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My design brief for this project was to create a teenage magazine to include the front cover, a double page spread and one other page of your choice. The magazine must have a clear target audience

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FOUNDATION PRODUCTION 2730 THE PRODUCTION LOG AND EVALUATION 2005 PART 1 My design brief for this project was to create a teenage magazine to include the front cover, a double page spread and one other page of your choice. The magazine must have a clear target audience within the age of 13-19 containing at least 3 orignal image . I will be assessed on these three components which are planning (30 marks), construction ( 60 marks) and a production report ( 30 marks). it will be appealing towards a mass audience. At an early stage I was carefully looking at the whole projects created by other students in the past to give me an idea of what sort of project is all about. Then we were asked to do an action plan which help us to meet our deadline and also gives us guidance and organisation each part is taken in order to complete the project with consulting my tutor with practical consideration also to be put into an account. The next stage is was gathering ideas with a typical brainstorms ideas which will is the first step to creation of which area you are particularly interested to create a magazine that is suitable for teenagers. As I am a teenager I looked at different types of magazine such as sports, music, movies, cars, celebrities, fashion and beauty, and computer games magazine and researched existing magazine that was popular in each category for example a movie magazine you would find in your local newsagent is either Empire or Total film, or a fashion and beauty magazine such as cosmopolitan or sugar. I also did brainstorming on target audience, what gender I'm particular concentrating on like will my magazine will be for girls or boys, and what age of teenager I will be focussing on will it either be an older teenager between the age of 17- 19 or younger teenagers between the age of 13-16. ...read more.


The next research is using photography and where I'll be presenting my three original images which all going to be laid on the front cover, as the planning of my design shows this. I will also be finding images on the internet as I am doing an movie magazine I will need to find more than one celebrities for my magazine. I also did research on typography which was very important as I started analysing different typography that different movie magazine uses for example, Empire magazine and Total film uses variety of bold colours in order to fit in a theme each time they issue their magazine monthly, the celebrity they view such as Star Wars cast, they would either use red or blue in order to fit in the theme of the page. A useful website that I have found that is good for creating logos and headings is www.flamingtext.com. I will be creating my typography for the front cover. During my further research I will be pasting screen dump to show evidence of where I got my images from and what website I am searching and later on I will showing screen dumps of how I am constructing my design on to the computer using a recommended software that will be suitable for my production. After my planning and doing further I must make sure I keep up to my deadline especially when it will come to constructing each page that will take up one week and I had to make sure I keep one week off for drafting my report and keep my production completed successfully. PART 3 After planning and finalising the layout of my design I will be constructing my pages using these softwares which are Micro-soft Publisher for my double page mainly as I can easily arrange the page layout and it also gives my guidelines to balance information and images on each side of the page. ...read more.


What I was disappointed with was the time we got for constructing our pages, as we only had a week of working our pages. I believed that we should had an extra week in order to catch up with our construction but again I was happy to see I have completed my production and it gave me an idea of how it's like in the media industry and how time consuming it can be for creating such a production like a entertainment magazine. I had made plenty of improvements, especially on the double pages, getting advice from my tutor and the rest of the team, I had been keeping drafts to show I how worked some areas of the page that needed to be altered, which implicated my other pages such as the single page and the front cover. Looking back at my treatment I had met my original aims which was my target group, teenagers and doing a celebrity interview of a Hollywood stars, but I also reflected a different cultered movies such as bollywood and martial arts movie, in order to make my magazine universal and multi-cultural. I also met my other aims such as purchasing this type of magazine monthly and the it would cost around �3.00. one thing I didn't mange to meet my aim was potential advertising, as I didn't include none on the pages. Comparing my magazine to the real thing, I would say it kind of similar, especially with the layouts of each pages, but my magazine seems to be more unique especially with style of my typography,"Teen-Premiere," the different background used for each page.but I did include the important information that applies to all type of magazine which is the price, date, issue number, the barcode and the page number which is inside the magazine. The production was a pleasing result as I received good reaction from people who have added comments towards my magazine and helped me to be confident about the way my pages looked, and it turned out to be successful. ...read more.

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