. The usual gang of 'youths' had given up any hope of generating money off people for their efforts in dressing up for the occasion with a pathetic mask bought from the local newsagents, and had gone to do what the stereotyped 'Halloween' also associated them to do. Armed with a bottle of stolen vodka from the local corner shop, they set out to do just that. The three young rebels clambered, and fell hastily down the steep, muddy hill to the shadowed darkness of the wood.

    • Word count: 1167
  2. Explicit Content in Rap Lyrics.

    I will treat this question in a number of ways. I will provide a brief history of hip-hop music to understand the context in which it is created. I will then present several examples of explicit, controversial rap lyrics, and then analyze and compare what professional critics have written in articles and books concerning the graphic content. In this way, I intend to treat rap lyrics like literature by looking closely at its content and drawing inferences and conclusions about the artist's motivations.

    • Word count: 2090
  3. Reggae progressed and became more experimental with the drum and base patterns, this new style became known as Ska this all happened by 1960.

    Reggae eventually progressed into the traditional rock patterns where the guitar took the rhythm and frequently played on the off beat, with a bass guitar playing the melodic patterns, Bob Marley is the most well known of all the reggae stars as his music was soul influenced and was informed by 'Rastafarianism' which is basically religious and Caribbean beliefs combined. The music was almost always about the beliefs of the African American slaves and the rights that black people should have, some music was even written about the rights to let people smoke marijuana as a religious sacrament.

    • Word count: 980
  4. Verbal Arts/Lyrics

    Its target audience is basically theatre goes who enjoy watching quality performances. Within the song, certain issues are raised. These are things such as poverty and social classes. These issues create images of thing like starvation, dying, homeless, rags in place of clothes, children crying and things of this genre. Several things may have influenced this song like the time, setting era and obviously the French Revolution. The main factor though is the fact that it is based on a book. It doesn't really remind me of another song that I've heard because it is very over dramatic and isn't the sort of thing I hear normally.

    • Word count: 655
  5. Media Studies - make a music video

    We are using the Binary opposites of maturity and immaturity, which is a basic college idea, the mature students that do their work and the immature students that joke about and don't take things seriously. We thought of things that would be included in a punk music video, we had the idea of the band rehearsing in a music room and being very professional about it and then came up with the opposite which is practicing in the refectory and playing random objects rather than proper instruments.

    • Word count: 798
  6. Eccentric is defined as being different, odd, non-conventional or strange. However being eccentric isn't entirely bad, it influences the society and makes the society realise that there is much more to life.

    Unfortunately, there is a horrible downside to Jackson, and that is his several facial and skin adjustments. Since day one when Jackson altered his nose, the media hasn't left him alone and just got worse, so did Michael. It seemed obvious to realise that Michael had issues, over 15 years he underwent so many changes. His fans began to question what he was doing to himself, some believed that he was over paranoid about his appearance and got carried away. These plastic surgeries scared Michael's life, because the media never let go and were onto every thing Michael would say or go.

    • Word count: 873
  7. Creative Writing - We stood imperially on the summit of this wondrous peak.

    We were at the mercy of nature. My worst fears had been realised. A storm was upon us. Just then there was a colossal explosion of thunder. We stared in mute amazement as ostentatious lightning, the colour of burnished gold, burst in white-bright flashes flaming against the crenellated ridge. Thunder, colliding in sheets of monstrous sound, rattled the air and practically deafened us. We just sat, timorous almost to the point of death. The wind rose to a shrieking, venomous pitch in its furious battle with mountain. The air stank of scorched stone and the storm had absorbed us into an unknown world of pain and power.

    • Word count: 1378
  8. Comparing "Teechers" With "Grease" And "Weekend Away".

    Both the single and multi role techniques are effective, but are used for different ends. Another point for comparison is costumes. The costumes in "Teechers" have to be very simplistic, as they are constantly changing, and usually only consist of one item, for example, a leather jacket for Oggy Moxon. The costumes in "Grease" are typical 1950's costumes and very much to the period, and in A "Weekend Away", the period of time is not stated, but judging by the language that the characters use, it suggests a more modern, up to date time frame, as the characters talk about the mini bus which is more modern.

