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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. Media Coursework : Shrek

    The use of camera angles and movements help to bring the characters to life. This is an enormous part of Shrek purely because of the close up camera shots and angles. Examples of this are big close-ups focusing only on the facial features. Where as the long shot or wide shot enable us to see the other charters and objects that are included in the background. The lighting that is incorporated into Shrek is very life like in that even the blowing of the trees has it's own unique shadows for each individual leaf.

    • Word count: 1337
  2. An analysis of the title sequence of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    The music is an easy beat to attract all types of teenagers. The first mise-en-scene which is Will Smith who plays the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitting on a rotating throne with the graffiti wall in the background. The titles and The graffiti are brightly coloured to attract teenagers to the show. The graffiti is also usually very popular to teenagers. A majority of teenagers will also see graffiti in their country as well as America where the show is filmed.

    • Word count: 795
  3. The Political Effects of the Vietnam War on 1960’s Pop Culture

    Kennedy surprised and upset many Americans. However, the Vietnam War had the most profound effect on American pop culture. The Vietnam War changed music, fashion, and overall attitudes. Because of the Vietnam War and the undertones of the civil rights movement, 1960's pop culture significantly impacted our nation in a way that will be remembered for many years to come. 2Szymanski The Vietnam War still effects many people. Today, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is commonly associated with veterans of the Vietnam War. (Berk 346) During the 1960's there was an Anti-War movement that evolved from the Freedom of Speech Movement.

    • Word count: 2117
  4. Copyright - Art and the Business of Recording

    next to it just so there isn't any sort of argument at that point. But then when you start to record there are the producers being brought in, the sound engineers, mixers, etc. They all have their finger prints on the recording, and needless to say some people do more work then others. So then you have to figure out who has done what, because more work on the project means more money in the mail from royalties. So I don't understand why there isn't a written contract done before a piece of work.

    • Word count: 1042
  5. Describe the growth of teenage culture in the USA in the period of 1955 to 1975

    Access to cars enabled teens to escape parental control, and gave unprecedented mobility to young people. In the words of a journalist, cars provided 'a private lounge for drinking and for petting or s*x episodes.' Many concerned parents observed, and blamed the delinquency problem on a new form of music that emerged during the post-war era, rock 'n' roll. When the film 'The Blackboard Jungle' appeared in 1955, people drew a direct connection between the behaviour of the films juvenile gang members and the rock 'n' roll songs by Bill Haley and the Comets featured in the sound track.

    • Word count: 1009
  6. To determine whether or not seaweed is capable of modifying its structure and protein make-up in order to successfully thrive in its immediate environment, no matter if this environment is one of harsh nature or one of mild nature.

    3) Put on a pair of rubber gloves, wrap a bungee cord along the length of a seaweed strand. Then attach the bungee cord to the hook on the fish scale and pull up on the fish scale until the seaweed breaks. Record the amount of force required to break the seaweed from its point of attachment. Repeat this procedure approximately 20 times on different pieces of seaweed from the same region. Also note the breakage points on each piece of seaweed, and the approximate length of each fragment of seaweed. Repeat steps 1-3 for seaweed found in a non-exposed region.

    • Word count: 2104
  7. Analysis of My Dramatic Piece on Human Influences

    found that many people were inspired to dance or draw to music, With all this research I came up with the idea of showing how people feel though art. The main influence to my self was my German folder, which was used to create the centrepiece to our course work the wall. My character came from a violent back ground and had no way of expressing herself at home, she was lucky enough to get an art scholarship at collage as that is how she expressed her violent feelings toward herself and others.

    • Word count: 494
  8. Commentary: Music Print

    All of these names seem to have a little meaning and don't need thinking about and so the name I have used is Enola. I choose this name initially because I was reading an article in a magazine that mentioned the it, I thought that Enola would be a good name for a band of this type as it is short, simple and easy to say. The band was going to be aimed at male and female teenagers and possibly students, as they seem to be the general audience for this sort of music, and so the promotional material needed to show that it aimed towards this age group of people.

    • Word count: 833
  9. How the Internet has changed the face of the pop industry?

