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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. Account for some of the ways in which Bollywood popular culture has been used and translated in the South Asian diaspora

    (R Gowricharn, Professor of multicultural cohesion and transnational studies at the University of Tilburg, The Netherlands) In this sense, communities of Indian origin consider themselves as one large civilisation of which the Bollywood popular culture is an intrinsic part. Therefore the popularity of the Bollywood movies is not restricted solely to resident Indians but is massively far reaching, encompassing the entire South Asian diaspora, and extending further to a major part of the world's population. Since the turn of the millennium Lagaan has been nominated for an Oscar, Monsoon Wedding achieved blockbuster status and Devdas was the first Bollywood film to be screened at Cannes.

    • Word count: 2676
  2. 15. What keeps mankind alive? Answer the question with reference to the actions of characters in The Threepenny Opera.

    Moreover, his "s****l obsession" (page 40) is so intense that even during the critical days when he is wanted by the police, he keeps on showing up in the whorehouse and flirting the whores by praising the "nice underwear [that] [they] [have] got" (page 42) As reflected in the lyrics of the song, "food" is, for a number of characters, to be "sorted out" (page 55, line number 3) to the "basic, first position" (page 55, line number 3) in one's life so that "food is the first thing [to] [them]", "[while] morals follow on" (page 55, number 9).

    • Word count: 1119
  3. Chicken Run Essay

    The camera then moves onto Ginger, the lighting is dim and you can barely see her, she then steps out of the shadows and into the light this signifies that she is up to something she shouldn't be. It also suggests that she's a good character stepping into the light. At this moment the camera moves in for a close up. This shows the emotion on her face. Military music accompanies ginger making the tension build. As Ginger makes a quick dart to the fence the tempo of the music quickens suggesting that she wants to get to the fence quickly.

    • Word count: 1077
  4. History Coursework-The 1960's

    Does the evidence of Source C support the evidence of Sources A and B about the effects of pop music in the 1960's? Explain your answer. A. Source C does support the other sources the comment on the hysteria experienced by fans of popular bands at the time. The are all however written after the time, they are secondary sources, and A and B give accounts only of experiences in London. The accuracy of the points is increased by the fact that the tree opinions come from different people, of different backgrounds, and they all agree the 1960's were a turning point in popular culture.

    • Word count: 1807
  5. The Nitwitz - B.G.K.

    Do I need to go any further?". The lyrics of The Nitwitz were not political at all in the beginning. It was about girls, Wackier the Viking and get beaten up by disco-visitors. In march 1979 they played in Paradiso (The Netherlands) with the anarchy band Crass from England. Crass decided to sabotage the set of The Nitwitz by turning of the sound installation. After all, The Nitwitz were sexists. This shows how narrow-minded the free-thinkers from Crass really were.

    • Word count: 1346
  6. Alfred Hitchcock has been called 'the Master of Suspense', considering 'psycho' state how effectively he achieves the element of suspense in this film.

    This shows her flaunting her sexuality. She was also seen flushing the toilet just before she was murdered. This is another thing that Hitchcock was brought up to think was immoral also Hitchcock was a misogynist. This might explain why he killed off the main female character in the film. Work played a huge part in Hitchcock's life, he was a workaholic infact. People would describe Hitchcock as obsessive with his films because he would devote his life to and take so much pride in them. Psycho was released in 1960. The morals and attitudes of people were a lot different in 1960 to what they are now.

    • Word count: 2331
  7. How has Baz Luhrman used sound effects to appeal to a younger audience?

    tells us that they are young boys not men this is reflected through their music. Whereas the sound effects with the Capulets are more bullying and sinister. Baz Luhrman helps the young audience judge clearly between these two gangs, and the music and SFX help the audience create a personal impression of them. The Montague's are childish, juvenile, and loud, use toilet humour and are trying to be noticed; the Capulets comparison to the Montague's are powerful, forceful, skilled fighters and are feared like criminals. At the start of the film Baz Luhrman has used a female newsreader.

    • Word count: 540
  8. How does Kenneth Branagh (the director) make Act One of Much Ado About Nothing into an exciting and effective film opening?

    It then goes to show the sky and hills going round to where there are lots of people sat down having a picnic. Then moving on to focus on Beatrice. Everyone seems calm and relaxed, all happy and everything is bright and full of colour. The people are wearing white clothes to show how red they are from sun burn. In the second scene the, Arrival of Don Pedro and Don John, Branagh makes the music loud and exciting. The music is fast as everyone is in a hurry.