    • Word count: 586
  9. Write a review in which you support the film for its Oscar film of the year 2000 and ward of its critics.

    Ridley Scott does not fail to impress. The location of the opening battle creates a sense of realism and with the costumes of the roman army it is shown that a lot of time has been taken to research the costumes to make it exact for the location. When entering battle music is played this music makes the scene even more remarkable then it is already. It creates a sense of heroism between the roman army and there leader Maximus.

    • Word count: 1081
  10. Much advertising is a form of abuse as it pushes the unworldly, vulnerable and unsophisticated into behaviour or activities that may endanger, confuse or frighten them." Discuss.

    With teenagers and young adults admiring them it is easy to lay blame on there idols for their own actions. Today's generation of children are nicknamed the "copycat kids"2, as suggested in a report by the ITC that children as young as four years of age up to young adults will copy almost anything they see or hear from their idols. It is said that bands like So Solid Crew don't take responsibility for their actions and don't understand the influence they have on children.

    • Word count: 1932
  11. Why do Nurses earn less than rock stars?

    Others, however, can earn millions and billions, and therefore, this will mean that the results for pop stars' wages will be skewed, given the wide range of salaries. Wages are set very much like price is - by market equilibrium. Looking at the labour market, we can see that, once immensely popular, demand for an artist becomes very inelastic - people will buy his merchandise even if the price increases quite a lot. Supply for nurses, on the other hand, may be elastic, as there are plenty of individuals who are willing to try and seek employment in that field, assuming that the skills required aren't very hard to come by (to enter the profession).

    • Word count: 668
  12. Drama: A road to heaven

    The play was a musical, and it was portrayed in different styles of music and introduced in a variety of ways such as costumes, which showed creativeness and imagination for the scenes. The costumes allowed humour to be created and helped the song and the message that they were trying to get across. The music surprisingly were songs that can be recognised by any generation as they used the unforgettable and loved tunes of any age and they were altered to combine with the musical and characters of the play.

    • Word count: 540
  13. My Father's Song Vs. The Odyssey.

    Ortiz, along with Telemachus, miss their father. For Ortiz, his father is dead, and for Telemachus, his father is lost at sea. They both miss the emotional bond and psychological support that their father would provide for them. For Ortiz, it is his father's songs, and for Telemachus, it is his father's guidance and influence. Both of them, as sons, want something passed down to them. When Ortiz is compared with Odysseus they are both seen as fathers.

    • Word count: 578
  14. Describe popular culture in Britain at the beginning of the 1960's.

    American recordings of British Pop Music influenced the British Invasion. This period confirmed rock music internationally .The Beatles combined the guitar based rock and roll of Chuck berry and buddy holly with the artistry of the tin pan alley style. The animals were another major band; they blended blues and r&b music. The rolling Stones blended aspects of Chicago blues to there intense, and forceful music. When early rock and roll began the major American record companies did not take the British invasion seriously.

    • Word count: 1136
  15. Assess the impact of new technologies on the music industry - Discuss the significance and implications of these developments.

    This is significant because radio now has a larger audience than before and more people are being influenced. This changes the way music is purchased and determines the success of artists and the record companies. Digital television works in the same way as radio in that the music channels help promote singles through the playing of music videos. Specialized channels and radio stations target specific audiences - this is known as narrow casting - which let every genre of music be heard enabling audiences to make up their own minds about what they like. As homogenous music exists alongside specialist music produced mainly by A and R (Artist and Repertoire), record companies want to target the right audiences for maximum exposure and therefore corresponding sales.

    • Word count: 863
  16. Redneck Recording Process

    to work off of for the song. Most of the time this will end up being the bridge or the chorus. After the riff is placed in the song. Well start working out the other parts of the song. Because were both guitarists we'll figure out the other parts of the song later. After another fifteen to forty minutes we basically have the song's guitar parts and vocal melodies worked out. When hitting out the vocals, I usually like to Shoot from the hip. So Chris plays the riff while I start singing words.