    The advantage of MP3 files is that they are approximately one-tenth the size of the corresponding wave file and can be close-to-CD-quality. It is for this reason that many artists, record labels and other music industry stakeholders are concerned by the MP3 file format and applications like Napster that simplify the sharing of copyrighted material. The reaction from recording artists, record labels and other music industry players has been varied, but primarily anti-Napster. The first action taken against Napster was by the band Metallica.

    • Word count: 1830
  10. How does the director of The Crucible make use of the medium of film to bring over the power of the drama?

    The camera sits in the darkest corner from time to time, watching all that goes on. It almost like there is something hiding in the corner, maybe an animal. The camera gives us a view of what each different person is seeing. The only noise at this time is the night birds outside which add an almost sinister air to the proceedings. The people in the room are filmed standing together-Elizabeth and John, Hale and Cheever. The tension steadily mounts until it climaxes when the puppet is found with the needle stuck in it. The music starts up again as Mary is called down and questioned .The camera stays on her alone so we can see how she reacts to everything.

    • Word count: 1497
  11. New Band Construction

    Band Image Codes of clothing: The code of dress is linked to the rebellion of the group as baggy jeans or long shorts do not conform to and adult's perspective of social dress standards. Members of the band will have notable characteristics to show their individuality for example: brightly coloured hair, tattoos or piercings. Promotion: The band will promote the image of a rebellious, fun loving band. This image will be created by connecting their dress style to skateboarding, as the band will be sponsored by a skateboard company, e.g.

    • Word count: 1211
  12. The Impact of File Sharing

    In my opinion, it very important that recording companies and the music industry in general respond flexibly and rapidly to change because if they don't, not only will consumers be less happy but other companies might do so and hence add value to their products by having competitive advantage over the less flexible and less responsive to change companies. The Innovation The music industry is often thrown into turmoil by a new format innovation. Quite recent examples include the change from Long Plays to Tapes or 8-Tracks with a much greater acceptance to tapes.

    • Word count: 1524
  13. Creative Writng English Essay: Between a Rock and…Another Rock.

    The first three were made of green, red and blue prosthetic 'rocks', which varied in size, shape and distance apart from trail to trail. The next one was sprayed gold, with none of the moulded handprint hold sites that you would find on the upper side of the 'rocks' of the other trail, and the last one took up just over half of the width of the entire wall. The rocks were actually made of the same material of the wall face, and their colour made them almost indistinguishable from the rest of the wall.

    • Word count: 2009
  14. Elvis Presley Coursework Assignment

    Source A is a factual article which is encouraging towards Elvis, promoting the fact that he is popular. This source is aimed at any age group or race that had an interest in modern music and read the magazine. Source B is peoples personal opinions, condemning and objected, 'Presley has no singing ability', and 'primitive physical movement', are examples of the personal criticism and abuse Source B implies. Source B is aimed at middle aged, middle class white people. ii) Use Sources C and D, and your own knowledge to explain why Sources A and B differ. Source A is written earlier than Source B and is about record sales.

    • Word count: 1563
  15. Music 2 revise by

    I will also need to look at media audiences, representation and the values and ideology. These will make it clear who the product is going to be aimed at and how the values of the product imply the representations offered. I will think of various ideas for the CD and adverts and finally construct one finished idea for the CD and two separate ideas for the posters that will be aimed at varied target audiences. It is vital to obtain the correct target audience, as the audience should see clearly that the CD is aimed at them.

    • Word count: 810
  16. In what way is American TV culture satirised in The Simpsons TV Violence?

    The opening song is catchy, "We fight, we bite, we fight, we bite, we fight". In the episode of Itchy and Scratchy, the characters are hitting each other over the heads with mallets. Immediately after she goes down to the basement were Homer is doing some DIY, picks up a mallet and hits Homer with it. This proves that the Itchy and Scratchy Show is influencing the children. The producers of The Simpsons use parody as a technique to satirise the TV culture of America by including the Psycho scene. When Maggie attacks Homer for the first time the directors include the same music and camera angles.