    • Word count: 642
  9. Ticket To...Tadcaster

    Therefore I believe I made the right decision showing my documentary on channel four in the T4 slot on a Sunday morning. As the demographic audience is aged 16-30 and can relate to the band as they are the same ages. I have chosen a televised viewing rather than a cinema viewing for the simple reason that they are more popular judging by the regular scheduling of documentaries and higher viewing figures. I have used diegetic dialogue from the band in the argument sequences in conjunction with non diegetic narration from me to convey an informative style; this narration is

    • Word count: 1219
  10. Lion King Evaluation

    They producers and directors were able to do this by using sound effects and light in an extremely good manner and the were able to use music in the right circumstances that got some watchers singing along and you will always remember the songs. They used the music effectively, and used appropriate types of music at different times to emphasise feelings. An example of this is when Simba (Lion King Cub) is in the Jungle with his friends and they are all in a good, jolly, happy mood that they start singing and the song they sing (A coona matada)

    • Word count: 757
  11. To What Extent has Electronic Technology Impacted on 20th and 21st Century Music?

    From the humble tape recorder that was used in the 1950s up until the early 1990s, to the state-of-the-art digital mixing desks used in major recording studios and live performances, electronic technology has greatly influenced both todays live and studio environments. In this essay, I will examine the pioneers of the age of electronic instruments, focusing on Robert Moog and Leon Theremin, who developed first synthesisers through Les Paul (better known as a legendary guitarist), who first discovered the benefits of multi-track tape recording, up to the automated German band Kraftwerk.

    • Word count: 4573
  12. How does Hitchcock create and maintain suspense in "Psycho"?

    The film starts off, with an everyday situation, when Marion's at work. So the viewer feels nothing is going to happen yet. Her boss then enters, handing her money to bank. As she has the money in her hands, she decides to run away which makes the viewer think of what's going to happen next. She goes home, and starts to pack her bags, leaving the money lying on her bed. There's a close-up shot of the money which makes the viewer focus on the money.

    • Word count: 1765
  13. Elvis Presley Coursework: His impact on twentieth century culture

    The article says, '...none other than the amazing country warbler, Elvis Presley'. The quote reflects Elvis Presley's routes and backgrounds because Elvis was influenced by Country music as a young child when he lived in Mississippi. (2) Source B shows extracts from newspaper articles describing Elvis Presley's appearance on the Milton Berle show on NBC-TV on 5 June 1956. The New York Times says 'Mr Presley has no signing ability'. The fact that Elvis Presley made a no. 1 smash hit with 'Heartbreak Hotel' earlier that year discredits the comment. The 'Daily News' (a well established newspaper)

    • Word count: 1239
  14. Musical Genres and Age

    On the second hypothesis I will stratify 30 pupils from year 7 and 11. This is because there are more students in year 7 than in year 11. I would use the same pupils as in the second hypothesis to present data for the third hypothesis. Method: First Hypothesis: "Boys and girls generally listen to different types of music." 1) Produce a questionnaire which can be distributed to different pupils in the school. 2) As I already have primary data from the school which has the gender and the year group of every student attending the school.

    • Word count: 1697
  15. How are bands marketed?

    The types of music we listen to often stereotype us. For example, if you listen to Punk Rock music you are immediately categorised as being anti-social, rebellious and not caring what anyone thinks about you. People that listen to Classical music are stereotyped as being old, boring and un-cool. You can often tell what kind of music people are into just by looking at the way they act and how they are dressed. To target their audiences the music industry fragments the different types of music into different categories such as Heavy Metal, Pop, Classical, Rock and more.

    • Word count: 627
  16. Critical Analysis of a scene from Chicken Run

    Compared to Robby the Reindeer where the movement is much more simple along with the models and set. The first camera angle we see is an extreme long shot, it is of the chicken's enclosure this shot alone introduces the surroundings then it pans across onto the chickens this is the most important shot as it shows us what is happening in this case the chickens all in a line standing still. When Mrs. Tweedy walks in you do not see her face this creates a mysterious atmosphere as you don't know what she is going to do.

    • Word count: 839
  17. Intern for Contrabandit.com

    When covering the medium of Hip-Hop music, I discovered how far reaching and expansive it has become and with my education at UCLA I've been able to view hip-hop from scholarly approach. The main theme I've noticed throughout my internship has been Hip-Hop music's growth and the changes that become of it as it has become an acceptable musical genre generating billions of dollars for the recording industry studios. The three biggest new stories that I was able to cover were the Eminem-Michael Jackson confrontation, Russell Simmons' Hip-Hop Summit Action Network's Presidential voter registration campaign, and the violent incident that occurred at the Vibe Awards.

