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Musical Genres and Age

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Statistics My name is Shofi Uddin and I study in a mixed public school called Loxford School of Science and Technology. It is situated in Ilford and has a reputation of being a well equipped Science and Technology school. It is popular school amongst the residents which locate near by and respectively has a growing school population. However there are more students in the earlier years such as year 7, this is why I would have to stratify my sample to make my investigation affective. I have notice whilst attending the school since year 7 that a lot of the pupils have a great interest in music. However I have also realised that the genre which they listen to does change throughout the years. This is why I have decided to enquire on the following hypotheses. * "Boys and girls generally listen to different types of music." * "More pupils in year 7 prefer pop than year 11 pupils." * "Pupils in year 11 spend more time listening to music than pupils in year 7." On the first hypothesis I will question 15 boys and 15 girls at random from different year groups. On the second hypothesis I will stratify 30 pupils from year 7 and 11. ...read more.


This also shows that the boys overall have a wider range of preferred music whilst the girls preferred mostly the same types of music. The Hypothesis has also proved to be true because as a whole girls and boys in my survey chose different types of music genres as their favourite. However I am aware that my sample was far too small to represent the whole population of girls and boys. It will be relevant to do a further hypothesis - this is because age can be a factor. For example students in different years may prefer different types of music. The young students may enjoy rap, pop, and other genres of music just to fit into a group, or to become more appealing to student of there age. Whereas an older student has the years to experiment with different forms of music and now has a favourite which they truly love - not just because they would feel welcomed with there peers. Second Hypothesis: "More pupils in year 7 prefer pop, than year 11 pupils." Minimising Bias In my pre-test I sampled 15 boys and 15 girls at random from the school. However, the school is growing and there are more students in year 7 than in year 11. ...read more.


Prediction: I think the hypothesis will be true because year 11's may start to listen to music to relieve stresses and strains which they face during their exams. Results: Hours 0>h?0.5 0.5>h?1 1>h?1.5 1.5>h?2 Year 7 10 3 1 1 Year 11 1 3 4 7 Bar chart: Pie chart - Year 7's Pie chart - Year 11's Line Graph: Cumulative frequency: Hours ?0.5 ?1 ?1.5 ?2 Year 7 10 13 14 15 Year 11 1 4 8 15 Inter-quartile: I could not obtain the inter-quartile range for year 7's as the mean and median could not be gained - as you can see on the graph. However the median for year 11's was 1.4 hours of music per day. The inter-quartile range was 1.9 - 1.4 = 0.5. This shows that there wasn't a lot of difference between the hours of music listened to by the year 11's. Analysis: The graph for year 7's shows a negative trend whereas the graph for year 11's shows a positive trend. This also show that my hypothesis was correct because it does show that more year 11 listen to music than year 7's However I have taken into consideration that my sample was very small for all the hypotheses and that next time to improve the results I would sample more people. ...read more.

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