    • Word count: 1249
  17. Media Studies Coursework: Pop Music Assignment

    Hop * Soul * R 'n' B Conventions of Genres Conventions of genres are ingredients that come together to form the genre. They are elements with give the genre it's unique image. These are some examples of genres and their conventions: Genre - Punk These are the conventions of punk: * Low prices- shows and record prices * Laid Back, friendly attitudes - they treat all their fans well and as equally as themselves and reply personally to all fan letters and emails.

    • Word count: 854
  18. MUSIC: An art or a Con?

    As they can't write material or play their own music, their careers are short lived so in the time they have, they absorb as much attention as possible paving the way for their record labels next 'big thing'. Unfortunately, most of the gullible public is too lazy to look beyond what is advertised to them, and as a result numerous performers are ignored who would have received exposure in the "old days". The problem largely stems from the fact that the media bosses who own the record companies are the exact same ones who own the magazines and television networks who report on the music scene.

    • Word count: 1331
  19. R- Kelly ‘ The world's greatest’

    A young boy tires and gets past the bodyguard after being refused to be allowed in. R- Kelly then welcomes the boy into this dressing room and gives him the autograph he wanted. This suggest to me that R- Kelly is trying to thank the fans and does care about everyone who follows him. Throughout the video there are reminders of the September 11th catastrophe. R-Kelly is reminding the American republic that they can stand up tall and fight their fears.

    • Word count: 646
  20. A Memorable Scene

    Time had stood still, and the only sign of movement was the gentle meandering snowflakes. It was as if nothing could spoil that idyllic setting. As I admired the radiant scenery, a sudden movement caught my eye. A colourful clash of blue and yellow against the blinding white snow expertly interlaced through an imaginary string of posts. I watched, transfixed, until slowly, my senses heightened and my awe turned to horror as I realised that the skier was off piste and gathering momentum as his body fought to gain control of his situation.

    • Word count: 375
  21. Is Rock Music To Blame For Violence?

    What is it that draws in so many youngsters? Why do they feel the need to get involved in what is seen to be a dark world of outrageous behaviour? It is a simple answer; they feel the need to associate with the others feeling the same strain as they do as they struggle to gain freedom and identity in a confusing world. The lyrics are real and don't hide from the bad parts of life, the passion is so strong people know that the performers have felt what they're singing about.

    • Word count: 2126
  22. Should music file servers on the Internet should be shut down?

    The internet has also been going from strength to strength, millions upon millions of people all round the world log on everyday to search for information, send e-mails, talk to people in different countries and a whole lot more. But within the last 3 or 4 years, file servers such as Napster, WinMX and Morpheus to name a few have sprung up allowing people to download their favourite songs straight to their computer without having to pay a penny.

    • Word count: 553
  23. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana

    He also took an interest in British punk, especially s*x Pistols and The Clash. On Kurt's fourteenth birthday he bought his first guitar and spent a lot of time trying to develop his own unique musical style. He also spent much of his time going to concerts in Seattle and he was a roadie for a band called 'Melvins'. Around this time Kurt went over to his friend Robert Novoselic's house where he met Robert's brother Krist, the future bass guitar player for Nirvana.

    • Word count: 1191
  24. Does Napster have a positive influence on the music business?

    Napster ....................................................................... 9 What does a Napster network look like? ............................................... 11 New Groups through new Technology ................................................ 12 Groups become known all over the World ............................................. 13 What is happening to Napster right now? .............................................. 14 Conclusion.................................................................................. 18 Bibliography .............................................................................. 19 Introduction: Many people have asked the question if Napster does have a positive influence on the music business recently. In this essay I will look at aspects concerning Napster and its technology as well as the influence it had and has on the music business. The arrival of the new computer programme Napster with its new technology changed the world in only a few months.

    • Word count: 4287
  25. A Comparison of “the Song of the Whale” and “ a Black Rabbit Cies For Its Country”

    This highlights the fact that whales are used for lipstick and polished. In 'A Black Rabbit Dies for its country' the poems is written in the rabbit's point of view. It highlights the facts of the process the rabbit goes through in his life, and till he dies.

    • Word count: 424

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