    • Word count: 2314
  18. Identify and compare the main codes and conventions of two television documentaries and explain what effects they have on the presentation of the subject matter of the programmes.

    Whereas Faking It takes a modern more up beat approach when introducing it's main characters, again we see this in the music and camera angles used. The codes are also very different. Only now are people realising that the dry and stuffy documentaries that used to dominate the documentary industry are out of fashion and the new funky, modern, entertaining documentaries are IN. The ideology of boring, stuffy and dull fits in with Killing with Kindness and the new funky ideology fit's in with Faking It.

    • Word count: 1466
  19. Investigate, the effects of dilution on the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulphate and dilute hydrochloric acid.

    In 1953, Sam Philips owner / producer of Sun Records was impressed with Elvis's voice and signed him up. But in 1955, Elvis recording contract was sold to RCA Victor. By 1956, Elvis was an international star. Elvis Presley made a grand impact on popular music as we can learn from Source A. We also find that Source A is also reliable, as it tells us about an article in U.S. magazine 'Billboard' on 3rd March 1956 as follows: "A Winner! Presley Hot as $1 Pistol". Because at that time Elvis Presley was hot property. A singer very much in demand. Source A also tells us that Elvis had already made an impact even before the Article was published.

    • Word count: 541
  20. For this piece of coursework, I am going to describe the different systems used in a supermarket like Tesco and A bank.

    In addition, Sony music entertainment lately decided to move back to normal CD-audio format discs for all future releases because of the reason that music users' increased consciousness about copyrights and maintenance of legality It can be considered that customer might feel conformity to the CD-audio format specification. However, meanwhile there is a fact that the issue of piracy- both physically and online continues to be a major problem for EMI, particularly in Latin America, China, South Asia and South Europe. Economical * The overall economy might be doing well especially in three largest markets, US, Japan and the UK.

    • Word count: 1096
  21. Describe Popular Culture at the beginning of the 1960's?

    T.V changed dramatically in the 60's. Early 60's TV dominated by middle and upper classes, but Coronation Street started and was about working class people this new drama changed TV and started to reflect society. The 60's bought lots of new shows to the public this was the start of campaigning programmes e.g Tonight also dramas were beginning to become very popular, 'Cathy Come Home' was a great impact on society. By the mid 60's TV had a major influence on youth by programmes like 'Ready Steady Go', 'Cathy McGowan and 'Ready, Steady, Go' were magic, compulsory viewing.

    • Word count: 5136
  22. Rap Sucks

    (By the way, in case anyone forgot, those losers in Aerosmith were totally washed up at that point--they hadn't been selling records for years. But that one song gave them a second chance, definitely one of the more unfortunate turns in music history.) Although I didn't buy much rap music back then (I was too busy listening to pop records at the time), I was still a fan. I think I even wanted to try to learn to break dance once.

    • Word count: 1352
  23. 'How does Hitchcock create atmosphere, tension and shock in Psycho?'

    Furthermore, the beginning music written by Bernard Herwann, has a strict pulse and beat like a heartbeat and seems to feel like the "motions" of stabbing which is unnerving. This music repeats itself at different but significant intervals throughout the film such as the minutes before Marian's death. This running theme contributes to the slow but steady buildup of tension. Late on in the film Marian changes from white to black underwear after she has committed the theft of $40'000.

    • Word count: 2454
  24. "The main aim of the recording industry is not to make music but to make money."

    Most pop songs come with a pop video which is shown on channels such as 'MTV' and 'The Box' and television programmes such as 'Top Of The Pops' before the release date, programmes like this also give the artists a chance to perform. A pop video normally features the artist and/or actors acting out a story which may be connected to the song; other genres such as rock tend to have the band performing in front of an audience instead of the video having any underlying story.

    • Word count: 1396
  25. Petunia Experiment - We are conducting this experiment because we wanted to research the affect of music on plant growth.

    So without doing extra research and finding out they grow at a steady pace throughout the whole of their lives, a repeated measures design would be completely unsuitable. Our independent variable (or IV) was the type of music that we played to the petunias and our dependant variable (or DV) was the height the petunias grew to. To keep the experiment fair and precise we had to try to keep all extraneous (confounding) variables the same. For example, we kept them in the same amount of sunlight, O2, CO2, space, water, music and all at room temperature.

    • Word count: 875

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