    • Word count: 1127
  17. Sensing realism - Howard Koch's Invasion From Mars

    For example from pages 252 to 254, they play popular music in that time period and frequently cut in and out to report "breaking news". This makes it seem like they are actually broadcasting news rather then making it fake and just starting out with the news about the Martians invading. Having Phillips interrupt the music time after time caused the audience to believe that this was a real broadcast. This is because if Phillips did not interrupt the music or real broadcast, it would seem way too fake.

    • Word count: 1077
  18. Assess the impact of new technologies on the music industry - Discuss the significance and implications of the developments.

    The development of digital television has impacted positively on the music industry. Sky digital, NTL digital and Telewest digital television offer twenty-three music channels. These music channels help promote artists, people have the chance to watch artists videos and familiarise themselves with artists. They also promote artists singles, as people are able to watch the video for music singles before they come out in the stores, therefore people are aware of songs and are more likely to buy them. This means that more money is going into the music industry.

    • Word count: 1192
  19. Analyse the ways in which Speilberg builds up tension and suspense in the hit film jaws.

    The jaws theme tune was the brainchild of composer John Williams He did the composing and musical arrangements for jaws and gifted the film with its own signature tune, which is recognised worldwide. The signature tune is a steady piece of low tones, Quickening Rhythm and an ostenato pattern was used and played When the shark was about to attack, thus training the audience to recognise when the shark was in close proximity to her prey. Williams and speilberg also crafted the music to fit the shark's movements.

    • Word count: 1991
  20. Popular culture of the 1960's.

    'Pop Art' was a new form of art, becoming increasingly recognised. This form of art evolved around themes from rather significant pop culture items (e.g. images of famous actors and actresses, old cartoons as well as other appreciated idols.) 'Pop Art' was often composed of unusual works of art, of bright colours and optical illusions. These art forms were for the first time witnessed in most museums, which was a reflection on the profound change upon modern appreciation for art.

    • Word count: 930
  21. ICT- Is the understanding of different information and verifying information from data and knowledge.

    Music is usually stored in digital format on CD, Minidisk or DVD's. All stages of music production require some sought of ICT involvement from recording to actual CD manufacture .The musician will record the music via microphones that will record and then computers will be used to enhance the quality of the music and then the final touches are added. The internet has also benefited the music industry as people can download music very quickly efficiently but this has also meant that the rate of piracy has increased. Most people wouldn't believe how much it is costing the artists and producers, the figure I millions.

    • Word count: 577
  22. Media - Pre production piece, storyboard for music video.

    Firstly, something I had to consider carefully was my audience. The song I chose was released in the 1960s. So, obviously it would not significantly appeal to the younger age groups. The majority of my audience will be of the older age group, probably between 40 and 60. This song would appeal to both men and women, so there was no particular gender to target. I do not think that this song would attract any particular class of people, as the song discusses issues that affect all social classes.

    • Word count: 528
  23. Does music influnce our mind and behaviour?

    you slash your own throat, so now it's double Homicide and suicide with no note, I should have known better when you Started to act weird, we could've.......HEY! Where you going....get back Here!!! You can't run from me Kim....It's just us...Nobody else! You're only Making this harder on yourself" meaning he's trying to make murder look like an accident. Now when children hear these types of lyrics how do they feel? But is Eminem only expressing himself through music as he feels within his limits to swear and shout in his songs.

    • Word count: 1344
  24. How is a feeling of suspense created in the station scene, from the film 'The Untouchables'.

    He was the richest man for miles and reportedly earned �170,000,000 a year! Which in those days especially was astronomical. He is the gangster that Elliot Ness a federal agent, George Stone a trainee policeman, James Malone a veteran policeman, and Oscar Wallace an accountant, are out to stop. By the time of this scene, only Ness And Stone are left living and have vowed to catch Al Capone. But they cannot prove anything about him that would send him to jail although he is a known gangster, there is nothing concrete until they found out that he hadn't been paying his income taxes and his bookkeeper could prove it.

    • Word count: 2773
  25. Influence of "Pop culture" on individuals

    Music had a very important role in our history. Music helped to develop new ways of thinking and acting. For years, people were afraid of expressing some ideas which were not common or were not right to say, as when they had political or social problems with the government, they were not able to complain or to say things against that hypocrisies. This ideas were starting to spread with the help of the lyrics inside the music, where artists said what other people were afraid.

    • Word count: 698

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